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TFW you publish a library that hasn't been announced yet but it already has one like in the repository 😀. #programming

Alternating between watching vids on how to transition programs from Windows 1.0 to 11 (yes literally), history and programming ENIAC #retrocomputing stuff *and* what will hopefully be my first Dart package lol. #dartlang #programming

I thought memory fragmentation was only really solved by compacting garbage collectors like in JVM and .NET CLR but there are alternate memory allocators for C/C++ that accomplish this too! Interesting! #programming…

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I needed to write a quick and dirty CLI tool to do some image processing automation. The language I chose and quiet easily completed that task with was Dart. I guess my conversation from Kotlin as my go to language to Dart is now complete. LOL #dartlang #programming

While my personal @jekyllrb static blog was pretty light I had let thumbnail image sizes creep and kept pieces. Got it down from 1.5 MB to 356KB. Now on to real work. Would love to trim down the Bootstrap stuff more. #programming


Two more panels and I'll be fugly feature complete MVP of a new app I'm working on so I'm like #programming

Then testing on Linux/Mac/Windows, getting some test users to start banging on it, fixing bugs they find, and some polishing. So I'm at least 20% of the way done 😀

Although I never used it in production I'm pleasantly surprised to see the Cappuccino project (think Objective-C & AppKit like system but for building websites) is alive & well, now runs with Node back end, & supports async/await #programming #ObjectiveC…

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I just signed up for #hacktoberfest2021 by @digitalocean . I love this for getting more interest in #Opensource #programming. This year they added support for @gitlab as well as @github. FYI while the main path has you choose one you can go in your profile and add the other after

TIL that there is an official pronunciation for JSON (it's like the name Jason not Jay-sawn). When I first saw it I said it the name way but then switched. JSON's creator doesn't care either way though. How do you pronounce it? #javascript #programming…
J-sawn in Finnish, jason in English.

...and finished! Now only 8 books behind 😀.

If you have any interest in the in-depth and behind the scenes history of the Android hardware and software development this is definitely a book worth reading. #computerhistory #history #programming #Android…

When your imposter syndrome kicks in and you don't want to post your code remember even the nearly decade old and heavily used QEMU at the time was in this state when the Android team started using it. #programming #history…

Regeneration, the book goodreads links to.
I have no idea how the opengraph data that D* is rendering from is generated. The link is to the Android book. The preview for it shows up correctly everywhere else. The Regeneration book doesn't even show up on the the page or in the HTML of the page. Yet this seems to be a consistent rendering error for D* users to that exact book. So weird.
Oh how weird! I thought you had made a copy-paste error (happens to the best of us) but the rendered link is different than the inline link.
That's the kind of bug I'm fighting at work... Well, similar effect, anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix the issue I have as it's dependent on a part of the system I have no access to (or skill, for that matter.)

TIL that not only does Google/Android have an app service Latitude comparable to Apple's "Find My Friends" app but that it's more Apple has something like Google's Latitude since Latitude came out two years before #computerhistory #history #programming…


At Apple Cary Clark code named QuickDraw GX "Skia" after Greek mythology. Skia then became the name of the company that developed the graphics engine used so pervasively today in honor of that. Neat! #computerhistory #history #programming #retrocomputing…

Screen shot of book text elaborating on the point made in the tweet text.

Now at the point in Android history where Chrome is invented. I still don't know the reason why Google created it instead of putting those resources into Firefox except to attempt monopoly control over browser space. #computerhistory #history #programming…
Monopoly is a goal for any for-profit corporation, though. We're in the gray areas but I think there is a difference in making a loss on a product to create something that benefits your main business vs. making a loss on a product that is not your main business in order to drive out hypothetical competitors.
@Antti Brax Yeah it's a defect in our current economic system. I'm not sure how gray it is since their primary business is data vacuuming to turn that into data to turn around and sell ads, content boosts, etc.
@Hank G ☑️ A friend had one of the OLPC devices - it was a nice device; sad it didn't get more support. I had read a few articles about it and why it failed, but I'll check out the video. I have read that mobile phones have taken off in a lot of developing areas, and as a means for transferring currency, but I think in schools - well heck, even in developed countries trying to teach kids at home there's a big socioeconomic gap. Some places have made sure kids have computers, but then I guess there have also been connection issues for a portion of the population.

