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More concise code using methods like those mentioned here can be a lot more readable than more verbose code. If nothing else use LINQ and the various null operators. # #
Yeah LINQ, Java Streams, whatever it's called in a language it is really worth going over to this sort of means of iterating over and manipulating data.
LINQ has a an advantage over Java streams: it womes with pseudo-SQL keyword built-in the language itself which makes it even more expressive.


Yesterday thanks to @ID_AA_Carmack I discovered this live streamed from scratch game dev project called Handmade Hero. Even as a seasoned developer I'm finding it fascinating to watch. Some more comments in my blog post. #
You're right. It's a fascinating project.
I am always amazed at things I've never heard of and things that other people who know way more than me have never heard of. This is in reference to pushd and popd.


H/T to @ID_AA_Carmack for pointing this *really* neat project out. It's a professionally made game (not full time) where every second of the coding on it is live streamed with the coders talking about what they are doing. Hundreds of episodes! #
This definitely needs to become required lore for games programming. I watched a few archived live coding sessions on topics of recent interest. Really, really well done and filled in some blanks that I was missing in my lifetime of informal education.


I've been working on Rust a little each day. The biggest concern I have right now is the whole error handling concept. More in my second Month of Rust blog post # #
I'm just starting to learn Rust too! I agree that there could be a better implementation of error handling in Rust! Awesome blog post!
I am just glad to live in a world where anyone has casual, conversational thoughts about error-handling in Rust. :)


The day after studying the intricacies (from beginners perspective) of how # handles its' ownership model with collections I had this article on how C++ does in my RSS feed. It makes me appreciate the Rust model more :) #…


Why I like the idea of doing all projects in the open on @gitlab or @github . The idea someone is (hypothetically) reading your codes makes you be more diligent in writing it. #

Honestly said, they're too big to be casually scanned for code.
It's either your code is returned by websearch or the code is not read at all.

Since I do have the know-how to run my own public/private repositories/bug trackers I don't see the point in relying on a for-profit third party company to host my open (or not so open) source code.
Also I don't believe using github makes it easier to find fellow developers for one's own project and considering publications stating that github commit count is not exactly a quality marker for developers it seems publishing one's own code on these platforms does not exactly serve the intended purpose, unless that purpose is getting rid of maintaining one's own public repository server (or the project has a performance issue),

So, my personal landmark for code is if I can still understand it ten years from now and to not commit to master unless all unit tests run clean. That is, if there are any unit tests…
Should serve the same purpose and provides the benefit of individual decision on whether code is public or not… ;-)


Here’s my blog post detailing the first day of my month experimenting with the Rust programming language. @rustlang # #
@dwagenk Yep. For the one line hello world it made no difference in size. It may for real programs of size.
OK, wasn't expecting that...


Good write up! I was thinking may also be held back by a relative dearth of support libraries. A strong native interop may make up for it if it has it. May do a 30 day training run now. I'm one of the weirdos that likes tinkering, but am conservative when picking for a project.


As I'm looking at a refactoring exercise for a project I am reminded of this blog post TL;DR "The best time to make a breaking change that involves updating existing code is now." #


Whenever I start a new project on Gitlab/GitHub I spend *way* too much time agonizing over project/repo settings that are totally changeable later. I just lost an hour with analysis paralysis that could have been development time... #
It sounds like you need a script to make the choices for you!


I miss my dev time on Avalonia since other projects fill my time but can't wait to get back to using it. Looking forward to the discussion # # #


Yesterday was very productive but to show value of rest: a query I struggled with an hour last night and hacked some crap client side code to get working became 1 legit 52 char DB side query this morning. #programming


Avalonia (Windows/Mac/Linux WPF-style UI framework for .NET) is getting bumped to 0.9 and .NET Core hit 3.0. Here are some notes I have from migrating my tutorials to the new versions. #dotnet #programming


Some of the earliest Unix source code ever was released by @ComputerHistory last week. Cool! #retrocomputing #programming


Not thrilled to be back to coding #java (I'd rather it be #kotlin) but with Java10 having type inference 'var' it's a lot nicer than before. Hopefully it and #csharp add 'val' eventually #programming

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The main beef I have with Kotlin is that Google is trying to make it the de-facto language on Android not because it is the best choice, but because it is different enough to safeguard them from another lawsuit from Oracle. Everything in Kotlin syntax screams "we're making it this way because we want to do it differently." But they're still restricted by the JVM...

Why the hell would a multinational software business switch from the most widely used language to one that is used by a few hobbyists and has no resemblance to the old one? We ask this every time someone suggests we should start using Kotlin instead of Java.

Rust on the other hand looks quite promising and interesting.

But then again, Java is constantly evolving into the right direction.
JetBrains is the company behind Kotlin not Google. As someone who likes Kotlin but doesn't get to program in it often enough I was pleased when Google decided to use it instead of Java as it's primary language. I can think of a lot of reasons why I like Kotlin over Java. Kotlin is like a good marriage of the modern syntax and features of C# with even better overlays of functional programming concepts. When I was thinking of leaving Java for C# it was because of how stuck it was compared to when I was using more up to date languages. It's better now but still behind where Kotlin is. I don't like Kotlin because it's new or buzzwordy. I like it because it makes developing easier.

