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Today I decided to automate and expand my open source and fediverse software funding to my favorite and most used projects. Every little bit helps. #foss #fediverse #linux


For me currently it's Mozilla, Feneas and Matrix for monthly donations in the tech scene. For single projects I randomly throw small amounts based on the feeling of getting lots of value.

Donations are important! We should all be doing that whenever we can to ensure these projects have a future!

Got my Diaspora API #kotlin client libs working against the latest API branch code. Ready to run against server with API code #diaspora #diaspora-dev #fediverse

We have #fediverse platforms already in production and still under active development to replace traditional social media. Who do Sanger and TBL think we need something brand new? What's this boycott PR thing to boot? Help make the fediverse viable guys!

Retribute, a #donation system for #fediverse creators – We Distribute

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood :).
#diaspora #diaspora-dev #kotlin #dotnet #fediverse #AvaloniaUI fediverse programming

yep, it should happen soon ;)

The Feneas forum

Today we launch our discussion forum powered by #Discourse to help #federated folk have a place for cross-platform collaboration discussion.


#federation #community #fediverse #collaboration #feneas

So Gab is coming to the fediverse by converting their system from proprietary to a fork of Mastodon (why a fork?). I have thoughts but umm should be interesting... #fediverse
#fediverse fediverse

Yeah, but if they were planning to expose their closed social network to a giant external one with hundreds of thousands of users, you'd think they'd at least say so in layman's terms, no?

Well, it's like if they said they're setting up an email server that uses "SMTP". I'd assume they mean that SMTP will be available for talking to other servers, even if not specifically mentioned. Since they do mention ActivityPub, I'd also assume they mean it will be used to talk to other servers :)

Hats off to the team for publishing the post mortem on their hack. It's painful to admit mistakes and security lapses but this can help others learn from their mistakes #cybersecurity #fediverse…

Thanks, this is always helpful

I'm having a bit of "writers block" on developing recently. Trying to ruminate on it to get past it. #programming #opensource #fediverse

@Hank G have you ever touched the Social Home project by @Jason Robinson 🐍🍻?

It's Python, not PHP and to my knowledge the project's team doesn't mind integrating different Fediverse protocols too

@senya I've chatted with him about it but haven't played with it yet.

@Hank G maybe there you'll find your happiness :)

Hmm, Peertube needs to learn a bit about L10n. That way they won't find many helpers.

For our open source bibliography manager JabRef we use crowdin for translation management. Really simple and easy to use

Friendica Dev Environment

Alright! After many hours getting up to speed on #PHP #phpstorm and #LAMP in general finally got a dev environment running with #friendica ...I think I'll celebrate with a little Stardew Valley before moving on :) #fediverse

FOSDEM 2019 Was Awesome

Just landed back in the states from my first #FOSDEM #fosdem2019 I'll be doing a long blog post on it later but it was great meeting people from across global the #fediverse and #opensource community.