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Another group is giving the aerospike engine a go, potentially overcoming manufacturing problems that plagued the concept in the past with 3D printing. Cool! #aerospace #space…

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Actually here is an even higher res and longer version of the video I just shared earlier from @NASA. Just brilliant #aerospace #space…
I guess that answers that!
@Jim Symon Yeah in the higher res version you can actually see some hydrogen gas burning around some of the sparks before the engines start really going. I never noticed that they activate the engines in a specific sequence, which you can kind of see as the initial "clouds" of gas come down the nozzle.

Since @SciGuySpace and @DJSnM piqued my interest with that SSME slow motion startup sequence I had to find a full video of it. Here is one from @NASASpaceflight's YouTube. For me it never gets old. #aerospace #space…
Or was that just a safety measure in case the real ignition didn't work?
@Jim Symon Right they are just to burn off any free hydrogen gas from early in the engine startup process. Combining pure oxygen and pure hydrogen requires no spark to get going. It is the most fundamental combustion reaction.

Wow very neat! Amazing what we can extract from data sets like this. #astronomy #space #science

Excited to announce paper 3 in our Mapping Stellar Surfaces series, this time on Doppler imaging!

Paper link:

🧵 (1/10)

Yesterday watched part of the 1967 movie "Countdown" about NASA doing a Gemini-based one way(ish) moon mission to beat the Soviets. I thought to myself, "Gemini for moon mission sounds Hollywood silly." However there were serious plans like that! #space…

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It continues to astound me how many discoveries and how small of planets NASA’s TESS is producing #space…

First time I've ever seen a photo of that area without all the buildings on it. #space #history

August 2, 1963: The first foundation pilings for the future Vehicle Assembly Building are driven into the ground at Cape Canaveral.

Nature is just amazing isn't it? #space #nature #Cosmos

This is the PDS 70 system, 400 light years from Earth.

The outer ring is the circumstellar disk, where planets are forming.

And that bright dot? That's PDS 70c, a Jupiter-size planet... surrounded by its own disk.

Where moons are being born.

It's a cute Star Trek joke but my first follow on thought was "Vulcan rocket engineers wondering where their damn engines are..." LOL. Congrats to the New Shepherd team though
(Blue Origin is way behind on delivering the BE-4 engine for the Vulcan Rocket system) #space #aerospace


Dealing with perchlorate on Earth is a mostly industrial pollution problem we need to address but on Mars it is intrinsic in all of the dirt. While solving the problem here we may have a solution for it up there as well. #space #environment

Just amazing!

This heavily software-processed image of the solar chromosphere reveals the complex nature of the magnetic field within our star.

Walking the thin line between science and art ... perhaps blurring it a bit. 😉

#Astrophotography #space #solar #star #power


Lose Yourself in This Majestic New Hubble Picture of an Entire Cluster of Galaxies

What you're looking at here is a cluster of hundreds of galaxies of different shapes and sizes, some 1.4 billion light-years away from Earth, with the elliptical ESO 146-5 galaxy at the center – thought to be one of the most massive in the known Universe because of its strong gravitational lensing effect (shown by the uneven blue halo).
#universe #space #galaxies #HubbleTelescope

Amen! Could we for once avoid ecological catastrophe instead of figuring out how to clean it up? #space

This is music to our ears, @PressSec. Space sustainability needs to be prioritized before (not after) a catastrophic collision. We have the commercial technology, policy, and business roadmap to support U.S. government efforts.

About two hours of the sun's activity sped up into 5 seconds of video, played forward and then in reverse. This was going on today on the Eastern limb of our star, captured using a specially modified telescope from my backyard. #astrophotography #space #opteam

#OpenSource running on #Linux takes flight on another planet! Congratulations to the Ingenuity team! #space

You wouldn’t believe what I just saw.

More images and video to come...


#PI_Daily Less than an hour ago New Horizons crossed the 50 AU marker it was designed to reach. Although four other missions reached this distance back in the 20th Century, none was in perfect health, but New Horizons is. #Space #NASA #Science 1/


I guess Amazon isn't the only cloud provider getting into the ground station business... #satellite #space #CloudComputing

Maybe in the future aging wine in space will be a thing? Early findings are it does change how it ages over a year. That's according to the initial blind tasting test. I'm a bit surprised but pretty neat. #winelover #wine #space
The sooner the rich get gone outta here the happier the rest of us will be--they're parasites. Digit, our spaceshipsforeverybody are right here. They're called Earthships. Google it.

