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I'm eating this "fake meat" from time to time. In my local supermarket there is a great variety of vegan gyros, vegan kebab, vegan pulled meat, ... AFAIK their content normally doesn't contain anything that is harmful or is suspected to be harmful. Especially in combination with the rest of the meal the taste and texture is really okay. Also the CO2 footprint is much lower.
@Michael Vogel @Hank G ☑️ I went for lunch at a vegan restaurant today. On this menu the green leaf next to some dishes means "no fake meat". 😃
For contrast, tonight's dinner restaurant is so Chinese that when you order braised beancurd and eggplant it comes with minced meat implied. 🤣
@Michael Vogel Yeah I've looked at the micronutrient composition of these animal free meats and they actually are pretty good. It's not like most of the vegan cheeses which are nutrient poor and just filler. It does come with more sodium than unseasoned animal meat but that gets washed out when you do the seasoning anyway since you cut back on the salt (if you know what you are doing).
Regularly I'm eating pasta with some pesto and some vegan gyros or kebab, all fried in a pan. It looks like roadkill but tastes good.
@Hank G ☑️ this is whole grain Penne with some tomato pesto and vegan "pulled meat".

Are you ready for #vegan lamb?


I'd rather have many different vegetables than processed food.
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I've had this vegan Shepherd's Pie at Raglan Road in Disney Springs before and it is very tasty. #Vegan #Disney

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we like making vegan shepherd's pie at the holiday season 😀 good post

Tried this @inspiredtaste easy three bean salad recipe again this time no avocado but with olive oil plus juice and zest of one lemon. It was even better this way. Sorry avocado 🙁. #vegan #plantbased…

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This easy bean salad recipe from @inspiredtaste turned out great! I did sub avocados for the olive oil and added juice of lemon as well. May punch up citrus with some lemon zest next time but delicious as is. #plantbased #vegan…

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Yum and I agree avocados do sound even better

These are my favorite plant based nuggets. They hold up even if I'm eating them with real chicken nuggets on the same plate. All others I've tried so far don't hold up the same. #vegan #plantbased

How important is price when you're buying packaged #vegan products? This nugget brand is lowering its prices to make it more accessible to people of all dietary persuasions on a variety of budgets. @alphafoods #vegannuggets #veganchicken…

@Hans Wolters I go through phases, myself. I love plant based meals that own themselves, vegan Indian food 15 years ago is when I first realized vegan food can be tasty. I love my fruits and veggies. I still like meat though just want to cut it down considerably in my diet. That's where these sorts of products come in for me. Although honestly for burgers I'd rather have an "old fashioned" bean burger at this point.
Yep. I eat less and less meat...mostly various veggie burgers...salads and fish...

It's amazing how well cashew cream (or raw cashews used in this sort of preparation) can substitute for dairy cream. Definitely going to give this recipe a try! #vegan

Did we mention that this soup is vegan?

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I came up with a veggie heavy three bean chili inspired by @DrFuhrman 's "Easy Three Bean Chili" but with @ImpossibleFoods Impossible Meat instead of tofu and some tweaks to the veggies and spices. Eating it as I post #vegan #nutritarian #PlantBasedEating

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This is a great #foodwaste recipe!

A delicious way to use up any avocados that are still good to eat but over ripen. Chocolate and avocados go together so well!

You can easily make this #vegan!

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I'm not vegan but like eating tasty #vegan food. I had a great Southern-fried cauliflower w/collards, roasted potatoes, and string beans @WaltDisneyWorld Magic Kingdom's Crystal Palace restaurant. Sadly my picture isn't doing it justice. #DisneyWorld #vegetarian


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yum yum

I might try this with @ImpossibleFoods ground meat or @BeyondMeat for a #vegetarian version...maybe sub the cheese for @MiyokosCreamery mozzarella and cheddar to take it #Vegan even...

Think Philly cheesesteak... but made with wagyu beef (!!) and stuffed into crispy potstickers! Incredible, @mingtsai!

Catch #GuysRanchKitchen > Saturdays 12|11c and subscribe to @discoveryplus to stream more:

Get the recipe:

In Argentina I tried these soy hamburgers from Vegetalex, it was hard to tell it was not meat, and they were very, very healthy. You have to get the hand of it on how to cook them, but they were great.
@missedanthrope That's been one of the things I love about Impossible/Beyond meat. I've done a direct substitution in homemade sausage recipe, ground meat recipes, etc. and I didn't need to change anything. One thing that people need to remember though is that it is possible to overcook this stuff. Just cook it like you would ground meat and you'll be good to go though.
I don't mean to be repetitive, I am a vegan because of ethics, yet I feel I should take care of myself as well, to be consistent in my line of thinking. I am a nurse, and I see people with diabetes, wounds that will not heal, high blood pressure, heart problems, you know all this, I mean, junk and process food.
Like I said, I would try it and treat sort of like candy, but I would try not to make a habit of eating it. IMHO. Cheers

First #vegan restaurant to get a Michelin Star. I'm not vegan but enjoy tasty vegan food. Yes it is such a thing. I'd hit this place up if I ever am near that part of France.

Adding this to my list of things to try soon 😀 #recipe #italian #Vegan

This dip is the Italian version of hummus, and in my opinion it’s smoother and tastier RECIPE:


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I'm all for new things (and I love white bean dip, 'tis true) but DON'T YOU GO RIPPIN' ON MY HUMMUS GIADA

This non-vegan loves when veggies are the stars of the dish, but the creative and tasty ways vegan eateries cater to all diners thrills me too. Why I try to frequent these establishments when I can. #vegan

This #vegan version of the Ronto Wrap at @Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy Edge was even better than the regular one. I hope they add it to the menu at @WaltDisneyWorld Galaxy Edge soon!

Looks like a Piadine. An italian wrap/sandwich especially known in center of italy at the Adriatic coast.... Love it as lunch!
@Rob Bosch the way they toast the pita and such reminds me a bit of a gyro too. The stuffing is very different though.