Now I do need this for Deezer.
Need to DDG search on Deezer


My various open source contributions from July/August. A lot of travel in the way but biggest update was starting my contributions to @b612foundation to help with improving asteroid tracking #programming #space #foss


Feeling serious code session coming on...time to put the "real" headphones on and crank the music :) #programming


Feeling serious code session coming on...time to put the "real" headphones on and crank the music :) #programming


Interesting synopsis on some message based distributed systems practices in general not just for .NET stacks. Also nice introduction to an informative blog it references twice that I'll follow now. #programming


Reading an article and it casually mentions OpenBSD still uses CVS as its SCM. Yep! Wow! BUt it does have a GitHub mirror. #programming #unix
I quite like that they haven't changed it since it seems to work fine. I don't think git is the best that could be done and looks rather interesting in comparison.
Never heard of it. Looks interesting
@Hank Gyes, I use RCS quite a lot.
It is very useful for things like config files, because you keep the versioning repo locally, in the same directory.

(shameless plug)


Indices and Ranges for working with arrays (and lists etc?) in C# 8 look pretty neat! #dotnet #programming


Another interesting article on replacing modern IEEE floating point with newer approaches that get rid of some of the nasty artifacts we constantly deal with while simultaneously reducing memory/storage requirements #programming #hpc

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It is interesting that he is still touting as a positive benefit what I have seen other people pointing out as a distinct failing, the merging of +/-0 and +/- infinity.


Programming langues I've developed in the last 7 days: C#, Java, FORTRAN, C, Forth, Kotlin, Ruby, Objective-C. All but Forth for actual projects. #polyglot #programming
I've got a long list over lifetime, but in last week or so at work? Go, VB.Net, DOS Batch, Bash, T-SQL, and Java - and the barest touch of Kotlin.
Yeah it comes from needing a combo for some projects. Like the Java, FORTRAN, and C were two parts of code bases for the same project. The Kotlin and Ruby were from polishing up the Diaspora API Client I wrote (Kotlin) waiting for the hopfully imminent release of (Ruby) but had to fumble around in there to see where and why something changed so I could update my client.


In an exchange with a friend about my FORTRAN post a joke was made about exploring Forth for the Fourth. Actually that sounds like a neat little #programming experiment so here we

One day, Jetbrains will replace systemd then Linux 😁

Roundabouts take a huge amount of public space and give it to cars. They increase driving speeds in cities. Roundabout exits are practically guillotines for pedestrians and cyclists.

Self driving cars are a myth.


Mostly positive 1st impressions of #AvaloniaUI for #dotnet #linux development, with some paths forward #programming


I'm coming out of development/software engineering hibernation :) #programming


Dove into some #diaspora code for the first time in forever to help someone figure out how to do something. I do enjoy that code base immensely even if I haven't worked in it for many months #programming #ruby
I have big hopes about the coming hackathon in Berlin. I really wish your API PR will be merged then, or at least have significant progress done


On Linux Journal's 25th Anniversary they interviewed Linus again. #programming #linux
by te guy who later started redhat
@Andrej Yeah pretty neat!


Darn, still no UI for Linux on the roadmap (although many good things). I want to try Avalonia but it'd be great if Linux wasn't a 3rd class #dotnet citizen. #programming
Yep, C# is such a nice language
@Christoph S I know :(. Before I found Kotlin it was why I was heavily ramping up my .NET on Linux work. Everytime I hear a podcast on Avalonia and stuff I want to try it again. Also one project I want to do needs to be tying into some native libraries and the bridge for that through the CLR is far more reasonable than the options available through the JVM.
Before I started studying at university I was doing a professional training as software developer at a company and despite some legacy stuff we used C# for the newer porjects. I really loved the language. Then when I started studying at university it was like going back a couple of years, cause I had to learn Java and always wanted to do things like I did in C#, e.g. a foreach loop over a String. Of course in Java you need to use the damn CharArray stuff....AutoProperties in C# for getter/setter were also very nice!
Well, but in the meantime with Java 8 there have been a lot of great advances.


Supply chain management and detailed tracking seemed to me to be one of the best uses of blockchains. Apparently Bellucci is using it so you can track and confirm where the olive oil in the jar you produced came from. As an olive oil lover who is leery of adulterated olive oil (which is a lot of them) and a software developer I found that to be pretty neat! #food #programming #blockchain

It does sound pretty neat!


I'm having a bit of "writers block" on developing recently. Trying to ruminate on it to get past it. #programming #opensource #fediverse
@Hank G have you ever touched the Social Home project by @Jason Robinson 🐍🍻?

It's Python, not PHP and to my knowledge the project's team doesn't mind integrating different Fediverse protocols too
@senya I've chatted with him about it but haven't played with it yet.
@Hank G maybe there you'll find your happiness :)


Computer Geek Turned Baker

This story has many things I get a charge out of: #baking #bread #programming #entrepreneurship