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Last month's updated partisanship graph from the @FacebooksTop10 looked like maybe it was heading towards more balanced top posts. October's graph radically reversed that. How much natural vs. algorithmic boosting?🤷 Repo link with all code/configs/data in image. #uspoli


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Want to know how far right SCOTUS has gotten? Kavanaugh is the *median* justice. It will take decades of focus & election wins by Democrats & Independents to fix the courts just like it took GOP decades to get here. Do we have the stamina for it? #uspoli…


This unrolled Twitter thread by @Nick_Carmody on Steve Bannon, his followers, and his enablers is profound, disturbing, and depressing. My fill of political news for the day but worth a read. Probably worth a book actually. #uspoli…
Seem inaccessible. Original tweet?
I didn't have a problem getting it to load but the original first tweet of the thread is here:

Gee I wonder how that happened. One of the big steps in undermining democratic society is destroying faith in institutions. It's been a multi-decade process by those on leading the GOP and right wing media that has born fruit in the last few years. #uspoli

A decade ago, a majority of Republicans had a positive view of the impact of colleges and universities on the US. This year, just 34% expressed positive views. Less change among Democrats - 76% positive this year.

@Alex Feldstein Nah. Colleges were where low-born plebes could buy an opportunity to work for some privilege. Then they became a loan racket.
@Isaac Kuo I know, right? Financial institutions where the bigots were coming out the woodwork left and right.

God if only it were this easy to guarantee Republicans won’t take the House or Senate in 2022. *Please* let my lack of response make that a reality. #uspoli


WTAF?!?! As much as I hate Verizon for various things at least they can say they weren't the main funders and propers up of political propaganda platforms that are undermining our democracy. Shame on you @ATT #uspoli…

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The folly in the advice to just let these faux audits go since it will show the Trumpist claims of voting fraud to be bunk is that reality is irrelevant to them. We saw this in AZ and we will everywhere else. Yes we are screwed #uspoli…

Powering through a second book for the weekend, "Merge Left" by Haney-López on race-class issues in #uspoli. After the week of "replacement theory" jumping from white nationalist fringe speak to a GOP mainstream term I read about this shift starting a decade ago but accelerates.


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And just for completeness this is the Democratic fund raising text today. Again notice the difference? Notice how not batshit crazy and grift like it is? Remember that at ballot box at all levels of government. Vote for the sane, democracy supporting party not the GOP. #uspoli


I saw a suggestion that we should remove cameras from the floor and just release the transcripts. Would certainly cut down on the show boating wouldn’t it? Maybe cut down on the performative amendments too. #uspoli

Concentrated power has decimated the House and made legislators into actors. Here’s how many votes have been allowed on floor-offered (not prescreened by speaker) amendments by year:

2011: 414
2012: 153
2013: 61
2014: 96
2015: 94
2016: 29
2017: 0
2018: 0
2019: 0
2020: 0
2021: 0

There is a debate over whether Supreme Court hearings should be televised... and the opinion that it might affect the proceedings in subtle ways.
@lambjams Yep for similar reasons. I agree they should be kept to transcripts again. I'm actually thinking the same maybe true for congressional committee proceedings too. It seems more about the spectacle than getting shit done. More often than not it seems everyone is trying to have their Welch v. McCarthy moment no matter how ginned up it is.
The parties themselves have become too powerful; I don't know how we reverse this.

I did get this one after a Democratic one saying they were the ones behind. I’m hoping the Trump one is for once not total BS and they are behind. Nothing would please me more than Trump & Trumpist enablers (passive or active) never holding a position of power again #uspoli

Yep sad and very scary.

TFW the “cancel culture” pearl clutchers are selling a “Cancel Joe Biden” hat as a fundraiser. The irony is too rich… #uspoli


My hypothetcial & actual POTUS vote 1932 on (H/T @PNWPragmatist) #uspoli #politics :
Do both! My laptop renders it fine. My phone does not.
I posted this through Twitter which cross-posts to Friendica which then federates all over the fediverse so still need to keep it under 280 characters.

They say: "At least he did something!"
They mean: "Me and mine weren't inconvenienced by the consequences."
@Richard Healy in this case it was a thought exercise WaPo did with a group of people who are not Trumpists. It's a thought exercise that didn't need to be published until Trump was out of the public sphere and/or passed away though. We don't need to rehabilitate an literal autocrat that just finished a failed coup, who is still the head of the major political party that is actively working to do it again.
I appreciate the thought exercise. I agree with you - too soon.

Then again, we can play thought exercise too: What if the people who own and run this place (or at least the Washington Post) have already moved on because others have borne the consequences?

Not exactly building strength in unity are they?

Despite FL having worse stats than NY since 7/2020 many here & in media crowed about how great DeSantis was and how well FL fared. While never true reality is impossible to ignore now. We have half of the worst counties& a governor who still wants to do nothing to stop it #uspoli


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My Trump Mini-me governor doing everything he can to make the pandemic as bad as possible. It's crazy he has such a high approval rating. Maybe that'll change as more and more unvaccinated people are adversely affected. It didn't have to be this way. #uspoli

NEW: Hours before federal officials issued new mask guidance to combat the surge of the Delta coronavirus variant across America, and even as his state’s hospitals were veering toward disaster, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly met with anti-maskers

Echos of “One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”
History is rife with delusions of grandeur--and we know how those all ended.

After years front page coverage of BENGHAZI!!! Hearings the current hearing into the 1/6 insurrection are completely absent. So of course half the country won’t hear anything besides the Trumpist lies about it and continue to live in their alternate reality silo. #uspoli
This should disabuse anyone who's paying attention of any residual belief that the media have a "liberal bias". Of course, no one who's paying attention thinks the media have a liberal bias anyhow.

While I agree that Trumpists are anti-democracy and therefore a Trumpist led party would be too it’s still shocking that not a single Republican demographic had a majority say voting was a fundamental right. Sad and scary. #uspoli


My latest update comparing General Election polls between 2016 and 2020. #Election2020 #uspoli


My latest update comparing General Election polls between 2016 and 2020. #Election2020 #uspoli