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Use the Apollo computer to mine bitcoin? Technically yes but at 1 hash every 10 seconds, no. Fascinating coverage of how to develop for it though! #retrocomputing #space

The conclusion nicely puts the power of the AGC into its period context. Not a bad machine for its day given that they required it to be small light and rad-hardened.

@Stephen Gunnell Yeah as they said it was relatively underpowered at 40K add operations per second compared to other computers of the day but other computers of the day were also far more massive. It's pretty amazing how well it performed against microcomputers 10-15 years later. I found this article on benchmarks from 1977. Looking at the integer add test Microsoft's BASIC took 10 seconds to do 1000 additions. At 40 KIPS the AGC would have done it in 0.0125 seconds. If we say that the comparison took up as much time as the addition and the BASIC interpreter is 10x slower than the same routine written in assembly language then we'd still be looking at the AGC being 10x faster. This makes me want to rerun these benchmarks and write them in 6502 Assembly as a comparison lol.

I have seen reports on the nature of the errors (basically computer was asked to compute more than it had capacity for) but not the why or the fail-over modes if the condition persisted. Great article #space #retrocomputing

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Reading about the early days of id Software when they basically cocooned themselves in a two floor apartment one Wisconsin winter cranking out Wolfentein 3D hits that nostalgic chord in me that has done that and still likes doing that sort of thing when the right passion project comes along. There is just something to being so focused on cranking out software you find interesting. It's a neat read either way. #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing programming

The most retro thing seems to be "the right passion project". 😏


There's at least one in the "Cave" where we have several work benches and a couple racks clustered together like cubicle, and another one or two attached to various machines and pushed aside as spares in the lab. The guy nearest me at work uses one or two for his primary workstations much like I use Bluetooth ones for my laptops.

On the flip side last time we cleaned up, all the three button (no wheeled) mice got tossed, there was like a box full.

I have always preferred trackballs but they are sometimes hard to find. The first trackball I used back in the mid 80's had a ball 2 or more inches in diameter and had a fair bit of momentum. You could flick it with your thumb and it would take the cursor all the way up the page. The device was a Mergenthaler Linotype badged page layout terminal.

H/T to @Ed S for showing me a non-Facebook message board for #retrocomputing!
#retrocomputing @Ed S retrocomputing

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nice, thank-you!

I've looked at attending VCE. Thanks for the forum recommendation though!

#retrocomputing moment of the day. A ~7 minute marketing video on the massively parallel Thinking Machines CM-2 from back in the late-80s. 64K processors in 1988 w/28GFLOPS peak. Wow.
# #retrocomputing retrocomputing

Talk about #retrocomputing! I downloaded but didn't read it so I don't which version of Linux runs on it yet... ;)

Just saw this video of someone emulating an SGI Indy Workstation in MAME with pretty decent performance. I may have to try this... #retrocomputing

Why does Windows have back slash instead of forward slash for directories? It may go back to the PDP-10... #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

I hate sites that show this:
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Yeah but I understand it too. One of my favorite blogs put it up after they had a major event. As usual we can't have nice things because people are assholes...

I think they also used it to differentiate themselves. If an os or whatever is too similar outside but too non-similar inside it a recipe to disaster.

Jean-Louis Gassée (of Apple and BeOS fame) has a multi-part series on his 50 years in tech. Here's the first entry! #beos #apple #retrocomputing #history
#beos #apple #retrocomputing #history retrocomputing

This thread on TaligentOS #retrocomputing

I forgot about General Magic! Keeping an eye out for this documentary coming to a local theater. #retrocomputing #apple #history

I just backed Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa on @Kickstarter Should be interesting! #retrocomputing #apple

Visualizing C64! Probably more details about it than you ever could want #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

More information on the IBM S/360 mainframe. This one on its development. H/T @Kam-Yung Soh #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing @Kam-Yung Soh retrocomputing

Everything you wanted to know (and much more) about the old S/360 mainframe consoles #retrocomputing
#retrocomputing retrocomputing

I always like what you share. Thanks!

Here's also a German blog post from the HNF computer museum

Wow this is a neat find! #retrocomputing #unix #sparc #sparcbook
#retrocomputing #unix #sparc #sparcbook retrocomputing

Get Sparcbook, install Doom. Of course!

The perfect use for it


PowerMac G5 XBox Development Systems

Wow this is pretty neat. Early Xbox 360 dev systems were G5 Mac's and now here's one in the wild #retrocomputing #powerpc
#retrocomputing #powerpc retrocomputing