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This was the blog post I was referring to in the tweet for my own post on the latest #dotnet situation, for lack of a better word. I fully agree with Dustin's assessment, sadly.

I humbly ask every .NET developer or person who loves the kind of .NET we have today to take a minute and read my latest post.

It is time for the community to step up and make their voices heard 💜…

#dotnet #dotnetcore #dotnet6 @dotnet

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@Christoph S Yeah it's pretty bad 🙁. Why I decided to write my own post, which ironically showed up as a sub-tweet therefore didn't federate over originally. I just posted it again in a way that will make it show first class and propagate over to the fediverse.

Happy to announce the #dotnetcore 3.1 is now officially shipping:

Really stoked about the last two days deep dive into #AvaloniaUI on #dotnetcore . Looking forward to writing up some examples for some controls, updating docs, and building a demo project to show off capabilities realworld-ishly.

Announcing performance improvements in the #dotNETCore 3.0 runtime and core libraries.

Your #apps and services will now be leaner and faster. Take a tour:


Just finished the #AvaloniaUI tutorial solely under #linux #dotnetcore and leveraging #JetBrains Rider. Pretty pleased. Hope to get a blog write up out soon on experience and thoughts on the tech in general. Overall thumbs up!

Been a couple months since I got into a coding groove so going to try warming up by learning #AvaloniaUI under #linux using #JetBrains Rider preferably under #dotnetcore