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The 9th and final novel in The Expanse series, Leviathan Falls, will be released tomorrow. Can't wait.

#theexpanse #jamessacorey #scifi #fiction

Saw Dune (2021) on HBO Max. Wow that was a great rendition! Hats off to everyone involved. Can't wait for future releases. #scifi #DuneMovie

Watching "Capricorn One" before rolls off HBO. I wonder how many "moon landing hoax" believers it spawned? Will it be entertaining though? #scifi

Watching a Babylon 5 Episode that aired in 94, so filmed in 93. One character is referring to "interweb searches" and "picking up something on the interweb." 90 was when WWW was invented, Mosaic wasn't til 93 though. Bleeding edge reference to the internet or serendipity? #scifi

Gotta say "For All Mankind" Season 2 has started off strong! I love the "alternate timeline vs. actual timeline" clips they have as bonus material too! #scifi #space

This was an ironic day for me to pick off watching Babylon 5 for the first time 😀 #scifi

#StarTrekTheNextGeneration premiered on this day and my life changed! Still trekking ??

Oops that was the Babylon 5 pilot. Solid start. Acting and dialog on par with TNG Season 1. All CGI ship/space effects just couldn't be pulled off realistically in 1993 so feels like a game but still pleasing and impressive for the era. #scifi
@Michael Vogel Yeah I saw somewhere they had an episode budget of $600K compared to $1.5 million for TNG. That's why they couldn't do models but even if they had feature film money CGI wasn't ready for it yet. On the story arc idea, I absolutely love that idea. It's what I think hooked me into DS9 and part of Enterprise.
I'd honestly say that the entire season 1 was a pilot. It starts to get really good beginning with season 2 imo. Season 5 was probably the worst one but only because they thought they were being cancelled and weren't. ?

Going to give Babylon 5 a spin for the first time ever. Seasoon 1, Episode 1: The Gathering #scifi
Babylon 5 is really good. Amazingly good for how long ago it was made.
Some great casting, including a few familiar faces from other franchises.

I prefer to watch ST:TNG in the original resolution rather than the remastered version. As much as I like the redone special effects props, makeup, and uniforms weren't meant for that resolution and defects in them etc stick out like sore thumbs. #StarTrek #scifi
I rewatch Arrested Develpment from time to time and it is not holding up well.
Yes, HD makes it too easy to spot defects in the sets and makeup. It was perfect for CRT TVs but never meant for 1080p. Meant to be enjoyed on a 19” tube TV with a crappy mono speaker.

Interesting side by side of Genevieve Bujold's and Mulgrew as Janeway. Bujold seemed to be projecting more college professor than ship captain to me. Not saying it wouldn't have worked but it would have been different. #scifi #StarTrekVoyager…

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Watching Voyager from the beginning again to see if I can get into it. One nomenclature thing that I'm finding a bit off is calling indigenous species to a planet or region "alien." The Voyager crew are the aliens not the other way around. It's a nit I know. #StarTrek #scifi
I get it but we don't talk like that in general. Maybe we did back 20-30 years ago and I'm just not remembering it.

Anyone know if this is on any of the streaming services? #scifi

On this date in 1983, #V: The Original Miniseries made its debut on NBC with stars including #MarcSinger, #FayeGrant and #JaneBadler.

This is supposedly coming out on streaming services next month (I missed the limited release on the 26th). I'm so buying this #scifi

Ran across this artist's scifi art today and am astounded! #art #scifi

I'm trying to power through Battlestar Galactica before Hulu loses it. I'm assuming I don't have to worry about spoiler alerts after 14 years. Right? #scifi
@charliebrownau If I can't finish it on Hulu I guess that's an option. Thanks for the link!
I enjoyed the whole series. It had some pacing issues, but it's pretty great!





I was {today}-years old when I learned that Jean Giraud (Mœbius) did concept art for Tron.

Found via Tales from Weirdland. #conceptart #tron #scifi #moebius