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There is no way Amazon's primary revenue stream remains selling physical objects. They have way too many digital services now that have to be worth a lot more.

I love D&D. This is a fun read.


Awesome perspective

Chris Hallbeck - 2019-06-16 16:34:26 GMT
Happy Father’s Day.

And in today's news, Donald Trump is still a vapid wanker, completely unqualified to be President, and tens of millions of Americans continue to blind themselves to this obvious truth, because they're afraid of life, and want The Donald to be the superhero who saves them from imaginary enemies.

But, you know, Same Shit, Different Day

Yep. Unbelievable. Only not so much. 😒

Here's a good use of social media. Stop letting greedy bastards hide behind paper entities ("corporations") and hold them accountable for their actions. It's called "personal responsibility." Want to head a huge global corporation? You get to own the downside to your decisions, too.

It's a funny thing. Some people call this "doxxing," but is it? These people manage huge corporations, and their identities and actions are largely public record, already. There's a difference between calling wealthy, influential people, who are largely public already, to task for their actions, and exposing a largely private individual with the intention of having them targeted and endangered.

I don't feel bad when people who cause harm-for-greed have the course of their lives changed as karma for their actions.

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You cannot break a perfect system, by applying to all of it's own rules. You have to decide carefully, what is worth breaking, and what is not.

Works for me. He's got the style to pull it off, too.

"We've moved beyond the idea that women wearing pants is a problem. Women wearing pants is powerful, it's strong, everybody accepts it, and it's associated with the patriarchy, it's associated with being male. The minute a man puts on a dress it's disgusting, so what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I'm not doing that anymore. I'm done with that. I'm a man in a dress and if I feel like wearing a dress I'm gonna wear one." - Billy Porter

He was amazing in Pose.

Not my thing, but hey like you said @Icarus Anne Riley he does do it with style. Besides, if that isn't a living example of American freedom, what is?


Ah, Affluenza

Good ol' affluenza. I read this, and I think "The parents sued the high school over math grades. Once word of that got around, NO college would want this kid, because her parents are entitled assholes, who would be a nightmare to put up with."

In other words, the kid got rejected by 13 schools because of her parents. Her parents need to grow up and accept that they are responsible for their own actions, which "ruined" their kid's future.

"Affluenza" isn't an illness or condition, unless you see it as a manifestation of narcissism and sociopathy. Hm, maybe it is?...
affluenza special snowflakes
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Medieval Weaponry

I've got two new posts up at my "You Decide" blog. I've been toying with D&D this week, and looking for inspiration in "unusual" weapons, so been watching vids on the 'Tube. Decided to highlight some that seemed really useful. That is, informative without the MTV-style flashbang editing.
Icarus Blogs

You need to use more hash tags on your posts. A lot of this stuff is too good to hide. :)

Every day is "off the rails" when you live with someone who has dementia.

One of my all time favorite compliments

Just as a reminder...

I am worst thatn hitler and mao :-P

Well, now if only the US would just fucking switch to the metric system, like the rest of the educated planet, shit like this wouldn't happen.

Yeah, but hey, at least we have jokes like this


Okay, that is funny :)

So, two things. First, I discovered the identity of this model I used for a character I made. Ryan Ashley Malarkey was on Ink Master and its spin-offs. I've updated my blog page with this information.

I also got tired of blogger not automatically converting URLs to hyperlinks. so looked that up. In a nutshell? Write the HTML code out by hand. What a farce the way the Google people just don't give a shit about their social media properties.
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To do a hyperlink in Blogger, you have to actually write out the code. The Blogger web interface doesn't have hand tools, like Friendica does, to make it easier.

Here's a good instruction sheet on writing the code.
<a> HTML Tag

Here's a good instruction sheet on specifically how to do it with Blogger.

How to Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment

I have successfully thwarted the migraine. Back to conquering the world.
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I'm just so angry at humanity for being so bloody stupid.

You discovered the Sun in the sky XD

I think the service just told me I don't have any friends. Sigh. That's okay, I suppose, since the primary function of "social media" is to broadcast noise, anyway :)

(Consumption is incidental.)

Sorry, who's "the service"?

Friendica, et. al.
I'm being silly. I'm sure I just read some kind of normal message wrong, and ran off on my own mental tangent :)


Americans must accept that none of these things ever happened

By Dana Milbank
Oh no, he didn’t.

I believe President Trump when he says “I never called Meghan
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They won't. Fake news. And if they do, they'll say it's not only fine but great because Trump is great. So strong is their racism, xenophobia, and fear.

Once you get out of urban America, Trump has the women on his side, too. I'd say 3/4s of the women I've spoken to here in West Virginia over the years feel that they must have a man in their life to tell them what to do. That's how they're raised. And the men are raised to fill that need. Without a man, they're lost.

This is the old school culture that's unimaginable to a modern urban woman, but which was universal until maybe 75 years ago.

Trump says so many lies, anyone can find some words to believe in. Ultimately, the fault isn't with Trump, but what people choose to believe. Trump is pulling the same shit religious leaders have since the dawn of time - find what people *want* to believe, give them a reason to *believe* it will happen, and they will follow you, reality is irrelevant.

Exactly! Trump would get zero traction unless there are people who want to hear what he says. That seems to be about half the population. So, we've got a yuuuge problem that can't be fixed in less than generational time scales. Trump is just one guy and all he did was give those people a voice. He made it okay to be a bigot, racist, fascist, or xenophobe, and he made it okay and even a good thing to be an ignorant ass.

Americans have been getting brainwashed and trained to be mindless serfs for generations. Trump merely swept in and exploited fertile ground laid by someone else. That is to say, Trump merely did what Trump always does.

The upside is that he exposed the systemic rot and willful idiocy prematurely, potentially creating an opportunity to excise some of the cancer and disease before it got irreversible.
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Indeed. He exposed it as much as is physically possible, so that's good. But, I have little confidence that anything will be done about it. I think it's already irreversible.

Way back when I was a kid, I got interested in Chernobyl. A neighbor worked for a nuclear company and got a copy of the official Soviet post-mortem report. Dated 1986 or so.

No CIA there. Not even Soviet politicos. Just normal people trapped in a "cover my ass, don't draw attention" bureaucracy making poor decisions at the wrong time, setting loose a chain reaction.

There was no terrorism. Just normal human stupidity.

I fucking hate it when people try to rewrite history.

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Dementia and Personal Freedom

So, turns out that in the US, a person can be blocked from signing contracts "because he can't understand the consequences of his decisions," but CANNOT be stopped from leaving a care facility, becoming homeless and dying on the street simply "because he can't understand the consequences of his decisions."

Why? "Personal Freedom, Baby!"

American priorities are a fucking mess.