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12.8 *Tbps* switch?!?! That's a lot of bandwidth...along with a ton of other neat features. #

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@Christoph S so that one switch has enough bandwidth to handle DE-CIX Frankfurt's traffic. Astounding!
Yep, it's really incredible. Their new all time high was in February with over 8 Tbps. And having a single switch handling this is even more crazy


The A64FX ARM chip for #HPC applications is pretty astounding...
Dang. Would you like some CPU with your cores?


Using spare CPU cycles to give back through "volunteer computing" distributed computing system BOINC #hpc #science #space


Another interesting article on replacing modern IEEE floating point with newer approaches that get rid of some of the nasty artifacts we constantly deal with while simultaneously reducing memory/storage requirements #programming #hpc

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It is interesting that he is still touting as a positive benefit what I have seen other people pointing out as a distinct failing, the merging of +/-0 and +/- infinity.


On a lark I wanted to see if SETI@Home still existed...forget it's a whole ecosystem Berkley puts out called BOINC. Now I have clients for 6 projects running. Giving back a little bit. #science #hpc


Interesting juxtoposition in my newsfeed. # # # Image/Photo
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