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This has become a "give them an inch and they'll take a yard" problem: much of the NRA membership thinks that anything less than an increase in power for second rights advocates equals a loss.


Looking at my WA state ballot. I count for Gov 11 Republican Party, 4 Trump Republican Party, and 1 Pre2016 Republican Party candidates.

Well, at least
1) the GOP are fragmenting to Hell, finally;
2) some people are recognizing Trump doesn't represent anything properly American.
Huh, that's interesting. I didn't know there were flavors.


Few people know the Deep State had an IPO in 2013. It was very hush-hush. Trouble is, they lost control, and now Soros owns 8%, Rothschild owns 14%, and the Illuminati own a whopping 71%. The Truth Is Out There.
Snort! ....yeah.... WAY out there.
Where are you getting this information? That said, I didn't think this was possible. Though I guess a malevolent multi-national organization is still a "business". Kind of like the military industrial complex; which, of course, is a conglomerate of huge corporations.


It's official. State Farm confirms I'm a really mind-numbingly boring driver.
What's that? The last sentence put me to sleep before I could finish reading it. :^D



It's nice when someone can eloquently put Stupidity in proper perspective.


2020-07-30 17:56:01
Ignore Bill Clinton. Read Stokely Carmichael.


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That is a particularly brilliant quote.


Washington state - where it appears SARS-CoV-2 may have entered the US - is 21st in total cases, and 28th in per capita infections. Because face covering fucking works at preventing the spread of disease.

Well, now that you mention it, I do have a highlands claymore that's taller than I am. I bet that'd make people think about distance.


It's amazing how many people - the kind who would throw punches at greeters - fail to grasp that basic concept that just because they're allowed to walk thru the doors, doesn't mean they have a "right" to be allowed to do so.

We saw the same thing when Target stores decided to ban guns in the stores - ammosexuals lost their shit about their "rights being violated" - and nope, it comes back to the store is private property - no one got any right to do WTF they want, be it guns, masks, shirts, shoes or diapers on their heads.


I just got asked a survey question about what my biggest worry about the United States is. You know, the usual bullets "Education," "Crime," "Healthcare," pedestrian pablum.

So, I clicked "Other" and filled in the box with:

"That the GOP are running actual Nazis and sexual predators as candidates and defending them"
That's a pretty good answer. Punchy, brief, to the point.
Thank you for the compliment! @smellsofbikes that's me to a "t" :)


I have a new post up on one of my blogs. I was playing around with my friend's HeroForge account this week, and holy shit do they have some cool toys!


Tacoma has a month-long Gay Pride festival? Sweet!

I'm thinking the fact i didn't know shows just how gay I'm not. Ha. (I have it on good authority that "experimenting in college" doesn’t count, no matter how much fun it was.)
Experimenting in college means you're somewhere in the middle on the kinsey scale, at least.


3 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States. 130,000 people died from this disease in barely five months. That's an average of 26,000 people PER MONTH, or, put another way, COVID-19 is killing Americans 10 times faster than our sexual need for firearms.

USA! USA! We're number fucking uno!

What a fucking mess.
We're always the best. The question is at what?


Welcome to the United States of "You think that's a pandemic? Hold my beer!"
57,000 new COVID-19 cases in one fucking day. Happy Independence Day to us, indeed.
Yeah, I'm quite happy right now that I don't live in god's favourite nation.


At least two house parties yesterday, within theee blocks of where I live. Each party had 20 or more people, including kids. One of the parties had a bounce house in the front yard. It's stupid for adults to risk their lives to a pandemic. It's a whole new level of offensive to callously risk their children.

Just as a reminder - COVID-19 has about a 5% fatality rate. Or, out another way: Roll a d20, on a 1, you die.
They're relying on knowing that for young kids the mortality rate is down in the 0.2% range, while ignoring that for those kids' grandparents, who the kids may be meeting in the next five days, the mortality rate is way higher than 5%.
@smellsofbikes yeah :(
Assuming they even believe the virus is real. We know a lot of people who have gotten tested for it, but only a distant cousin who so far ever tested positive (that was in April, before anyone really knew to be scared to death, and it was really mild for them, and thankfully they recovered).
Point being for many people, it isn't "real" - it's just some news noise far away.
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The only reason protests in the US "stopped" is because cops stopped tear-gassing white people.
All the underlying issues of institutionalized racism, militarization (physical and psychological) of police, a white supremacist movement openly trying to "ignite the race war," and a political right increasingly adopting fascism as procedure, are still there. Only the tear gas changed.
Let that sink in.
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Me: "Cool! I actually have a few minutes before I have to leave for my doctor appointment. What to do? What to do?"
Spouse: "Put on your clothes."
Me: (looking down) "Fucking pandemic."


