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Reading about assholes hacking Ring cameras, then live-streaming how they scare the crap out of people in their own homes.

Hey, God, bring on the fucking Giant Asteroid already. This "human" experiment is over and done.

Hey Conservatives: Clinton is irrelevant. Obama is irrelevant. Biden is irrelevant. Trump is POTUS; fucking get over it already and pay attention to what Trump does, instead of getting distracted by people who are not relevant to what Trump does.

So apparently "Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper" is a thing you can pay money to own, and it IS NOT some kind of weird Medieval torturer device. Hm?

Substituting a cheese grater might be considered torture.

Humans are ruled by Emotion, and maybe, once in a while, sometimes bother to think. Exhibit A: Social Media.

A friend of mine helped me make a graphic to go with this, so I bloody well made a blog post, too.

Here's the graphic. Not sexy, but it works.

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I googled "bread crumbs as substitute for eggs in meatloaf," and found a thread where someone suggested mayonaise, and I stopped counting after the first 50 replies that said "mayonnaise has eggs." Some of those replies were months apart. The human capacity to make no effort to read, or listen, or even THINK, before shouting is insane.

It's nice to see so many memes today saying things i said years ago. It's nice that people have caught up with me, and i don't have to feel responsible for carrying that load anymore.

Icarus Rants

Really, we all own our own damn triggers, so let's not blame the outside world for pulling them for us, m'kay?

Coconut oil is about as magical and heart friendly as butter, so don't change your diet just because Karen from Facebook said so.

The sack of crap Kavanaugh cried - cried - during his Senate Confirmation Hearing. I mean, for fuck's sake - Sen McConnell and the GOP were there to to rubber-stamp Kavanaugh's appointment to SCOTUS - but the privileged little bitch when and cried about how he'd been picked on? When all he had to do was sit there and keep his mouth shut, and he'd get a job-for-life on one of the most important judicial bodies on the planet?


No wonder the American Bar Association and more than have the American people came out against the appointment of the little bitch.

And McConnell and the GOP rubber-stamped the whiny little bitch, right on schedule.

"Anti-science" is all part of the Neo-Feudalist agenda to return the world to the Dark Ages, of the peasant and the Nobility - two separate legal systems, where the Nobility could literally do anything they wanted to the peasants without legal repercussions.

What the Nobility always - always - forget is that the law is merely consensus agreement to behave a certain way, and "You're not allowed to do that!" is like a paper wall - no barrier at all to angry mobs with guillotines.

Yes it's Infinitely Dangerous!! Ignorance! False Belief!! Religion!!

The flat earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core?

Seriously? Stormy Daniels lawyer, Michael Avenatti, using exactly the same Tweet verbiage as Trump?

Okay, just to stay in theme with Trump-Avenatti, let me jump on the bandwagon, and comment on this action by Avenatti: "Sad!!"

I really thought the article was satire, but apparently Avenatti's Tweet is intended as satire - to lampoon Trump. What a f'ed up world we live in, where satire is literally indistinguishable from reality.
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The day someone like Gates, Bezos, Koch or Bloomberg dies in a mass shooting incident, then we will see real gun reform.
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"The popularity of materialism is founded on a confusion: somehow, our culture has come to associate it with science and technology, both of which have been stupendously successful over the past three centuries. But that success isn’t attributable to materialism; it is attributable, instead, to our ability to inquire into, model and then predict nature’s behavior. Science and technology could have been done equally
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Cleaning out FIL's email. He is definitely a "left-leaning" type, but he subscribes to various rwNJ email crap, mostly because some of his friends do. (He's that age group, after all.)

I sampled a few of the "right-leaning" emails, then spotted a pattern, and had to slog thru 80 to 100 more, just to make sure I wasn't imagining the pattern.

Nope, didn't imagine it. Every single fucking "right-leaning" email fell into one of two categories:

* Libtards are mean to conservatives/Republicans, and conservatives/Republicans/Christians are picked on;
* Libtards are crying because Trump shot down one of their pet projects.

Nothing about substance. Nothing about policies the conservatives/Republicans/Christians are doing to improve the world, unless "improve" means "making liberals cry."

"Making liberals cry" was seriously a part of what's important to the people who write this crap. Generally, the "pet libtard projects" killed were things of major benefit to the idiots reading this crap.

But, you know, fuck logic, because being angry and martyred feels so good.

Right wing strategists have tapped deeply into the widespread myth that to be a United Statesian means you have to be a rough and tough manly man, who kicks ass, kicks the dog, kicks the wife -- baddest badasses in the world. If you're not those things, then you're not a real American. There are a LOT of people on the right who believe these things. It's connected to guns, "rolling coal" with your diesel, and a bumper sticker that says "Nuke Their Ass and Take Their Gas". It involves calling those around you "wimp" or "woman" as if that was an insult. In their eyes, libtards are, by definition, soft, weak, treehugger types and definitely not American material.

It's utterly irrational and requires overlooking obvious facts every day, but that's the mentality the GOP caters to. It's a massive hoax that played on a common belief among right wingers that has existed for decades. Just listen to Limbaugh. His commentary is continuously laced with this manly man myth. Just reversing this alone will be a major project. There's a whole generation of young men who live and breathe this ethos.

Well said and well summarized

Socialism is based on empathy. Fascism requires lack of empathy.

You can fucking quote me on that.

Epstein committed suicide.
Why was he ALLOWED to commit suicide?
Arguing someone snuck in, murdered him, then there was a cover up requires an event chain substabtially more complicated than "Old white privileged pedophile is about to spend the rest of his life being raped by big men who don't like pedophiles chickens out of terror and kills himself, because someone rearranged guard rotation to make sure no one stopped him."
This isn't fucking rocket science, it's basic thinking most children can perform.

Well, @Icarus Anne Riley, we've seen over and over since 2016's election that the entire GOP, combined, can't think as well as most children. So their reliance on conspiracy theories isn't much of a surprise. :-(

You have just heard a "conspiracy theory." ("Hypothesis A")
Ask "for that to be true, what had to come before that?" ("Hypothesis B")
Repeat that question a few times to make sure there is a rational chain leading to Hypothesis A.
Then ask, "if Hypothesis B is true, what are the implications, OTHER THAN Hypothesis A?"
Repeat that question to ensure reasonable condequences have actually happened.
Repeat this until the "theory" either holds up, or falls apart from lack of credibility.
Most shit you hear collapses under this very basic model, because jumping thru hoops and Inventing contorted chains is bullshit, and reality dosen't really enjoy bullshit.

Jesus fucking Christ why why why are people so goddamn short-sighted and stupid?

Naked Ape Syndrome.....

I don't follow. I'm missing some context :(

Just a wild reaction... More dumb animal than thinking reasoning ...