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An interesting look at how Unix got started. The oral history of Unix site [ ] is definitely worth a look for a more personal look at the peopl
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Lightly used Vostok memory core for sale apparently... #history #space #retrocomputing

I always wonder how someone gets his hands on something like that. And why they sell it!

I have no idea if this is authentic or not.

What do you think, @EdS ?
@Ed S

Core memory from Vostok? Late 1950s? I've no idea if it's genuine! But it looks as if it has been crudely removed so would be a huge project to try to make use of it. (It's certainly a core memory though, and it's pretty old, that much is obvious.)

@sohkamyung @hankg

That said, even Soyuz didn't have an onboard computer initially, so if this was so old, it was not intended for space but for ground equipment.

The Soviets liked automation, but you can do a lot with clockwork and mechanisms, and they did.

@sohkamyung @hankg

That's a fascinating site on Soviet space computing. Thanks! :-)


This is pretty amazing. I'm surprised haven't seen it before. Monet, Renoir, Rodin and Degas being painting in 1915 #history #art #film :

Really neat tour of creation of UNIX pipes and how that eureka moment marks the tipping point that led to everyone thinking about the "UNIX philosophy" #history #retrocomputing #unix

FTA: "...He didn’t do exactly what I had proposed for the pipe system call; he invented a slightly better one..."

That right there sums up what excellent teams do.

@Richard Healy Amen to that! I thought the exact some thing when I read it!

Once I started getting the idea of functional programming, I came upon an article that I thought was fascinating about how pipes implement a call structure that's very similar to what you use in FP, except you have to think of it in postfix terms, rather than prefix terms: Rather than data flowing from right to left, it flows from left to right, with the output of the command from the left becoming the input to the command on its right.

I've tried looking for the article, because the idea of integrating a language into an operating system context (á la Smalltalk) intrigued me, and I've wanted to tell people who are interested in FP or Linux about it, but I've been unable to find it again. :(

Pair my previous "live" Apollo 11 audio/capcom link with this "live" vis by @AGItweets and their STK tool (they are within 13 seconds of each other) #space #history

Pair my previous "live" Apollo 11 audio/capcom link with this "live" vis by AGI and their STK tool (they are within 13 seconds of each other) #space #history

So cool! The Apollo 11 mission in real time (shifted 50 years of course) ( H/T @Christoph S ) #space #history:

Watching the stream of the original launch on and off all afternoon. More space! Fewer cages!

The other thing is, the post-launch was "animation" of the rocket. Now, we can see it in real-time and real life directly from cameras on the rocket.

I forgot about General Magic! Keeping an eye out for this documentary coming to a local theater. #retrocomputing #apple #history

It's interesting how different that process is from our typical soy sauce and the generational nature of the traditional process #food #culture #history #japan

Terrific little story. Boy, Shodoshima(1) looks like heaven for savoury flavours, well known for its olive groves as well as traditional shoyu production.

(1) the name means "island of small beans", originally adzuki

We have bamboo that looks like this here in the Carolina's, beautiful plants! I took 5 roots from a neighbor's woods and transplanted in my woods beside a stream.

Slashdot running in the original web browser (under simulation) (courtesy ) #computer #history Image/photo
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Cool, but I think that original cern web browser would not load modern https-encrypted pages. OTOH, I watched my wife's professional website (which I authored using HTML5 best practices) and it is surprisingly legible even in this very stripped down look :-)

This is pretty interesting. You can experience what the very first web browser was like as you'd run it on a NeXT computer (which it was written on). It's not really running NeXTSTEP it's a reproduction to make it feel like it a bit. Still pretty cool though. Plus it has a lot of history of the original browser and the very beginning of the web. #computer #history

I'm pretty Laissez Faire about food terms and what's "authentic" and not, even ones that hit closer to home. I've always wondered where the whole "sauce vs gravy" thing came from and who uses it where. It turns out no one knows but there are lots of competing theories. Culinary history is so interesting that way. It'd be great to have some definitive answers but we often don't. It goes along with spending over an hour researching shakshuka recipes last night. Some people are very adamant about the "one truly authentic way" to do it. Turns out there are multiple very polarizing opinions about it. I like researching all of the various opinions but I'm not going to get entrenched on it, especially when there are differing opinions on these topics (and many culinary topics have the same feature). I'll just enjoy the good food and let others get into a food fight over it if they so choose :) #food #history #... show more

Wow this is a great video on the lead up to Caesar's Italian campaign (where we get the term "crossing the Rubicon" in modern language) #history

Just watched it and really enjoyed it so thanks for sharing.

Thanks, indeed really interesting and well done video

#disney #history #photography