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I used to blog.

I wrote some really good stuff. Some of it sucked, and some was brilliant, and that was good enough. When G+ died, so did the conversations and value-added commentary by intelligent people. When G+ died, so did my commitment to blogging.
Yeah, I lost a lot of interest in, well, everything, when g+ died and took everything with it.

6 Dr Suess in books won't be republished

I haven't read these books in a long time, but the obvious question is: "Can we re-do the artwork and still publish?"

I know some of the books have racist language, but for the ones that don't, maybe they can be salvaged, you know?,the%20author's%20legacy%20said%20Tuesday.
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A banker, a farmer, and an immigrant are sitting at a table with 20 cookies. The banker takes 18 and tells the farmer "better watch out, that immigrant might take your cookie."

Trump is Embarassing

(CPAC) It’s the New World Order that the organization pretends to be protecting people against.

during orientation at a human college, vulcans are presented with a list of swear words.

“what is the word ‘fuck’ for,” the innocent young vulcans want to know. “surely there are more logical intensity modifiers.”

“yeah, you’d think so,” say the weary, jaded vulcan professors. “you’d really fucking think so.”

there is a phrase in vulcan for ‘the particular moment you understand what the word ‘fuck’ is for’.

The extremely classic

When was the last time you heard a Republican call for another Republican to resign? Excluding for 'betraying Our Glorious Most Holy Savior Donald Trump'.

Figuring it Out

You want to wear a cloth face covering to reduce the risk or volume of aerosolized virus particles getting into your lungs.
What does that mean? It means virus particles floating around in spit.
So, let's say you're not wearing a cloth face covering, and you're busy talking with your mouth open.
I come running up and spit at you. I have amazing accuracy. Since you're not wearing a cloth face covering, you now have my spit in your mouth, along with any virus particles it may contain.
Now, take that natural indignant deep breath, sucking all those virus particles deep into your lungs.
Then go ahead and yell at me, punch me, or try to shoot me. You've already got my spit in your mouth and my viruses in your lungs.
Now, imagine how well that cloth face covering would keep my spit out of your mouth. Like, totally, right? Now you can yank the cloth face covering off, take that deep breath, and swing away, safe in the knowledge you did not just swallow or inhale all the virus particles swimming in my spit.
Listen, snowflake, just wear the fucking mask.
@Samuel Smith Yes! Particularly in Winter, Indoors, Shopping, etc!
Yep! ... I often feel like pulling down my mask and spitting at the feet of the non-maskers I encounter on the sidewalk at the park! Bastards! I don't of course but damn I want to!

I have to admit "It's the self-cleaning feature!" sounds so much better than "spastic colon."

I missed you guys. Huge thanks to our host for getting the node fixed!
I'd get the login page, then it would go to bad gateway error. For about a month. I'd just about given up, then I noticed the status updates which explained a kernel build error, or something. They key takeaway was an issue that was being worked on; I didn't need to store the technical details in long-term memory, so didn't.
No worries - I'm sorry the problem was so pronounced, I believe the issue showed much more for some people than others, it took longer than I'd like to really be aware of it.

Looking at the timeline, there were multiple issues going on at the same time, each one hogging resources and especially causing issues for loading up the network timeline.

I hope people will connect with so that if our site here isn't working well, I can get some quick feedback. I know it's an announcements account, but I'll take feedback anywhere I can get it. ☺

I have a crush on Eric Lofgren and his art. Got to chat with him once on G+. That was pretty cool. Anyway, I love that you can filter by him on DriveThruRPG, too. Fuck, he's prolific!

That about covers it. Ironic, we're sharing this via social media - doing the exact thing it suggests we don't really need to do. (Both spreading and consuming.) Shrug.
Well, getting people to restrain themselves from polluting our common environment in this way is likely to be at least as difficult as getting people to restrain themselves from polluting our common environment in more acknowledged ways.

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I also know a lot of people who used to be intelligent. Then they discovered the euphoria of chronic anger.

Let me get this straight, Montana's new Republican Governor wants to pass a law saying citizens can't sue doctors or restaurants where customers give each other COVID-19, because this new law will let him revoke the old law about having to wear face coveringa that prevent the spread of COVID-19? Oooh-kay. That's cattle country right? This is called "thinning the herd," I think. Fucking idiots.

English is a hot mess. Why is it "teak," but then "steak"?
That's rhetorical, but English is so full of such nonsense, it makes helping kids learn to read both amusing and nightmarish.
I mean, seriously, "lead" and "lead"? Ugh.
Oh my god, you guys are wonderful!!
See The Tough Coughs as he Ploughs the Dough by Dr. Seuss. ^.^

Right-wing loons too incompetent to get a job in the real world, use their charisma to convince idiots to send them to Congress, where competence isn't a requirement. (Yet-another bar Trump drove into the swamp - actually being qualified for the job - look at his SCOTUS picks - none of them should be there.)

