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Noticed StringSplitOptions.TrimEntries was added in .NET 5…

"a,b,c".Split(",", StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries | StringSplitOptions.TrimEntries)

using these both also removes whitespace only items, different from .Select(x => x.Trim())


For the #dotnet folks living on the edge for the last year. Check out the uninstall tool to remove all previews.…

While I've spent a bunch of the last few years working with #dotnet (most favorite @AvaloniaUI and LiteDB) and #kotlin in recent weeks my dabbling with #dartlang and #flutter really converged to it being my primary platform. More to come later this month.…

Reposting to show on main Timeline: TL;DR: I think the era of forward progress on community #opensource & #dotnet by MS is over and we are seeing the beginning of a return to what they consider the "good old days". Unnecessary and sad but what can you do?…

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I mostly agree with you, however the Java ecosystem is more diverse. A lot of openjdk variants out there. And with graal VM you can even go one step further and built native stuff.
It's not that much dependent on Oracle. The Enterprise stuff is now Jakarta EE and managed by the Eclipse foundation. As a GUI framework JavaFX is managed by Gluon and they also focus on providing a platform for the development of mobile apps but mostly commercial.
Kotlin is the baby of Jetbrains. They are pushing it heavily.

Regarding Flutter, I don't trust Google and second it's using Dart while any other is using js
@Christoph S For sure Java has a lot more structures for actual community involvement in making decisions about what development is done etc. But looking at the source code the overwhelming majority of the work is being done by Oracle, in terms of the core of Java and the JVM, including GraalVM. Frameworks etc., especially server side, is truly a diverse space. For example I can't remember the last time I used the "official" Java web services stack. For many many years now it's been Spring, Quarkus, Kotlin specific libraries, or even Google's libraries (for integrating into Google cloud architectures).

Since I know why this is trending and so does MS I wonder if there will soon be an apology post along the lines of "I'm sorry that you feel that way"...honestly the way things are going I wouldn't hold my breath for even that. #dotnet


This was the blog post I was referring to in the tweet for my own post on the latest #dotnet situation, for lack of a better word. I fully agree with Dustin's assessment, sadly.

I humbly ask every .NET developer or person who loves the kind of .NET we have today to take a minute and read my latest post.

It is time for the community to step up and make their voices heard 💜…

#dotnet #dotnetcore #dotnet6 @dotnet

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@Christoph S Yeah it's pretty bad 🙁. Why I decided to write my own post, which ironically showed up as a sub-tweet therefore didn't federate over originally. I just posted it again in a way that will make it show first class and propagate over to the fediverse.

OK I wasted 90 minutes more than I intended reading the news of the world burning and engaging in disappointment on my previous favorite cross platform app platform #dotnet (w/Avalonia). Time to buckle down and get productive on my new favorite one #flutter.
I'm not a developer so I'll take your word for it!
@jec Speaking for myself, if I want to eat, I use whatever the job calls for.

Since I'm passionate about learning about software, electronics, that sort of thing I'll look into stuff just to see what it has going for it. Microsoft's .NET seems to bring a lot of things together (embrace) without breaking too much (extend). IMO that's a delightful change for Microsoft's business model.

The powerful can pull the rug out from under the powerless at any time. It was nice they put the rug back but it took a lot of drama to get there. Imagine if in the movie "The Big Lebowski" the Big Lebowski said "I apologize Dude, my bad. Let me buy you a new rug and here's a little extra for your trouble." Wouldn't be much of a show, would it?

Seems going back to the past for #dotnet, Windows is 1st class citizen, Mac is 2nd classs, and Linux is 3rd class at best. At least with MAUI Windows & Mac were more on par. I guess moving towards platform parity was an illusion. Disappointing, especially for this #linux guy

@reillywood Sorry for any confusion. To clarify, given the number of scenarios we are working on, we had to prioritize 🙁. As a result, Hot Reload will not release as a feature of dotnet watch tool. We are doubling down on VS 2022 with support for VS4Mac coming later

The reason is always that damn 1% of market share...
@Daniel On the Linux being ignored front, yes. On removing hot reload from dotnet command line and making it just a Visual Studio feature it's less of a case. They are putting major resources in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Mac.
I see... Thanks for the clarification!

Just in case it wasn't clear that #linux is not even a consideration for #dotnet MAUI. Not even mentioning it with the "community support only" or something. Why Avalonia and/or Uno are only route I'd look at if went back to making UIs with .NET.…

@joreg Unfortunately it's not early days. MAUI is an evolution of Xamarin/Xamarin Froms. Linux support in Xamarin was as third class, not even second class, citizens. That was with some serious amounts of support early on by the Xamarin team. Linux community development has been unable to keep up for several years now. As of now there isn't a big enough surge to turn that around.
i see, thanks for your thoughts on this.

With #dotnet 6.0, we have reached 100% of netcoreapp APIs annotated for nullable reference types. We've also addressed all annotation issues that have been filed against 5.0.

What a journey! 🥳 /cc @migueldeicaza

While I always liked the documentation that @AvaloniaUI provided I'm *really* digging the new version of it. Especially with having more levels of detail, deployment info, and a 2nd much bigger tutorial. Hats off! #dotnet

Just got the reminder about @jetbrains having a presentation on #dotnet cross-platform UI development with @AvaloniaUI . Very much looking forward to it!

I haven't had the opportunity to do much #dotnet work recently but definitely checking this out.

Very excited to share a little demo I’ve been working on. The lions share of the session is with the fantastic @dwuk86, who has created a beautiful app that demonstrates how to build common features needed in your apps.

