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Wow very neat! Amazing what we can extract from data sets like this. #astronomy #space #science

Excited to announce paper 3 in our Mapping Stellar Surfaces series, this time on Doppler imaging!

Paper link:

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New evidence undermines the COVID lab-leak theory — but the press keeps pushing it | Yahoo! News

A paper posted online earlier this month chiefly by researchers at France's Institut Pasteur and under consideration for publication in a Nature journal, however, reports that three viruses were found in bats living in caves in northern Laos with features very similar to SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.
As Nature reported, those viruses are "more similar to SARS-CoV-2 than any known viruses."
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Remember this one? (a few years old)

#Eyetracking and men and women's gaze. Always found it funny.


This video is just so mesmerizing. Watching liquid rock flow and splash knowing the temperature and processes involved is awe inspiring to me. #Science

I guess you all wanted to see a drone melt inside active crater. Well, it did, this morning! @DJIGlobal

#PI_Daily Less than an hour ago New Horizons crossed the 50 AU marker it was designed to reach. Although four other missions reached this distance back in the 20th Century, none was in perfect health, but New Horizons is. #Space #NASA #Science 1/


I'm guessing if we could do this for Mars we could do this for Earth if we actually have one of those pole flipping events that have huge effects on climate and life on Earth right? Maybe should study the mission concept more. #science #space #climate

I'm guessing if we could do this for Mars we could do this for Earth if we actually have one of those pole flipping events that have huge effects on climate and life on Earth right? Maybe should study the mission concept more. #science #space #climate
Screw the time and effort, I cannot believe we are wasting this money on another planet while we destroy this one and drive everything, including ourselves, into extinction. implications of a global Enterprise accepted statement of Mach 37+ (or otherwise equal to the abouts) are wide spread....
what on earth is going on ON EARTH questions regarding finance not the least among them.

but I digress, i still would stand satisfied with just starting at "WHERE'S MY HOVERBOARD!?"
the answer to that question would also have wide reaching implications..... personal desires for a hoverboard withstanding, have a feeling the answers would be of greater immediate community importance and benefit than anything I may do with said hoverboard. 😀

I'm having too much fun with this tool. It's not a perfect simulation of course but it gets the point. It's interesting watching the iceberg tumble from the initial orientation you draw to it's equilibrium state. #science


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Another very neat cosmological model. I wonder if something like this can be simulated in @UniverseSandbox ? #space #science #cosmology

This visualization shows how the massive star Eta Carinae survived a major eruption in the 1840s.
In this scenario, Eta Carinae initially began as a triple-star system. Two hefty stars in the system are orbiting closely & a third companion is orbiting much farther away. 1/

That would be a nice thing to try if you have Universe Sandbox. ?

I could watch this all day...more fascinated by the red clustering than the green (around libration point). Although the size of the stable area of the liberation point regions is interesting too. #space #physics #science

Jupiter shepherding the asteroid belt, preventing them falling in towards the inner planets!

Wow that is really neat!

#science #physics #chemistry #ice

Wow! I've often asked myself why aerospikes didn't take off. There are obvious challenges but the advantage seemed to be worth exploring. This article is the most thorough exploration of that that I've seen. H/T @Erdayastronaut #space #rockets #science


#science #sciencemanuelacasasoli
A massive atmospheric release of radioactive 106Ru occurred in Eurasia in 2017, which must have been caused by a sizeable, yet undeclared nuclear accident. This work presents the most compelling monitoring dataset of this release, comprising 1,100 atmospheric and 200 deposition data points from the Eurasian region.

Every time I see stories like this I want to fire up some mod/sim software and try to simulate it. There must be some open source or public domain software for this but needs a hefty computer...hmm...brain rationalizing... #space #science…
@Howard C. Shaw, III Thanks! I've dabbled with Universe Sandbox under steam and you can do some neat things but yes it's not exactly what I'm looking for. The above links look very interesting indeed. I found some open source framework but I can't find it now. I'll post it here if I do figure it out though. Thanks for the links!

I had heard about the laser ranging experiment on Apollo 11 but hadn't read about how it got there or how it went from the ground. We learned a lot from a simple experiment. #space #science
You may also like this article from Physics World which has more info on that experiment and the current challenges with it, like determining distance to the moon in millimetres.

Using spare CPU cycles to give back through "volunteer computing" distributed computing system BOINC #hpc #science #space

On a lark I wanted to see if SETI@Home still existed...forget it's a whole ecosystem Berkley puts out called BOINC. Now I have clients for 6 projects running. Giving back a little bit. #science #hpc

It does sound pretty neat!