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I'm pretty Laissez Faire about food terms and what's "authentic" and not, even ones that hit closer to home. I've always wondered where the whole "sauce vs gravy" thing came from and who uses it where. It turns out no one knows but there are lots of competing theories. Culinary history is so interesting that way. It'd be great to have some definitive answers but we often don't. It goes along with spending over an hour researching shakshuka recipes last night. Some people are very adamant about the "one truly authentic way" to do it. Turns out there are multiple very polarizing opinions about it. I like researching all of the various opinions but I'm not going to get entrenched on it, especially when there are differing opinions on these topics (and many culinary topics have the same feature). I'll just enjoy the good food and let others get into a food fight over it if they so choose :) #food #history #... show more