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I simply don't like Jeff Bezos. I never have. He has good charisma and social skills, and blended intelligence and pure luck with a bit of ruthlessness, but I've never actually found him likable.

The world has gone batshit and can bite me.

Yes! Yes it Has!

Trump is still crap, and decent men don't talk like him

Unless you are in a role play or something like that talking like trump is being a complete jerk.

That's a wonderful view!
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If the best reason you have to own and carry a gun is "The 2nd Amendment!" then you're a fucking idiot, who hasn't bothered to think about why you want to own and carry a gun. "The law says I can!" isn't a reason; it's an excuse to avoid a tiny bit of introspection about why you feel like you need to do something.

And, it also really means that said "2A! Fuck you!" person isn't bothering to think about "You know, the fact I feel so afraid I need to carry a gun is totally fucked up. WTF am I going to do about the broken shit that makes me afraid, instead of just react to the fear by being afraid?"

Fucking look for the root cause, people. Then quit being so lazy you won't even bother to come up with a sane reason you want to do something, and then put some effort into fixing the root cause, instead of just accepting it and being afraid.

This isn't rocket science. "2A baby!" isn't a reason. It's a lazy excuse to not have to think.

What about free speech? ¬_¬

Seriously? "Free speech" is only for the picked upon white people, especially if they're rich. Rich white people are except from being called assholes when they act like assholes. Cha.

Then the problem is nor the free speech, is the racism, i think the same about guns, if you ban the private guns then the state (and other criminals) has an absolute monopolly over violence, and that is a problem.

Fucking "mass shooting" deniers can all fucking die. This blog post (mine) is two years old. Before G+ was nuked, I had a long string of comments. It's fucking insane more people are dying every year. There is no excuse people in the United States have accepted the concepts of getting shot, kidnapped or raped as "normal," and just things we need to deal with. Absolute bollocks.

Stop the world; I fucking want off.

Oooh, I see. When "conservatives" scream "Lock her up!" at Hillary, that's perfectly responsible behavior.
But when "liberals" shout "Lock her up!" at Ivanka, they're being mean and cruel.
When "conservatives" should "Send her back!" at Congresswomen born in the United States, that's reasonable.
But when "liberals" shout it at the First Lady born in Slovenia, they're being bullies.
Uh-huh. When hypocrisy is part of the core belief system, it means someone has shit for an ethical code.

Hypocrisy is the Republican Way (tm).

when Republicans castigate Democrats for using Republican tactics, consider the source
Dems, really, stop worrying about what Repubs say about you -- "eyes on the prize" be the rubber, not the glue

Yah. The reply needs to be simply "Yes, I've lowered myself to the bar you set during the Clinton years. Grow up."

783 live posts. It was a fucking good run

Yep :)

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That's exactly how i see this for ages. So many people feel inconsiderable when confronted with the mind-blowing giganticness of the universe. Some can't even stand it.
When i see the greatness of the universe i'm very happy to be a useful part of something so wonderful and feel elevated :-)

Turns out I'm Neutral Good, with Chaotic tendencies. I would have thought I had Lawful Tendencies, but there you go.

I"m Neutral Good as well. These were the top three other traits:
Lawful Good

Chaotic Good

True Neutral

I had NG, CG then LG. I didn't make note after that, other than my CE score was nearly zero

I ended up with True Neutral.

Just reminding people

Just trying to make the world a little less ignorant

Hey, look, I was right. Three fucking years ago.

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Ugh, turns out Trump isn't even committed to his racism - he's just a narcissistic opportunist
Trump’s Racism Is Feudal

Yep. And naive and arrogant enough to adopt that as some kind of compliment.

Women should get as far away from Oklahoma as soon as possible because Christian Sharia law is about to make their lives a living hell.

If Oklahoma state GOP Rep. George Faught has his way, rape will be on the path to being legal in the state. At least that’s what rapists are hoping for after Faught made a frightening statement on the subject during a debate on House Bill 1549, which restricts abortion.

For most of my life - call it 30+ years - I have not been able to fathom any excuse for any woman to vote for the GOP.

See also and
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The people at Cambridge Analytica who fucked with your elections and you future have names. They need to be held accountable for fucking you over.

Good Lord, I've lost track if all the reasons Trump should be impeached.
If anyone says "unprecedented" impeachment hearings against Trump, the response is "No, the GOP impeached Clinton for boinking an intern. Trump colluded with the Russians and nakedly flaunts the emolument clause of the Constitution."
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Just so we're clear: the GOP-stacked Supreme Court just said "Sure, Donald, you can take TWO BILLION DOLLARS away from Military Veterans to build a wall that doesn't need to exist and won't solve any problems!"

Yes, that's the court where Mitch McConnell said "Obama can't have the highly qualified candidate he is Constitutionally entiteld to, fuck the will of the American people," and then immediately flip-flops and says "But, Trump can have the even-the-Bar-Associaton-says-he's-unqualified, fuck the will of the American people!" appointment.

So, I've been advised that apparently even "Well, after caring for his Alzheimer's ass, in my spare bedroom, for six months, caused me to suffer chronic and recurrent temporary insanity, so in a mere moment of soul-crushing exhaustion, I committed a completely provoked yet spontaneous crime of passion, see?" still wouldn't fly as a murder defense.
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might try the insanity defense though...

I'm stress eating. I'm going for The Twinkie Defense

Twinkie defense - Wikipedia

"If you'd have lost your shit if Obama told Congress to fuck off about seeing his taxes, then you need to lose your shit that Trump is telling Congress to fuck off about seeing his taxes, or admit that your a hypocrite with a double standard."



Even more than "make people want to impeach Trump," I want the six (or so) House investigations into Trump to expose every rotten bit of shit Donald and his clan have done. I want every cockroach and turd unearthed. I want all of it laid bare, so that I can hold it up in front of the Trump worshipers and say "Now, you understand if you still want to defend this, then you're admitting you've throw ethics and law down the toilet, in order to feel good about worshiping Trump, right? Reality is calling, you can grow up and be and accept reality, or continue to be a jerk and hide in your fantasy world. Please choose to grow up, so we can start working together to fix problems, instead of arguing about whether or not they exist."
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I hear ya! The cult of these fools must come to an end. I hope that by us doing our part we help.

I don't have a horse in this race with him (I live in Can'tada) but, we have our own tools up here identical to him and all in that religion/cult mindset.

We focus too much on the assholes who get elected, and not enough on the morons who vote for them in the first place, and even less on the shitslime doing the mindwashing behind all of it.

Well, that's what dumpie wanted down there - he got his nationwide tv show, paid for by someone else. He writes, directs it himself and the citizens produce it without any producer credit.
Thing is, we HAVE been focusing on the people who do it - but, facts don't change minds. I'm thinking if shaming them won't work then unfortunately, it's gonna come down to ye olde fisticuffs. And that ain't good either.
But, how do we get rid of the men behind the curtain? Gotta find 'em first. Then we can take it back.