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I've never really liked Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, and he's on Fox News right now blowing his horn and schilling for Trump. Lindell is dripping "sleazy opportunist" all over. Ick.

Last I read he is under investigation for fraud.

"Can you please make your mom stop walking around in just her diaper?"

I really don't need this stress in my life right now.

I feel ya... we reached a point that we could not keep caring for Mother at home and her be safe. She finally made the decision to move to a senior living center.


Making the world a better place

So, Lex is a genius, and you should look into her work. Both as pure artwork, but as someone who understands the power of social media to make a positive difference in the world. Recognizing that celebrity is both powerful and fragile, that people who look up to her are gifting her their energy, so she uses that gifted energy wisely and generously. Anyway, she's got a new project, and it's a beautiful one.



Guns don't make you special

I hear a lot of people say bloody stupid things about guns. I mean, some of these people don't even own guns!



I have real mixed feelings on this "federation with other social media" systems thing. I can see lots of comments and threads written elsewhere, e.g. Pluspora, but I can't "Like" or comment, so the "added-value" is about as useful as being able to watch movie trailers in a padded cell. I can't see the entire movie, and I can't discuss it with anyone. Pbtfthttt.

Lmao. It's not all it's cracked up to be. The downside is people come to you constantly with their shit that doesn't work -- can you fix this? Hahahaha.

@Icarus Anne Riley
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Y'know, I'm really liking Friendica. But this lack of thumbs up/down, etc., on Diaspora and Pluspora needs to get fixed ASAP. This is not okay. There has to be a way to fix this,


Measles is killing children in 2019

I wrote this rant about measles a while back. I'm dropping links in the Comments section about measles outbreaks in 2019. Measles was effectively eradicated decades ago. But, you know, thank goodness for fucking idiots killing children by resurrecting dead diseases. Wheeee.

Because those dummies do not have the brains to get their kids vaccinated!


GOP gaslighting

So, the GOP Congressmen whine "How can we trust you, you convicted liar" at a guy who is going to jail for lying to Congress.

In other words, they want us to believe he is so inconceivably stupid to risk more jail time, by lying a second time, to the same government body.

In other words, they do not want us to understand reality, by mucking with our grasp of reality.

This is gaslighting. The GOP don't care about anything except power for the GOP. To believe otherwise is stupid.

I'd say they care more about more power for wealthy people, many of whom are in the GOP. But maybe that's nitpicking.

Not nitpicking, you're absolutely right. The entire function of the GOP during my entire lifetime has been "power for the sake of power," and consequently the only people now drawn to join the GOP (not merely worship the GOP, but actually get off their asses and run for office as GOP) are morally bankrupt, "power is the only thing, and the GOP is easy power" minded scrumbags.

@Icarus Anne Riley

There are also people who feel their lives and livelihoods are being taken away from them by kindly, smiling people who preach love and tolerance of atrocities and murderers. They see videos showing smug ethnic people stomping all over everything they love. They struggle to keep their job and feed their family, and feel powerless to stop these big-toothed smelly barbarians at the gates. Honestly I can't blame people for joining a party seeking power. Power is a good thing. It's how you do stuff, how you help yourself, how you help others, and how you realize your dreams. This campaign to get people to disdain power, and reject it since they fear it will corrupt them, that's what seems like propaganda to me.

I think the GOP and the Democrats in the USA both succeed at misdirecting people away from the true enemy: rich assholes who are robbing them blind. There's always something else to endanger us, whether it's low-income powerless males, or diaboli... show more


Trump still bigger asshole than Smollet

And in the "obvious" category, Donald Trump is still 1000x the attention whore fucking idiot that Jussie Smollet is
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Zak Smith in deep shit

Shit gets real for Zak Smith this week. People been talking about this guy's dirty skeletons for years.

For example, me talking about it two years ago. Of course, with the Google people nuking G+ and the APIs, there are no meaningful comments (and extensive value-added commentary) on the post, but whatever.

I'm so fucking depressed G+ is dead. Sigh.

Zak Smith?


Crazy meter is full

My crazy meter is full. Surrounded by people who are legitimately mentally ill, and I'm working to help, and trying to talk to some family who probably wouldn't be diagnosed, but their responses are so wrapped in religiosity and dredged up projected twitch-happy butthurt, it's hard to tell if they are sane or not.

Sounds tough. I'd hate to have to care for the mentally ill.

It ain't easy, and I would never do it professionally.

What kind of gun is this? Is it worth crap? I'm far from an expert, but that thing looks like something built to look cool, while being dirt cheap to mass produce for people too dumb to distinguish "looks cool" from "actually useful."

Quick Tips on Using Friendica (a fully featured free alternative to G+)

Now that we are seeing some glitches in G+ that imply the shutdown appears to be starting, I've had a lot of questions from people looking for a new home. Friendica is a free solution that does all that G+ does and m
... show more

Quick Tips on Using Friendica (a fully featured free alternative to G+)

Now that we are seeing some glitches in G+ that imply the shutdown appears to be starting, I've had a lot of questions from people looking for a new home. Friendica is a free solution that does all that G+ does and m
... show more


Batman is batshit crazy

Always be Pepper Potts :-)


I love body paint


Nice to see this platform likes to grab boob pix, same as FB and G+. Think the code is all written by men?

A brilliant piece breaking down exactly how Trump controls his worshippers. (And more, but my point is how it explains Trump.)


New blog post

In 2019, Democrats call for Democrat Virginia Gov. to resign over a 35 yo picture. Meanwhile, GOP ran and defended white supremacists in 2018. If you think "both parties are the same," then you're a fucking self-absorbed idiot hiding your head in the sand to congratulate yourself for being too lazy to pick a side.

If you think "both sides are the same," then you are enabling white supremacy and you are poisoning America and the world with your childish laziness, and unwillingness to act like a grown-up and make a choice.


See also - I registered it years ago, but haven't used it because or conceals the full URL. But I'm looking at porting the blog to a new host. - ditto
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This will take some time to get used to the new editor. Lots of tools, but built by nerds, for nerds, so not idiot-level intuitive. :-)


So, I'm here

So, I'm here. We'll see what we see. Meanwhile, here are other places to find me, as long as this link lasts, anyway.