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Yay! My # instance is back! Thanks @">Anadam :-D for the hard work! Ironically all of the cross-posting from other social networks was working so I'd see my own posts on other fediverse systems even though couldn't log into this.
Pretty ugly partial outage... hopefully we don't see anything like this occur again.


Wow! Friendica's Twitter bridge is bi-directional? I was on Twitter proper and reshared a post. I came over to Diaspora to check a Friendica-to-Diaspora connection and saw it. Hat's off #friendica developers!


Friendica Dev Environment

Alright! After many hours getting up to speed on #PHP #phpstorm and #LAMP in general finally got a dev environment running with #friendica ...I think I'll celebrate with a little Stardew Valley before moving on :) #fediverse


Unified Fediverse Experience

The top of my timeline today on Friendica were a combination of posts from #friendica , #mastodon , #diaspora and #Pleroma . It's all unified into one cohesive experience and I even get comment timelines on my Mastodon threads. Two days in I'm still tickled by this :) Yay #fediverse !
@lostinlight About the only think I know about Matrix is that the Riot messaging app runs on it, and what I've just read at their FAQ page. They talk about developers writing 'bridges' but there's no mention of zot or ActivityPub.

Since they're aiming at covering XMPP territory, I can see how they might think about federating to Hubzilla, Friendica, Diaspora*, Gnu Social, etc. But they're also aiming at SIP space, and as far as I know none of the aforementioned federations have any way of handling voice over IP.
@Garry Knight Ah, I thought Matrix people were already considering adding ActivityPub into the mix, which would be somewhat unexpected.

Oh what would I give to bridge Fediverse and peer-2-peer projects like GNUnet... for the benefit of p2p projects mostly:)