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TIL there is a CLI tool called "rename" for bulk renaming files. How could I be using # for this long and only now just discovered it?

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There is also viname, which gives you a vi session to edit your filenames. It was written almost two decades ago by my friend Daniel:

@Attila Kinali wow that sounds even cooler when the renaming is on a case-by-case basis. For this time it was about using regex to do a bulk renaming, although I guess you can do that sort of stuff in vi too probably...

Listening to # podcast and they are crap talking about how inferior the desktop experience is on #. No shit Sherlock, MS and everyone besides @avaloniaui have spent nearly zero effort to get it working. Glad at least one project is now...

I found LiteDB was a great embedded NoSQL DB option for #dotnet. I just needed a cross-platform editor. So I created LiteDB Portal. Running on #linux #mac #windows thanks to #avalonia Check out code and tutorials for Release 1…

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I could get the certifications. People keep telling me I'm certifiable!

I'm thankful for being able to make my app a little less fugly in just a couple hours of work :). Decent looking enough I don't mind sharing a screenshot even. #dotnet #avaloniaui #linux

@Michael Vogel

For mysql the solution was to restart from scratch to produce MariaDB and php-mysql is dead. To bad for old site that must be recoded.
that happened when oracle bought mysql.

but this is another question.

Well, MariaDB wasn't done from scratch. They included stuff from MySQL as well. And it was a good decision to let php_mysql die. PDO is a much more general and more object driven variant. BTW: I really would hope that php_mysqli will be deprecated in the near future as well.

@Michael Vogel

do you realize that the more abstract is the code, the more cpu you use. Do you realize that we run for a lowtech and low-consumption hardware and software because of climate change thus those meta-mega libs are not so clever ?

Le'ts construct a lib that open with the same code, whatever database, plain text, pdf, docx, odt, .indd, .svg, .xml , url, html, clever ? with large object and let's go for I24 256 cores.

object variant in non connected mode.. such a good idéa : each request object are created and destroyed. very very smart. no pdo is not that clever : you trade abstraction for performance. fast development more cpu.

do you know that ovh had to improve there infra just because every body use wordpress for a large bunch of statics pages recalculated each visit ?

This looks like a neat Civ/SimCity type game which has the bonus of coming out for #linux so of course I will be buying it :)

Today was going to be a big day of breaking ground on a new #dotnet library. Instead I spent half of it figuring out how to do local package publishing with NuGet on #linux. Here's a tutorial so you can figure it out in a fraction the of the time.

"only" 3 hrs to get local NuGet Package installs working with #dotnet under #linux. It's not hard it's just beyond not well documented *and* once again the non-Windows toolchains are second class citizens unfortunately :(. Need to document in a blog post...

I've wanted to experiment with converting to ARM on desktop. This board looks like could be enough for me to do it. #arm #linux…


"The Raspberry Pi 4 provides desktop performance comparable to entry-level x86 PC systems."

I know their claim. From what I've heard from people who have tried it that claim is borderline true. I also need more than "entry-level" speed for a desktop replacement for me. This board provides comparable to i7 performance which is what I'm looking for.

Health tracking was the biggest hole in my open data aspirations. Perhaps no more. It's going to need a lot of help with software though. Sounds like an interesting challenge to me #health #foss #linux

When I haven't tried to find #linux system details in a while I often do a @DuckDuckGo search to find it. This handy guide has it all in one place :)

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I hate doing this, but deserves a +1 on this one.

I don’t care what anyone says, THERE IS SO MUCH GARBAGE in a Linux install...
I would suggest trying a different distribution. I don't know what you've installed in the past that has so much shit in it, but I've been running/testing Linux for over dozen years and have never had that issue.

Today I decided to automate and expand my open source and fediverse software funding to my favorite and most used projects. Every little bit helps. #foss #fediverse #linux

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For me currently it's Mozilla, Feneas and Matrix for monthly donations in the tech scene. For single projects I randomly throw small amounts based on the feeling of getting lots of value.

Donations are important! We should all be doing that whenever we can to ensure these projects have a future!

@Linux4Everyone I use MuseScore and Audacity quite a bit...

I always think that media production is the furthest behind for Linux. This is neat!

Happy birthday @debian :) #linux

Ah... good ol' Debian. This distribution had always been my second favorite (after Slackware) for many years. That ended when SystemD came around. :(

Just Slack. I haven't had time or the ummph to check out SystemD-free Devuan yet.

Interesting @geekbench result on my MBP. @virtualbox running @linuxmint scored higher than bare metal in many single core tests and in crypto and memory multicore. Didn't do too shabby with rest, but faster on any? VB processor affinity lock #linux better than #macos or other?

Getting started with AvalonStudio so can get full IntelliSense and other goodies developing #AvaloniaUI on #linux

Mostly positive 1st impressions of #AvaloniaUI for #dotnet #linux development, with some paths forward #programming

Write up of my positive experience with the #AvaloniaUI tutorial. Again hats off on true cross-platform desktop development with #dotnet on #linux