Encode text in your own parachute design like JPL did with the Mars probe Perseverance #space #geek

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Gotta say "For All Mankind" Season 2 has started off strong! I love the "alternate timeline vs. actual timeline" clips they have as bonus material too! #scifi #space

I'm guessing if we could do this for Mars we could do this for Earth if we actually have one of those pole flipping events that have huge effects on climate and life on Earth right? Maybe should study the mission concept more. #science #space #climate

I'm guessing if we could do this for Mars we could do this for Earth if we actually have one of those pole flipping events that have huge effects on climate and life on Earth right? Maybe should study the mission concept more. #science #space #climate
Screw the time and effort, I cannot believe we are wasting this money on another planet while we destroy this one and drive everything, including ourselves, into extinction. implications of a global Enterprise accepted statement of Mach 37+ (or otherwise equal to the abouts) are wide spread....
what on earth is going on ON EARTH questions regarding finance not the least among them.

but I digress, i still would stand satisfied with just starting at "WHERE'S MY HOVERBOARD!?"
the answer to that question would also have wide reaching implications..... personal desires for a hoverboard withstanding, have a feeling the answers would be of greater immediate community importance and benefit than anything I may do with said hoverboard. 😀

Some great discussions on orbit determination for moon related missions. Very informative! #Space #astrodynamics

@AstrogatorJohn, @Astrogator_Lisa, and Jim Woodburn discuss some of the technical complications and considerations of orbit determination for lunar and cis-lunar missions.

I never realized how huge Andromeda looks to us. I've never seen a comparative picture like this before. Brilliant! Thank you! #astronomy #Space

Next time you're looking at the Moon know that elsewhere in the sky shines a trillion-star galaxy named Andromeda. Might be hard to believe, but *this* is its true sky-size relative to the Moon. We see only the bright galactic center with naked eyes: to us it appears a fuzzy star

I fist read about that a couple weeks ago and it just astounded me. I also read that the very outer portions of both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are already touching.

Wow this is impressive! #space #astronomy

Dwarf planet Haumea spins so fast (a full rotation in less than four hours) that it’s flattened way out into an ellipsoid, kinda like a pizza being tossed into the air. It’s the fastest spinning thing known in the Solar System above 100 km.

Wow that was fast! #space #AeroSpace

The Blue Origin-led “National Team” working on NASA’s Human Landing System program has delivered a full-scale mockup to JSC to allow engineers and astronauts to assess the design of the lander while still in an early stage of development:…

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Next elections will determine. In this new crisis situation, I don't think US will have spare money for a moon landing program.

Who is signing up? 😀 Seriously though there is some interesting work being done on the topic by several groups including @b612foundation #space #humor

Short-Staffed NASA Sets Up Shifts For Everyone In Country To Take An Hour Looking Out For Asteroids Headed Toward Earth

If something like this doesn't already exist to coordinate observations it seems like it should.
It kind of does it kind of doesn't. The problem is calibration, repeatability, and reliability.

The most surprising thing to me is that the scripting language selected for JWST is JavaScript (with custom extensions). I wonder if that was decided much later. The rest looks pretty much what I expected. #space

so I've been trying to figure out what kind of computer the James Webb Ground Device uses, and while I haven't figured that out yet, I discovered why it's not in space yet.
Brace yourself...


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An interesting Twitter thread with pics and some estimated states of the first communications satellite. #space #history

I recently acquired a 1959 Convair booklet about SCORE, the first communications satellite. (scan at… )
It's mostly a collection of photos ...


I never heard this story before. It's a really neat brief tour of the analysis done to figure out what they thought was a newly discovered asteroid was really an old Saturn rocket stage #space

I'm totally watching this show 😀 #space #humor #netflix

We wear our love for the moon on our sleeves. The Space Force teaser trailer lands TOMORROW.


Wow beautiful shot! #space.

It is really hard to photograph a meteor. Even though some 25 million of them hurtle toward Earth each day, most of them are too small to track. Photographer Prasenjeet Yadav managed to get one anyway, entirely by accident:


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It's fascinating that we've probably seen two massive asteroids collide but it was in a distant solar system not ours. The forensic analysis on this makes me want to try to do solar system evolution modeling again. Seems such a cool area of study. #space
That said - we have seen post-collision debris here in our own solar system. These involve much smaller impactors, since we just don't have that many large impactors zipping around nowadays.

But since we're so close, we can see them in detail and we don't confuse them with other things (such as a planet or comet).
@Isaac Kuo Oh neat I hadn't heard of that before!

This AAS presentation on sustainable lunar surface operations looks fascinating. April 23 at 3 pm eastern. #space #aerospace

This is some very amazing and exciting news from the space industry. Hats off! #space #aerospace

What OneWeb’s failure tells us about space resiliency in the age of COVID-19 #space

I meant to post this yesterday. We take satellite weather data for granted nowadays. Until April of 1960, 60 years ago, it had never been done before though. #space #aerospace

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