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I'm experimenting with the latest # version complete with Collabora and I am blown away by what it can do. Hats off for # coming up with a legit replacement for Google Drive for me.
In small-scale personal deployments I encourage anyone to use the built-in. Works great for me.
@David Thiery I believe it is the Collabora stuff. I'm not sure what it's however has it configured.


@Jason Robinson 🐍🍻 Saw Matrix got some good play on Changelog podcast :) # #

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@Hank G Yep, a lot of good traction going on 😍


I miss my dev time on Avalonia since other projects fill my time but can't wait to get back to using it. Looking forward to the discussion # # #


2019 was the first year I was able to really focus on # development for the whole year. A brief summary of some of my most contributed to projects:
Busy busy. Curious what social platform you're favoring at this point.
@Dr. Cassone I still have some playing around to do. I've basically been on Friendica as my portal into social the fediverse and a bridge to Twitter. I'm not sure that'll be true through 2020 though. I'd love for the D* API to finally get integrated and running on production servers. That would at least put it in the running again.
That would be nice. Thanks for keeping us posted :)


...and by disclosure I mean see who the whole dev team is to some level. You get that automatically with #foss of course...


Why did I end up spending a weekend powering through standing up a new #foss project? That's just the way I am I guess :).


If you are in high school or college and want to potentially score a nice Linux rig for working on a #FOSS tool/toy concept you have stay tuned to @TheMadBotterINC feed for more details...




Health tracking was the biggest hole in my open data aspirations. Perhaps no more. It's going to need a lot of help with software though. Sounds like an interesting challenge to me #health #foss #linux


With each passing day I hope for the viability of the @purism Librem phone more and more #foss
Aiming to and achieving it are different
About the librem 5 their websites have been vague and
omitting pieces of information on
the matter of non free software.
Implying free software
foundations respect your
freedom certification is an
which is it not if the modem and likely the wifi
or gps is planned to run.
This is how you inform people.
to go buy completely proprietary iPhone or Android devices
People can buy what they want. I tell people
about the librem 5.
hewing to ideological purity
Had you writen, they lied about the librem notebooks. And
have been vague, misleading and omitting pieces of
information about the librem 5, but I want
them to make the phone, then I had made no
@futren you do you I'll do me and have a nice day.


Today I decided to automate and expand my open source and fediverse software funding to my favorite and most used projects. Every little bit helps. #foss #fediverse #linux

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For me currently it's Mozilla, Feneas and Matrix for monthly donations in the tech scene. For single projects I randomly throw small amounts based on the feeling of getting lots of value.

Donations are important! We should all be doing that whenever we can to ensure these projects have a future!


My various open source contributions from July/August. A lot of travel in the way but biggest update was starting my contributions to @b612foundation to help with improving asteroid tracking #programming #space #foss


How have I not heard of this before?!?! #foss

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My myriad small contributions to open source software in the month of June #foss

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Linux Free Drawing Program

This looks like a really neat free drawing program!

Free Drawing And Painting Program MyPaint 2.0.0 Alpha Released
#FOSS #Linux