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@Linux4Everyone I use MuseScore and Audacity quite a bit...

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Thanks for sharing the data in this very accessible way @TheEconomist !

I've been wondering about this myself! I've given through @opencollect but not through @github sponsors yet...

Why not link the medium article directly, instead of liking to a link?

Anyways seems like open collective is a good way to go, especially for a multi-contributor project that's getting big enough to need governance, but not so big that it makes sense to incorporate and deal with the regulatory hurdles on thier own.

@worblux I shared it via my Twitter account which is tied to Friendica so automatically gets cross-posted as a Friendica post as well.

I'm having a bit of "writers block" on developing recently. Trying to ruminate on it to get past it. #programming #opensource #fediverse

@Hank G have you ever touched the Social Home project by @Jason Robinson 🐍🍻?

It's Python, not PHP and to my knowledge the project's team doesn't mind integrating different Fediverse protocols too

@senya I've chatted with him about it but haven't played with it yet.

@Hank G maybe there you'll find your happiness :)

FOSDEM 2019 Was Awesome

Just landed back in the states from my first #FOSDEM #fosdem2019 I'll be doing a long blog post on it later but it was great meeting people from across global the #fediverse and #opensource community.

@hankg was great to meet you in real life!