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Dear "Freedom of Speech" whiney bitches. I want to hear your bitching and moaning in defense of the uniformed police officer who wears his "Biden-Harris" facemask next week. Oh, wait, you'll be fucking silent, you fucking vapid, self-righteous, hypocrites, while your whiney bitch buddies scream bloody murder about the libtards trying to intimidate the voters!

Jesus fucking Christ, the police union reps even defend this. Oh, hey, let's even make unions look like shit to our biggest supporters: the libtards! (Yes, libtards are the biggest union supporters.) Fucking idiots.

So, those kids Trump and ICE put in cages? You know, the kids who got stripped from their parents, then sexually assaulted while in cages? How likely you think they'll grow up to be monsters?
Friend of mine yesterday said "What if that was the Republican plan? Use ICE monsters to turn immigrant kids into monsters, so 10, 20 years down the road, the Republicans can scream 'See ?! Immigrants are monsters!' "
American monsters making immigrant monsters, so American monsters can congratulate themselves for being "the good guys."
God, I hope my friend was wrong.
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I want someone to run ads in Michigan saying "Be a grownup; leave your gun in the car when you go vote."

Since an alarmingly large number of white folks have clearly lost the ability to act right, Michigan’s Secretary of State announced that people will not be able to openly carry guns at polling stations.
I always find, too, how pooly it reflects on "gun rights" people that they always fall back on "It's legal!" - it's a tacit admission they know they're wrong on the ethics, courtesy, and generally "acting like a grownup" part, so they just fall back on "Yeah, well, the rules say I'm allowed, so suck it!"
And it'll fall on poll workers to try to enforce this, and it's likely someone will get shot.

Loved those books as a kid. This is a nice, fucked up way to capture modern America.

Twitter adds a step saying "Hey, you might to actually read this article before re-tweeting it" and - wait for it - Republicans lose their shit (again) about being "picked on." Ladies and gentlemen, the modern American "conservative": biggest fucking whiney snowflake since Kindergarten.
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"What does this say about your understanding of Jesus?"

Voting by mail is safe and secure, despite the lies being told by propagandists
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It's 2020 and US citizens have to check and secure their mail-in vote, they can't rely on government and states for that

Anyway, mail-in ballot is safer than waiting hours and hours in the middle of a pandemy to access the only voting poll in the district, which is "secured" by far-left milicia using the second amendment to defend government against the people

This election wasn't supposed to be a prequel of Hunger Games
@logger yes, it's quite screwed up people are showing up at the polling places with guns, at all, mostly because other assholes are showing up with guns. It's a really warped bit of circular stupidity.
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38 fucking times Trump fucking said COVID-19 would magically disappear. 220,000 people have died in the United States from COVID-19. It only requires 10,000 people for a municipality to qualify as a City. That means 22 US CITIES have been wiped from the map, while President Donald Asshat Trump pooh-poohed the virus. That's 22 CITIES SO FAR - how many more thousands of human lives will be snuffed out - leaving grieving friends, parents, children, co-workers - before this pandemic ends? How many deaths is "too fucking many"??
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And, you know, "Let's re-open the economy," as if 220,000 dead people - lost consumers, lost jobs, lost lives - is somehow "good for" the economy? Fucking stop killing people for a month or two, and then those people that didn’t die can also go back to earning and spending money, and making the economy work. God, this isn’t rocket science, and it is also basic human decency.

You know the most fucked up part about the United States? Even if there is a "blue wave" in 2020, without Trump in 2022, the fucking House and Senate will flip back, because American conservatives have lost their fucking grip on reality.
The worse because we'll still be in an economic and social meltdown because of conservative mismanagement, but then it'll be recast as a failure by Democrats to fix it quickly enough.

I'm at this deranged place that I check my investments daily, just to remind myself we actually do have lots of money, and aren't at immediate risk of becoming homeless, even if Americans continue to lose their fucking minds and vote for the "Fuck America, First!" Republican Party.
I Know. I'm retired on the ragged edge of being okay...

New rule: I refuse to allow people to say "we disagree" when they reject data and evidence.

We are not disagreeing. You are rejecting data. Those are not the same, and if you are communicating with me I will not allow you to conflate the two.
-- Tori Glass

Over 2,300 years ago, Aristotle (384--322 B.C.) wrote Sophistical Refutations, or as I prefer to call it, "Bullshit Arguments Which Must Die", highlighting thirteen specific methods commonly used to twist logic. Well worth studying even today. Or especially.

