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Recently I mentioned how I was drawn towards #flutter for cross platform desktop development after being frustrated by the Rube Goldberg situation for that under #kotlin. This thread really captures that. It gets worse when adding other KMM/KMP things.…
So, I want to create a multi-target Kotlin application using javafx for the Java target.
Pretty certain I have identified the problem.
A part of this has nothing to do with gradle kotlin but bear with me.
Yup. It’s not Gradle, and it’s not Kotlin. What else is left? 🤔
@Brad Koehn ☑️ that's where the Rube Goldberg problem comes in. It's partly the way that OpenFX packaging requirements for deployments but also partly how Kotlin multiplatform requirements clash for deployments. That is also assuming you aren't bringing in something like TornadoFX to use JavaFX in a more Kotlin-like manner. Then the complications increase. That is also assuming you aren't trying to build installers or uber-jars which complicate things even further. Even after experimenting with it for awhile and doing some sample deployments it never felt solid to me.
I will self own the irony of this blog post I wrote in 2017 LOL. Granted at the time the alternatives on .NET and Flutter weren't where they are today. Calling it perfect was silly because it never was though.

While I've spent a bunch of the last few years working with #dotnet (most favorite @AvaloniaUI and LiteDB) and #kotlin in recent weeks my dabbling with #dartlang and #flutter really converged to it being my primary platform. More to come later this month.…

As a #kotlin lover who is starting to dig #dart I enjoy this 😀

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I've had a pretty easy time learning #flutter and #dart with my background in many standard languages w/ #kotlin being my favorite. This post by David Miguel is a great reference for lots of language/lib features for Kotlin developers.…

Cool little documentary video on history of it as well! Happy anniversary for my favorite language 😀 #Kotlin #10yearsofkotlin

Kotlin was first announced back in 2011, and just look how far we’ve come! 💫
Join the celebrations #10yearsofKotlin…

#Kotlin offers many exciting features. In general, developers tend to cite null safety as their favorite. For me, it’s function extensions. But #delegation comes a close second. Let's have a look

#designpatterns #delegate


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Before coding with #Kotlin the #Java interoperability was my biggest concern. I had been burned a bit by complications with that aspect of Scala, especially with collections. For the most part Kotlin's "just works"™ which makes Kotlin my go-to JVM language if I have any choice

Kotlin and Java interoperability is smooth, which means you can use both of them in the same project.

Check out the tutorial ?


Mixing Java and Kotlin in one project – tutorial | Kotlin

That was my concern too. That, and whether or not a future coworker would have to learn Kotlin just to work on my projects. Because if that is the case, my employers would reject Kotlin.
Since Kotlin is becoming more popular I wouldn't necessarily worry about the last one but of course it is a concern. Between extension methods, named parameters, and better collection operations I can't imagine choosing to code in Java anymore. Kotlin just makes the code more expressive and easier to read.

Java 16 released! The 1st arrival of an alternative to JNI is probably most interesting to me. Native interop has been horribly inferior to .NET so this could help. Other interesting things but #kotlin is still going to be my go-to JVM language #java
I do not want to start flame war here. Only mentions serious business risk related to Oracle dependency. Nothing more.
Sure, I totally understand license- and business practice-related concerns.

I was just bothered with the ambiguity of the first comments, but it seems to have been mostly clarified.

Well, well, look what is now a default new @gitlab project type! I like it! #Kotlin


When having to program in #java one of the biggest things I miss from #kotlin, and there are a lot, are extension methods. Lombok kind of has them in experimental but it's still too clunky. I don't think there is a JSR for it either 🙁.
Look at Java Record type classes. They already present in the new java since 14
yeah thats a bummer. Kotlin is nice.

TFW something is acting very weirdly in #kotlin KMM on #AppleSilicon M1 under Rosetta and can't figure out what if it's Rosetta on M1 or something else so have to either rent a cloud-based x86 or try to get it most of the way there on an ancient 2011 MacBook Air I kept around.

OK #kotlin is *not* bringing me joy last 12 hrs. Ktor JSON serialization wonkiness finally fixed with 1.4 update. Can't figure out how to get it to use the returned server cookies on the next request. Supports only HttpResponse or object, not HttpResponse<T>.'s really Ktor and kotlinx.serialization that is driving me mad. Back to regular Java HttpClient which has it's own problems but I've already worked around them. Would be happy to try Ktor if can figure out WTH is going wrong with the cookie manager...

More #kotlin timing goodness if using 1.4. TimedValue object:

val result = measureTimedValue { bigCalc() }
println("Time: ${result.duration}")
println("Values: ${result.value}")

Let's you keep results immutable, w00t
Is result.value the result returned from bigCalc()?
True! hadn't thought of that.

More #kotlin bringing joy to programming. Want to measure elapsed time of a block of code?

val elapsedTimeRead = measureTimeMillis {

Voilà! also have versions for nanoTime, Duration, and returning a value and time.
Does kotlin provide for parallel threads? I don't know if that solves all problems, but I've had situations where my timing code was responsible for quite a bit of the time that the timing code measured. (Typically on small uC's where use of millis() means a ton of code for setting up hardware timers and isr's for timer overflows.)
It does. It also has a powerful concurrency mechanism called coroutines.
Cool! Thanks!

It's the little things about #kotlin. I am writing a sim where I want a random element out of a list. Was writing my own when discover it's already a standard method on Collection. Programming languages question, "Does it bring you joy?" Yes, for Kotlin 😀 #programming

I dig @kotlin. What do you think of the language? Not familiar with it? ?

Learn how to build an app with @springboot and Kotlin in our latest @oktadev tutorial!…

#java #springboot #kotlin
Thank you for this post. Researching Spring and Kotlin sent me down a very educational rabbit hole into aspect oriented programming and related sub-topics.
Kotlin is a lovely, modernized language for writing to the JVM. It cleans up most of the complaints people have about Java's verbose syntax and add features that makes code written in Kotlin safer. Were I still cutting code these days (and with the end of my current gig, more code-cutting may be ahead), Kotlin would be the language I'd prefer to use.

Got my Diaspora API #kotlin client libs working against the latest API branch code. Ready to run against server with API code #diaspora #diaspora-dev #fediverse

I woke from a dream where the #diaspora API was being deployed (which I think may actually be happening soon, right #diaspora-dev ?) so I revived my website comments system based on the API, polished up the #kotlin implementation, and then also wrote a #dotnet version so I could make an #fediverse app in #AvaloniaUI . Yeah I'm in a coding mood 😀.
yep, it should happen soon ;)

Uber-procrastination. Actually able to do #kotlin dev under #IntelliJIDEA working on #HaikuOS. #LibreOffice works pretty snazzy too. Not perfect but amazingly feasible.Image/Photo

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hold up. you're running Jet Brains in Haiku?
As an experiment I did. Yes. This is not my primary environment though.