My Paladin has hit level 4. This makes me happy. Never played a Paladin in my life.
When I try to talk about D&D I always have to thin of film. I had so many bad experiences with GMs that are too bound to the rules. D&D is to me more boardgame than roleplaying game. But the right people it still can be a lot of fun. My very last D&D char was a barbarian pitfighter. Pitfighter? Yeah, think of him as a mix of Hulk Hogan and Conan. In every battle I tried flying elbows, powerbombs and bear hugs all over and my GM was cool enough to say "okay, just roll anything and we will see what happens".

Other roleplaying systems like Black Eye or Star Wars D6 or even Shadowrun are more free to do what you want. That's what I really appreciate.
Nice you finally got a better GM :)
Indeed. I have a current group that harmonizes very well.


Death threats are never appropriate. Don't act like some dysfunctional mental patient.


Trump and his people are such shit


An excellent breakdown of racism in the US and why the protests against racism and police brutality are important.

YouTube: Police: Last Week Tonight (LastWeekTonight)


I come here to learn shit about shit I don’t need to care about, because caring about learning shit is relaxing. I mean, fuck, I'm learning about bicycle logos and the distance to Jupiter in inches, and weird philosophical-esque debates about number presentation, that require me to go find a dictionary. You people use your fucking brains. God, I love you people.
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Yes, browsing G+/Pluspora posts has been like getting free "learning lotto" tickets.


White America doesn’t actually want white supremacists or ammosexuals running around. We tried to ignore them, because not ignoring them meant accepting uncomfortable truths about reality, but they wouldn't stay under their rocks. Now, like all cockroaches, it's time they were smashed.

Is this going to get ugly and bloody? Fucking yep. Am I willing to die as part of smashing these fucking cockroaches and leaving the world a better place? Fucking yep. I'd rather not, but sometimes I really can read the tea leaves, and I've given this a lot of thought. Maybe tomorrow I'll share more of them.
Yes. It's going to get worse before it (hopefully) gets better!


"Shut your bark hole!" would be funnier if I wasn't yelling it at the dog.


"Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)"
For the record, I'm in Seattle, it's a fucking block party. Any asshole screaming about "lawless gang rule" is a fucking Kool-Aid slogging tool.
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@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ), heh. I didn't want to come out and say it, but now that you have, yeah. There isn't much separating common criminals and police officers anymore, is there? If it weren't for the uniform we'd have no way of telling them apart.
Unfortunately, there's truth to that. In Guatemala, part of the drop was because of police involvement in crime. The other was that with no police at all, criminals were well aware that the whole population was awake and watching. Alert. And in Guatemala, a crowd of people will act against a criminal. For serious offenses, you'd better pray the cops get there fast enough to save you from the crowd. Standard method of dealing with nasty fuckers is to hack you a few times with a machete, douse you with gasoline, and light you up. Soooo, there is that. No cops -- you better behave yourself.


This is EXACTLY why I have disliked Trump since even before #. Trump-worshippers like to chant "Oh, you just listen to libtard media!" and it baffles them when I reply "No, I listen to Trump himself! Do you?" It confuses the fuck out of them to ask if they listen to Trump, because clearly they don't.


spread of COVID-19 across the United States, with graphs you can manipulate to view points in time


Congress: End Police Militarization and Over-policing in Our Communities Now.

"1. End to the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, which fuels the militarization of law enforcement by arming local and state police like soldiers. Weapons have no role in the policing of our communities or protests, especially military-grade weapons;"

"2. End to the COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) grants that put excessive numbers of law enforcement on the streets and in schools, where they have proven to be dangerous and divisive;"

"3. Reigning in of Byrne JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) grants, as long as they continue to perpetuate police violence, the destruction of Black and Brown communities, the failed drug war, and low-level arrests."

# #


Stupidity is the most powerful force in the universe. History proves this.

I could totally get into Rat's solution. I'd probably pick "Going Postal" or "Making Money" by Terry Pratchett. Much more subversive than you'd expect.

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A coupon for store brand pork rinds? That just feels so triple trash.