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Pace going down while distance is going up (both distance of the 30 minute runs as I get faster and the progression of the "long runs" in the training program). Hoping to keep cranking it up but pretty pleased with these results so far #running #fitness

Graph of improvement in running training distances and pace.

Story of 3 runs on same path. Two were running until felt I needed a break and one was doing 30 sec on/off intervals per @JeffGalloway method. Galloway method was fastest and felt less fatigued. Don't know why I have to relearn it's effectivene every time I restart #running

...and yes it's much slower than I want and will get to but:
a. It has a decent amount of uphill (but not Colorado level or anything)
b. I'm just getting back started so my cardiovascular fitness sucks and we have to work with where we are
c. Who are you to judge me? ;)
the point is that you're moving

Well done podcast for my training run (in MTA swag of course) as I ramp back up my running conditioning under guidance of a PT as a means of proactively avoiding running injuries. @MarathonAcademy #running #SlowButSteady…

The slow part is difficult. So is the steady part. Ha!
I started running years ago; my muscles developed nicely and I ran further, faster, and hurt my knees and couldn't run for a while. 🙁 They are better now, but that's a valuable lesson to learn: don't overdo it!

I do wish I had walking/running paths like this back at home in Florida. Enjoying it while I can! (Wish I could have gotten picture of the deer) #running #hiking #Shinrin-yoku

If you mean Orlando, @Hans Wolters, then yes. There are definitely a few folks living there... current population: just in the city limits about 238K.
Oh, I won't be stumbling around in Orlando any time soon. I've been known to take 200 mile detours to avoid that whole area of Florida. ;)

However, @Hank G ☑️ might bump into your cousin one day.

I did my first 18 mile long run during a trip to Disney World in October 2012. A lot of development has happened in the area since then but much of the roads are still the same. Color is speed, blue slower, red faster. Can you tell where I hit the wall? LOL. #running