The irony that my brain works like this too yet tonight I'm going to try to power through the other 2/3rds of Haase's "Androids: The Team That Built the Android OS" book LOL. #programming

My brain works the same way. Over the years, I've taken a lot of one-off or handful of classes, but it wasn't until I enrolled in a full-time curriculum that it hit me how much reading some courses throw at you. And if it doesn't put me to sleep, at least in one case, I thought to myself "this book is horribly edited. I could probably convey the essential information in half the number of pages."
As a bit of irony, after powering through the book now my brain won't turn off to go to bed lol.

I do my development logs in simple text files. The ability to easily make ASCII diagrams is really cool. Definitely bookmarking this tool to help me with adding diagrams to my notebooks. #programming

Need to add some ASCII art flow diagrams to your README or code comments?

YES → (งツ)ว

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I'm sure there is a good reason but why can't Dart figure out to wrap the return type of a function marked "async" in a Future in the way it does for the return within the function's code block itself? Would make for far more readable/succinct code. #dart #programming

I think you can get the inference one way or the other (declare method async and it will manage the return type) or the other (return async and it will mangle the declared type), but not both. Just trying to empathize with the compiler authors.
@Brad Koehn ☑️ And I'm exacerbating my verbosity problem by using result monads so I'm getting declarations like:
Future<Either<ServiceError<RepositoryErrors>, Success>> compute(...)

I've heard of using lower precision for AI/ML but the fact they are having success doing it in applications like CFD surprises me. Interesting stuff #hpc #programming…

I'm really digging this .NET Rocks! episode with @DanaEpp on using honey tokens and other techniques for instrumenting your web site/services to determine if you are target of malicious actors. #programming #CyberSecurity

I'm not getting the value of using naming conventions rather than actual access modifiers to address public/private/exported etc. I'm seeing it in Dart, Go, and V. What's the advantage of this methodology? #programming

In the 2021 @StackOverflow survey Flask, Django, and Spring seem to be islands unto themselves in terms of people on other frameworks wanting to work with them or vice versa. #programming…


While I've enjoyed my time playing with V I want to get back to doing some cross platform app development again. Leading contender for that is still Flutter. So time dust out those cob webs. #vlang #Flutter #programming

I have trouble believing Joey would get that over Phebee

I created a toolset & analysis process to study individual & organization level open source SCM project contributions to assess project diversity and stability. This post lays out my methodology and an initial example. #opensource #software #programming…

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Having concerns about how imperfect the code you put up in a public repo is the same as thinking you don't look good enough to wear a bathing suit because you don't have a model's body. Yeah your code isn't perfect but neither is most other's either. #programming #opensource

I explored Rust to look at writing lower level but safe code. Really I want to mostly get away from raw pointers, memory management, walking off end of array/string. Thanks to @osnews story today I learned about V. Looks interesting. #programming

The V Programming Language

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this does touch upon many of the dumb choices I found were made in #golang because all choices, including dumb ones, and those behind them, are in effect insulated from reality by #google. So they often double down on proven stupid decisions because they can. It took many years just to get a very grudgingly and rather poorly done module system for reproducible builds finally tolerated.
YES! Indeed, V is terribly interesting, though I've yet to really do much more than read about it.

There's also Zig:

Zig was quite disinteresting to me initially because it was implemented entirely with C++ and LLVM. However they have begun the process of writing a self-hosting compiler.

Rust is the Perl (or worse) of compiled languages. Too complex, too ugly, too inelegant.

This is a great high level tour of how dramatically you can scale @PostgreSQL with various tools/techniques. I hadn't heard about the #opensource GPU acceleration library by @heterodb before either. Fascinating! #programming #PostgreSQL

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I used PostgreSQL extensively for many years. It's great!
It's my go to server-based relational database too! For relational DB's that I only need locally I go with SQLite.

