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I typically try to take the approach of "Here's how to find out for yourself. Let me know if you get stuck."
@Brian Ó Yeah or I try to do checkpoints at a reasonable interval and open myself up for collaborative sessions if needed.

@Hank G ☑️ mega-corp life in a nutshell.
straight out of The Mythical Man-Month (1975)

Basket case is not a valid identifier in most languages. Or someone would have promoted it already. :/

doesn't printers make gray by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow?
so if yellow is out, you can have cyan, blue or magenta xD
I would doubt that. Although you can hypothetically make black with CMY it is not a "true black" hence in offset printing/digital printing anything gray/black will be put on the black plate. Gray is accomplished in that case with changing the dot size in the halftone screen. I would imagine printers use the black toner/ink exclusively for that as well.
yes, you are maybe right
I have a hypothesis: the printer needs the yellow (or whatever) to print the security codes unnoticeable to us but used by law enforcement to track printouts if they are used in a crime.

Yes... ?

—Rita Mae Brown (from her 1983 novel "Sudden Death")

What about when they say they figured it out and left a link to the solution and then you click on the link and then ... you know ...
@David Thiery Yup. I'm all - "AND?!?!"

don't make fun of my kid!!!!


Half a year ago a colleague called me:
- Hey, thank you, you were right about commenting my code.
- How so?
- I have tried to fix a bug in my code I wrote last month but I do not understand how the code works.

This is no exaggeration when you are banging your head against the wall on something that turned out to be innocuous. Computers do *exactly* what you tell them to not what you thought you told it to. #programmingmemes



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I've worked on adding Perl support to it as well.

Write code readable by a stranger because a month or two out you'll be looking at your code as a stranger again. #programmingmemes

"The coming from inside your house!"
LMAO ...........the code is written this way because, "F**K YOU... BOB said do it this way!!!!"

I once included a comment in a stopgap heuristic bit of code that read:
A hack is a simple solution that makes no attempt at generality. This is a value neutral term: there are good hacks and bad ones. This hack is bad, oh so bad.
Of course, it never got replaced before ship.
I comment almost everything. On my good days I don't know what half of what I wrote does.
Then again, I don't do it enough to get good at it.

It reminds me of people who say they want to be engineers but hate math. That combination isn't going to work out well. Engineering is mostly math. #programmingmemes

The Khan courses on fundamentals like this are IMO a waste of my time. Too formal, too close to the classroom. Not enough details and descriptioni to connect the dots.