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You all are welcome. I picked up where others left off, had help from the team and Frank to get up to speed on it, and it was brought to actual release status Haß. I'm glad we are seeing the fruition of it all now *and* with the account migration stuff that has been brewing for awhile as well.

So, as @Thorsten Claus motivated me again to contribute to #diaspora, here I am. And here is my TODO list...
- Review all the open pull requests and see which ones can be integrated
- Answer the support on #Framasphere
- Upgrade #framasphere to, I still didn't do that
- Update Ubuntu on #diaspora-fr
- Fix some trivial bugs to put myself back in diaspora code
- Draw some mockups of the UI for pod migration and post them on discourse
- Actually implement the mockups with HTML
- See with Thorsten how we make them live
- Start thinking about the next major release, in case they are long term things to do
- Post about what I'm doing to show people that diaspora* isn't dead 👍


Is down for good or just having technical problems? #diaspora
diasporg's podmin sends updates via twitter:
man that podmin...

WP to diaspora* 3.0.1 is out, looking for new maintainers!

To all diasporians using WordPress! ?

After having been under low-maintenance mode for almost 3 years, version 3.0.1 is out and we're looking for new maintainers of the project.

The repository is public and of course open to contributions:

It has been a fun ride and now the time has come for new energy to flow into it. ?

Yours, Armando and Augusto

#wordpress #diaspora #plugin #update #wp2d #wp-to-diaspora

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My first blog post pointing the #diaspora API based comment system to a real server...

I've gotten my Diaspora API based blog comment system working again. This is the post linking to that post for commenting.

@Hank G As non-techie I'm not sure exactly what the implications are. However, I applaud your efforts and congratulate you because it seems like this can only be good for simple pod users like me 😀,
@Roy Gardiner the big thing the API will allow is people to write stuff like first class applications for smart phones and tablets, or to do interactions like what I did above. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. For example in this post one of the D* developers is talking about an Android app they have started which is in a somewhat portable system (Flutter) so could potentially be for iOS as well. End users really won't see anything until developers use the API though.
@Hank G Thanks for the information. It's obviously a positive development.

This President's Day holiday I'm firing up my #ruby and #kotline dev VM for the first time since July, patching, and updating sources to get my #diaspora API based blog comments code running now that that code is running (in beta) on

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@Augier☭? ?? ?? if I develop an app for mobile I'd probably end up using Xamarin so I can target both iOS and Android. Although my initial experiments with that left a bit to be desired...
Oh cool! Thank you for the info. Now I can see if my Qt based example works with https 😀

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Btw did you know about ? They are tracking diaspora* support here, maybe you want to use their work or collaborate, as your goals seem close.
I did not. Looks interesting.

While prototyping some UI concepts I wanted to do the same "infinite scroll" as you get in #twitter #diaspora etc. Here's how you can get something like that working with #avalonia #dotnet :
Ah, I see. It's more a matter of how badly others like Twitter do it. I don't use Twitter, but I get the basic idea from the inscrutable ordering/visibility algorithm Facebook uses.

Of the "big" for-profit social media platforms, the one I tend to use is tumblr (although calling tumblr "for-profit" is more of a hilarious joke about venture capitalism than anything else). Famously, tumblr uses strict reverse chronological order. It's a pervasive joke that tumblr is a "hell site" that proves how much we tumblr users will put up with just for the sake of a reverse chronological order dash.
@Hank G Thank you much for the explanation. Always learning 😀

Got my Diaspora API #kotlin client libs working against the latest API branch code. Ready to run against server with API code #diaspora #diaspora-dev #fediverse

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood 😀.
yep, it should happen soon ;)

Dove into some #diaspora code for the first time in forever to help someone figure out how to do something. I do enjoy that code base immensely even if I haven't worked in it for many months #programming #ruby
I have big hopes about the coming hackathon in Berlin. I really wish your API PR will be merged then, or at least have significant progress done