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert She's a jackass. The irony is that the GOP feel the need to carey guns in Congress, "for safety," because the GOP have relaxed so many gun laws, and enabled/wncouraged so many white domestic terrorists, that the GOP (and everyone else, too) really are in serious danger. The GOP created the theeat the GOP now fear. That's called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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So, they're televising Congress giving gifts to the new President. I can see the right-wing blogosphere losing their shit right now about "pandering to libtards."
Except the tradition isat least four decades old. (Imagine what I'll find when I put effort into researching it.)

Personal responsibility, what a concept.

It's called "personal responsibility." None of the idiotswho stormed the US Capital on Jan 6 accidentally spent months worshipping at the cult of Trump, accidentally loaded up the car (or private plane, in at least one case), accidentally found themselves at a Trump rally down the road from the Legislative Branch doing their Constitutional routine of counting votes, accidentally walked over a mile to get to the Capital Building, or accidentally climbed a wall or smashed a window or otherwise found themselves inside a restricted building during a mob riot.

They had lots and lots and lots of chances to say "Hang on, this seems like a really stupid idea!" They didn’t, though.

They fucked themselves, and I'm all out of shits to give about it.
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Love it, love it.
Well, except it's not really fair to pink, or unicorns, but I accept the necessity of rhe color and symbol choice.
There, you have two avenues of thought meander down.

I know saying "sugar causes inflammation," and joint and mucle pain, is practically cliche, but I experimented on myself since October, and yeah, its true for me.

Good old Donald. You can always count on him to behave like a petulant, childish little prick.

I have an in-law, who is a first responder, and getting his COVID-19 vaccine information from TikTok. I fucking give up. Go-go Giant Asteroid.
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And these people honestly believe for an instamt that Trump gives a shit about them, and "should" pardon them.
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Holy fuck the sense of entitlement of Trump's worshipful flock. Even with my deep cynicism, I'm stunned.
Also, the sheer naivety to believe Trump gives a shit about them for even an instant. These people are so beyond foolish, it staggers the mind.

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Ironic that "real patriots" are the new domestic terrorists, ostensibly opposed to everything they are.

I have a bad feeling about the US Inauguration Day 2021. I strongly feel Speaker of the House Pelosi should be in California that day. You who know me from the G+ days, know I saw this shit coming. The next 10 to 20 years are going to be ugly, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train.

This is worth reading. A lot of useful information, although I find her narrative flow a bit unfocused (or maybe poor choice of focus methodology?). Anyway, still worth reading.

I'd say Trump worshippers can go fuck themselves and be done with them, except the fucking lunatics are plotting to fuck everyone else to satiate their damn martyr complex. Sucide bombers in the making. Bloody assholes.
no u r xtremist
@PersonMan m'kay. Sure. May your day be awesome, anyway.
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About 5 years late, I'd say. Americans tend to be head up their ass navel gazers, whining that other Americans are head up their ass navel gazers.
That's rather insulting. I wish it were incorrect.
We have a lot to improve on before we can honestly say we are a civilized society.
@Samuel Smith 😀
Good points, well said
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Dear Conservatives: Trump's worshipful flock just broke into YOUR Capital Building, disrupted the routine operation of YOUR government, wasting YOUR taxpayer dollars in lost productivity and required cleanup and repairs, and Trump DID NOT tell them to stop. At what point do you stop supporting Trump and his enablers?

Georgia Senate race is 50/50. No matter how the GOP screw Americans, the cult of the GOP persists. History proves being a cult worshipper never ends well.
I agree with everything you just said, and said beautifully.

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I'm looking at the Georgia Senate races and have come to the conclusion the Blue States need to secede, and allow the rest of the country tk disintegrate under their own self-absorbed, arrogant, ignorance-worshipping incompetence. We can allow certain cities, like Austin, to join the Blue Union, and we'll airlift supplies into them, like Berlin, during the Cold War.
It amazes me how easily people whip out the ban-hammer and block people. Fuck, just not getting wound up and ignoring people is so much more efficent, and you don't waste time being confused by missing chunks of a convo.
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What I'm saying, @betrayed by freesw is I see we have common ground, and politeness, and decent communication skills, so I think we can get along fine.

Hell, I even love your cranky coveralls 😀

BTW, as you said "I wish I was wrong more often," I used to blog, but when G+ died, I largely stopped. (They killed hundreds of value-added comments and conversations and it just sucked the wind out of me.)
Oh, point is, I left the blogs up so people might find them someday and realize "I fucking told you so." /shrug/ So, yeah, you're not alone, you know?

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It's interesting that while Trump has railed against social media, and the courts have (rightly) shut down his whiney bullshit, that anti-trust laws still apply, and frankly have some merit. This may not pan out, but since FB membership is literally 1/3 of the global population, there is a serious csse to be made.

Ironic, isn’t it? The "New World Order" may be here, and it's a corporation, not a gummint? Yeah, saw that coming.

Z.B. Wolf nails this and it needs to be repeated:
What ties these lies together:
1. President Donald Trump won't admit defeat in the election or missteps on Covid, creating a bedrock of inaccuracy;
2. The democratization of information on the internet enables everyone to publish their thoughts, even if they're totally made up;
3. As the country gets more tribal in its politics, people find satisfaction in blaming villains, regardless of facts.