As someone who has watched projects/organizations get pregnant with Oracle and then pay for it dearly later I will say that I would never choose an Oracle product line again. I even use OpenJDK over Oracle JDK on JVM projects. #programming
What does the commentary have to do with .NET? All I know is that I just hate .NET deployment and maintenance issues, it’s just headache after headache after headache. But my experience with java deployment back when I had to deal with some of that wasn’t better.

Of course, I also hate node on principle (god javascript is a hot mess).

I guess I don’t hate python yet, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing big projects without hard typing.

Is it too much to ask for something with simple deployment that isn’t dependency hell? I guess so.
Not sure. I'm guessing Oracle is doing a media tour about their cloud platform.

The reason why Warren Buffet broke the stock market is because IEEE floating point problems make us use integers for money. We've had ideas for replacements, including this new one. Would making a new standard around this fix these problems? #programming

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There's also the ill-named (and possibly ill-conceived) DEC64 (by Doug Crockford). Not much better for counting pennies though.
It's a chicken / egg problem, right? Who needs these because everyone uses IEEE 754 because there's no alternatives (for fp operations that is).

We use a high level language that has it's own precise floating point data type that we use for monetary values. But then again we don't need to provide the kind of response times the stock market does.

The solution to the immediate problem is easy, though. Trading on BH stops when it reaches the limit and Buffet finally succumbs to splitting the shares. 😁

TIL there is an OpenSSL alternative written in Rust to get rid of the possibility of a lot of bug classes which have afflicted that library. Apparently MS and Google are helping to fund dev. Cool #rustlang #programming

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More interesting stats from looking at Elastic + Kibana repository stats. By Line Volume (lines added and deleted count equally) reach 98% coverage with top 231 users. By commit count need 672 #programming #opensource @elastic


GitHub's aliased email thing makes it a lot harder to map contributors to companies but biggest complicator of that is gmail. Doing an analysis on Elastic/Kibana and these are the counts (will be some duplicates). Back to the mines... #programming #github #opensource


This looks like a potentially very nice addition to the HTTP method types used for REST. The talks about caching ability for this compared to GET. It's request is more complicated but something tells me if this takes off they will figure it out #programming #IETF

Defining a new #HTTP method: HTTP #SEARCH

#IETF #draft

I don't do much C++ development nowadays but if you do this hand cheat sheet of new C++20 language feature examples could come in handy #cplusplus #programming

Google had some shadiness in what they did around their Java based engine but copying of APIs wasn't one of them. I can only imagine what nightmare scenario would have unfolded if SCOTUS found APIs could be copyrighted. #programming

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"I hereby announce my intent to offer online tutoring with the goal of helping reduce democraphic imbalances in the GCC development community." #freesw #gnu #freedom #programming #gcc

GNU #include RFC

Wow I missed all this drama in FreeBSD land! I can't imagine not having a PR process for integrating code in any project much less a major operating system kernel! I'm glad they caught it in time #opensource #freebsd #programming

While people use the term "viral license" pejoratively to describe GPL and copyleft licenses the fact is that it does have knock on effects to how your own project's code needs to be licensed. NB my go-to license now are (A/L)GPL #opensource #programming

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Do I want to kick the tires of Flutter again...hmmm. I've dabbled with cross platform frameworks of various types from Qt to Kotlin Multipatform to JavaFX to Avalonia but still haven't settled on one. #programming #Flutter
Funny that flutter now is going pwa.
At work I'm currently developing an app with ionic +angular + Cordova for ios and web
Yeah I was a big fan of Dart when first announced and dabbled with it. I dabbled with Flutter a little bit but I wanted something that allowed Desktop and Mobile with web as a bonus. Flutter fell down on the Desktop side until this new release. So I think I'll give it an other whirl.

TFW you cleaned out all the dead branches, merged pending changes, and can now get to working on new features from a perfectly manicured repo. Yeah doesn't take much to make me content... #programming