Spoiler alert: they haven't died yet.

Tori's 'new rule' isn't among these, but has a name: denial.

(The conflation is listed, that is the first, equivocation.)

# # # # # #

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I think I will go to my grave not understanding why any sane woman, of decent conscience, would support the GOP after Reagan.
Yeah, me either....

Humanity has lost its collective fucking mind. This will end just fine, but the mess in the middle is going to depress me for lifetimes.

I don’t know which is more exhausting: being smart, or acting stupid?

Then again, acting stupid comes more easily when I'm exhausted. That's normal human, right?


It was a lot more fun back then. I got into computers in 1968 and the fun level has been pretty much a long slow decline, with some bright spots along the way. Oddly enough, I'm just now in a new bright spot, the first one in ages. I've discovered the Julia language and am having a blast with it. This may be the best designed language I've ever encountered in terms of high level languages, loaded with features, and designed for supercomputing. It's also a dream if you're a math head.

Clickbait ad: "Should illegal aliens get $1200 stimulus checks: Y/N?"
Fucking propaganda assholes. The stimulus checks are based on IRS tax records. Illegal aliens don't file taxes, therefore don't get stimulus checks, therefore it's a bullshit, wind people up with a lie question.
Reality is hard enough without assholes lying about it, adding to the confusion.
Straight out of the GOP playbook.

Oh, look. The GOP are - again - willing to bend, stretch and strain the law, fuck decency, propriety, fairness, consideration, and ethics, in order to promote GOP power, all under the guise of "helping people." Assholes.
@Joseph Teller I'm also sure you're analysis is legit
Its like what they did in that oversease ballots in the trash scheme at one of the city's in PA near the primary, where it turned out a "Temp Worker" was responsible.... no one investigated the worker as far as I can tell. My bet is he was a Republican plant sent to do exactly what they did. Temps are not sufficiently examined for sensitive positions like this and puts them in a perfect location to do mischief.

Loooooook, you can't just slap wings on any old outfit - biology and physics don't work that way! Even the Rule of Cool can't survive that. Ugh. Gorgeous artwork, though, kudos to Phil-Cho.
Well, you can't really slap wings on anything with arms, right? All the bones and musculature is already used for something else.
It would be interesting if wings were implemented like flying squirrels, though.
Yes, true. However, i have seen some decent models adding bones, and modding muscles to make a passable argument how a humanoid might also have functional wings attached to their backs. I mean, it still only works in "fantasy," but at least some effort went into it 😀

I'm watching the previews for BBC's "The Watch," and thinking I'll enjoy it, despite the fact the closest they come to the source material seems to be that someone read the books, wrote a journal about the funny bits, left the journal where a television producer found it and said "I do like Steamgirls," and went off and made a live-action series.
Mhmm... well I can totally see the (later) Ankh Morpork in a Steampunk way, but The Watch was about the formative years of that setting and its inhabitants and mechanics.

Eric Trump doesn’t look creepy when he doesn’t smile. Who knew?
Most of the trumps have that horrible smug smile all the time...

Further proof the law means nothing to the GOP or Trump, except when it can be used against their enemies. How very Communist/Dictatorship
They've become the party of might makes right.

The thing I actually hate most about right-wing memes is they make my brain hurt because they are so bloody childish, stupid, and even sometimes manage to also be sad, pathetic, or petty.

I mean, even if I don’t bother to slow my brain down to grade school speed to interpret the point the meme is trying to make, I can always identify a right-wing meme because I feel like my brain crashes into mud brick wall, then I try to think like a one-note bobble-head child to decrypt the non-sensical, conspiracy drizzled message of the meme.

They fucking make my brain hurt, for their sheer lame stupidity, and I despise them.
It kills my soul a bit to realize there are a large chuck of adults that never matured beyond jr high.
I'd say that's accurate.

@Doc Edward Morbius ⭕​ hey homie!
Why do you show up twice when I @ you? And whom can I trust?
Fucking computers.
Trust the other one?
Again, on Mastodon, you want this account, at @dredmorbius
I have two other deprecated Mastodon profiles.

Your profile also seems to peer with Ddiaspora. You'll find me there as dredmorbius (

My Mastodon & Diaspora presences are separate (I won't see what's shared w/ Diaspora here on Mastodon, or Mastodon interactions there on Diaspora), but it's the same real-life individual behind each.

@Icarus Anne Riley Answering your question, no, a given account invocation creates a notification only on its respective system.

