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Yes these are all microbenchmarks so take them for what they are worth but across the board speedups of at least 20%, many 50%, and in some cases far more is very impressive for .NET Core 3.0 #netcore #dotnet

Mostly positive 1st impressions of #AvaloniaUI for #dotnet #linux development, with some paths forward #programming

Write up of my positive experience with the #AvaloniaUI tutorial. Again hats off on true cross-platform desktop development with #dotnet on #linux
#AvaloniaUI #dotnet #linux programming

Tucked away in the .NET 5.0 (in a bullet no less though) was this awesome tidbit: Java Interoperability. I don't want to get too excited but being able to use my favorite #java libraries in #dotnet would be awesome!

A first step towards doing cross platform desktop development under #linux with #dotnet using #AvaloniaUI
#linux #dotnet #AvaloniaUI programming

Darn, still no UI for Linux on the roadmap (although many good things). I want to try Avalonia but it'd be great if Linux wasn't a 3rd class #dotnet citizen. #programming
# #dotnet #programming programming

Yep, C# is such a nice language

@Christoph S I know :(. Before I found Kotlin it was why I was heavily ramping up my .NET on Linux work. Everytime I hear a podcast on Avalonia and stuff I want to try it again. Also one project I want to do needs to be tying into some native libraries and the bridge for that through the CLR is far more reasonable than the options available through the JVM.

Before I started studying at university I was doing a professional training as software developer at a company and despite some legacy stuff we used C# for the newer porjects. I really loved the language. Then when I started studying at university it was like going back a couple of years, cause I had to learn Java and always wanted to do things like I did in C#, e.g. a foreach loop over a String. Of course in Java you need to use the damn CharArray stuff....AutoProperties in C# for getter/setter were also very nice!
Well, but in the meantime with Java 8 there have been a lot of great advances.


Avalonia on Linux

I'm thinking of playing around with .NET thick client app dev on Linux for a cross-platform app. Any luck on doing Avalonia inside of JetBrains's Rider? #linux #dotnet #jetbrains
#linux #dotnet #jetbrains programming