@jetbrains @dottrace @dotmemory we thank you greatly for your kind words and are looking forward to using our favourite profiling tools cross platform.

#avaloniaui #dotnet #xaml


With two legitimately fully cross platform open source options for #dotnet in the form of @UnoPlatform and @AvaloniaUI I don't understand why Microsoft is pouring resources into MAUI and not one or both of these

Writing .NET code that can run on devices as small as 64KB of RAM? This is a fascinating concept. I don't have any immediate needs for it but am interested to learn more. #dotnet

I'm delving into #dotnet MAUI more and am now concerned the #linux support is going to be like where it's been in Xamarin this whole time, which sadly isn't usable. Maybe I'm wrong. @AvaloniaUI has it figured out now so "worst" case will stay the course with that.

.NET MAUI is a multi-platform .NET UI coming in .NET 6 which will allow targeting #linux as well as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. A developer preview hopefully coming by end of 2020. I will be starting experimentation ASAP! Thanks #dotnet community and @Microsoft

@neqone @terrajobst Maui:

I miss my dev time on Avalonia since other projects fill my time but can't wait to get back to using it. Looking forward to the discussion #dotnet #foss #programming

Checkout the latest episode in which @dominucco sits down with @AvaloniaUI to talk all things #dotnet and #foss. #programming

Listening to #dotnet podcast and they are crap talking about how inferior the desktop experience is on #linux. No shit Sherlock, MS and everyone besides @avaloniaui have spent nearly zero effort to get it working. Glad at least one project is now...

I found LiteDB was a great embedded NoSQL DB option for #dotnet. I just needed a cross-platform editor. So I created LiteDB Portal. Running on #linux #mac #windows thanks to #avalonia Check out code and tutorials for Release 1…


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I'm thankful for being able to make my app a little less fugly in just a couple hours of work 😀. Decent looking enough I don't mind sharing a screenshot even. #dotnet #avaloniaui #linux

454 And so there’s no reason you should object to .Net over any other free software on those grounds.
@herve_02 which development stack would you recommend someone use for desktop app development on a greenfield project?

OK let's give LiteDB (File-based #nosql DB written in #dotnet ) a whirl:
Hmm. Why not Sqlite?
I experimented with that too. I actually had been using a JSON file for persistence during prototyping. So it sort of felt easier to use a document store.

Thanks to some big help from @dwuk86 my tutorial from earlier is much cleaner and should be less chatty on the eventing system. #avalonia #dotnet

While prototyping some UI concepts I wanted to do the same "infinite scroll" as you get in #twitter #diaspora etc. Here's how you can get something like that working with #avalonia #dotnet :
Ah, I see. It's more a matter of how badly others like Twitter do it. I don't use Twitter, but I get the basic idea from the inscrutable ordering/visibility algorithm Facebook uses.

Of the "big" for-profit social media platforms, the one I tend to use is tumblr (although calling tumblr "for-profit" is more of a hilarious joke about venture capitalism than anything else). Famously, tumblr uses strict reverse chronological order. It's a pervasive joke that tumblr is a "hell site" that proves how much we tumblr users will put up with just for the sake of a reverse chronological order dash.
@Hank G Thank you much for the explanation. Always learning 😀

Today was going to be a big day of breaking ground on a new #dotnet library. Instead I spent half of it figuring out how to do local package publishing with NuGet on #linux. Here's a tutorial so you can figure it out in a fraction the of the time.

"only" 3 hrs to get local NuGet Package installs working with #dotnet under #linux. It's not hard it's just beyond not well documented *and* once again the non-Windows toolchains are second class citizens unfortunately 🙁. Need to document in a blog post...

The hoops you have to jump through in #dotnet to do local package installation that is as simple as 'mvn install' with #java is **astounding**...smh...

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Try installing local packages using Gradle for Java. Better yet: have a mix of local packages, packages hosted locally on an Ivy repo, and packages hosted remotely on Maven or Bintray. Because that's where I'm at.

I bet it's equally astounding.
I've never had a problem with that actually. If I recall correctly I used the Maven plugins so it was Maven that was doing the local repo management though. I will say that I'm far more used to Maven than Gradle for larger projects. Those systems aren't perfect either for sure.

Avalonia (Windows/Mac/Linux WPF-style UI framework for .NET) is getting bumped to 0.9 and .NET Core hit 3.0. Here are some notes I have from migrating my tutorials to the new versions. #dotnet #programming

Microsoft is doing a #dotnet survey on cross platform development. Now that I have a real solution for that thanks to #AvaloniaUI I was very happy to put in my thoughts on it 😀

I think I'll be trying this in my next console app. Gets rid of so much settings boilerplate! Thanks @shanselman #dotnet
I'm currently using Argu in the F# world. However now I need to take a look at this
Just used it in my first app and it worked pretty well 😀

How have I never heard of this before? This looks really neat! #dotnet

Indices and Ranges for working with arrays (and lists etc?) in C# 8 look pretty neat! #dotnet #programming

Testing Production API Endpoints with xUnit - ardalis by @ardalis… #dotnet via @DotNetKicks

.NET Core 3.0 adds even better native library integration. In case it wasn't far enough ahead of the JVM's! Even more excited if the rumored Java Interop comes to fruition next year as announced! #dotnet #java

A really good best practices article on fixing performance problems in your #dotnet application

Having a look at #dotnet event handling overhead and scalablity from 1 to 1 billion handlers