You pinged my mastodon profile earlier (I think on this post or one ssimilar). I'm replying here from Diaspora now ( I don't see any Mastodon interactions on this thread, in the event you do. I didn't get a Diaspora notification for this threaad, but saw it visiting your account via Diaspora directly.

I'm active on both Mastodon aand Diaspora, though I treat them as independent systems. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."'

"The [COVID-19] death toll has surpassed the number of American combat deaths in the country's five most recent wars combined."

As Fox News Chris Wallace said "Just wear the damn mask."


I have reached a personal record of number of likes and RTs for my post about # on twitter

Wasn't expecting it, but glad to be part of the movement ridiculing these # and promoting real proud boys on #!

I specially like this reply:

# #

SCOTUS is about to be stacked 6:3, improperly, unethically, and hypocritically (but, of course it's all fucking legal as special conservative snowflakes will point out), so voting rights are fucked for a generation.
Unless we win big in November -- president and both houses -- and then are able to force our elected reps to do what needs to be done.

* impeach Kavanaugh
* impeach Thomas
* expand the court and pack it
* make DC and Puerto Rico states
* abolish the Electoral College
* find a way to outlaw Gerrymandering

It's time to stop playing with this minority party called the GOP. End it.
agree it needs to be ended. The harder part is dismantling the multi-billion dollar corporate propaganda network that dictates GOP policy. The GOP used to think they controlled Fox and the RWNJ media mob. Now the GOP "old guard" realize they've completely lost control, and Hell, even Fox is losing control of the mindless mob they created, since rhe Interwebs allows *anyone* (e.g. "Q") to usurp the mob.
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The President of the United States has contracted a virus that apparently kills 18% of the people in his age group. Being a fat man makes him at greater risk of complications. The President of the United States could die before the election. FUCK.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is still a barking piece of shit human being.
He's also poor another risk group.
if he survives, he's t greater risk to have serious after-effects

Impaired but still enough healthy to go to jail is good enough for me but if he dies... You reap what you saw

That about covers it. White people gotta wake up and accept there's shit on our carpet, and ain't no one going to clean it up and throw it away for us - it's our responsibility to clean the racist shit out of our damn house.

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Kimberley Strassel, a pro-Trump columnist for The Wall Street Journal, said the performance was a hit with the president’s supporters and listed the many issues that would resonate with them that he mentioned. “On this, Trump wins,” she said.

This speaks volumes about the ethical failings of Trump supporters.
Cognitive dissonance. Yeah, i said it. But the fucking shoe fits. I know women who "support Trump" entirely by ignoring reality. It's a lot of conspiracy theory and nonsense about evil Democrats and Libtard Media, and Trump shares their values, and mention any real facts about Trump, like sexual predation and racism, and suddenly it's all "whataboutism" that magically makes his transgressions "okay," because some Libtard did it first. That makes "Trump" their magical holy savior, and I use the quotes to make it clear they're not talking about the real human being, but their bent fantasy of a magical "Trump" that doesn't exist in the real world.

Ask them "So, is sexual assault wrong, or not? Because it was wrong when Clinton did it, and it's wrong that Trump brags about doing it, while bragging about cheating on his first two wives, and having been accused of sexual predation by at least 20 more women than Clinton was! Either it's wrong for a man to grab a woman by the pussy, or it isn't. There is NO 'whataboutism' here."
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@Icarus Anne Riley - I wholeheartedly agree with you. And, yes, sexual assault is wrong no matter who does it.

Ben Shapiro, the conservative podcast host and author, objected to the idea that Mr. Trump was more morally compromised than some Democratic presidents, saying: “Woodrow Wilson screened ‘Birth of a Nation’ at the White House. FDR interned hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans. Bill Clinton used the Oval Office as a harem. Try again.”

Dear # - It's NOT 1945 anymore, it's 2020! "Try again"? Okay, let's try this: that shit was morally wrong in 1945, or even 1998, and it's STILL wrong today. Try again, yourself, asshole.
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CNN's Van Jones slammed President Trump for not condemning white supremacists during the debate.

"Only three things happened for me tonight:

* Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy.
* The President of the United States refused to condemn white supremacy.
* The commander-in-chief refused to condemn white supremacy on the global stage, in front of my children, in front of everybody's families and was given the opportunity multiple times."

(emphasis mine)
# #
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The President Of The United States refused to condemn the white supremacists and Proud Boys and I'm not sure why the rest of the debate isn't just about that.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, just activated the white supremacists tonight. This ain't rocket science, it's an attack on America by Donald Trump.