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Before the early 20th century "sourdough bread" was just called bread (with dramatic cultural variations of course). It makes sense that by the mid-1960s people started rediscovering it. Nothing beats good bread. #sourdough #bread #yeastmasters…

Still not perfect or consistent but I’m getting happier with my loaf forming. Also this was the final step in converting a yeast recipe to pure sourdough. #YeastMasters #bread #sourdough


Related to the last post, here is a quick individual roll recipe to use up #sourdough #bread starter that takes less than 5 minutes of active time (but the usual several hours of rising, 20 minutes to bake, etc.) Not super sexy but tasty and easy.…

Finally fully documenting how to reactivate my dried #sourdough starter "backup" all the way through to making the Tartine loaf. I've given some dried starter to others so will be a great guide for them too. #bread #YeastMasters…
I tried researching your site for how to dehydrate starter for reuse later and got lost in the index. Help?
Oh sorry I never wrote an article on that! I should probably do that too.

#sourdough starter backup test (reactivated from dried) smashing success and properly documented this time for people who I share it with. Fully tested with this starting country loaf recipe. Nom nom. #yeastmaster #bread


Looks almost exactly what our baker up the street sells.

I now have my new go-to sourdough starter bread recipe. A ciabatta recipe using a combination of paddle and hook to develop the gluten and oiled bench scrapers to easily shape the loaves. Full details in post #bread #sourdough #yeastmasters…

Sourdough Starter Backup experiment complete with great success! Blog post later but for now enjoying the tasty bread! Also means can share with some longer distance friends who have asked for my starter to get their own going #yeastmasters #sourdough #bread



That's a good one. 😀 ❤

Try #2 of this 95% hydration sourdough discard ciabatta recipe. Much better! Ran paddle phase slightly longer. If split the dough evenly both loaves would look perfect rather than one having to shimmy down to fit. #yeastmasters #sourdough


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First try of #sourdough discard ciabatta #bread at 95% hydration. Pleased with results even with misshapen loaves from transfer process. Paddle before hook after autolyse made big difference. Should have baked it another 2 minutes. H/T @thefreshloaf blogs



I nailed the crumb and flavor but forgot to dust with flour, didn’t like the deflation was getting from using a dowel (chopstick), and didn’t tie the belt enough. Next time 😀. Delicious though #sourdough @TavolaMed…



I think I’ve perfected my pan baked almost do nothing 100% whole wheat sourdough roll technique...may blog about it #nokead #sourdough #bread