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Found a couple of these on my pepper plants. Anyone know what they are and if they are beneficial? #garden #gardening
#garden #gardening garden
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Yup, definitely looks like a ladybird/bug pupa. I can't tell the species because I'm in UK and we have different ones over here. But as Jodi says, they're all beneficial to your garden. And beautiful!

Thanks for the responses. The segmented shell threw me.

I saw a trailer for this documentary yesterday when I went to watch Apollo 11. It looks really neat. What's it really like for two suburbanites who never grew more than a tomato plant to start a biodynamic organic farm? Hint, it's not all puppy dogs and ice cream. It looks *really* fascinating to see how they and the farm evolved over the years. I guess that's the advantage of one of them being a documentary film maker in his former life. Can't wait until it plays locally. #gardening #agriculture #documentary #organic