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W-2 time again, so let's recap:
* Cost of employer-sponsored health plan: 25% of gross wages
* Cost of all taxes withheld: 10% of gross wages
Capitalism - wheeee!
Fucking bullshit. Give me single-payer universal healthcare so we can fucking join the civilized world, already.

The answer is not single payer universal healthcare. The answer is multi-payer universal healthcare. It is multi-payer universal healthcare that is successful in other countries in Europe and Israel. Single payer failed.

For the US, fixing Obamacare by adding the non-profit public option and drug price controls achieves multi-payer universal healthcare for ALL Americans. The economic and jobs impact of multi-payer universal healthcare is positive because the non-profit public option forces private insurance companies to compete which keeps prices under control. This was originally part of Obamacare (which in the 90's was Hillarycare) but the Republicans and Independents are the ones who blocked the public option.

Single payer allows prices to skyrocket forcing citizens to cover costs like they do in Canada is >50% tax burden. Even with those high contributions Canadians are having to go without adequate healthcare. The lack of competitive salaries for medical personnel in Canada forces them to come to the US to work for higher salaries and benefits.

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Bought my first TV in like a million years. Going to take some time adjusting to the "hyper real" of how weird 4K looks.

I think you'll adjust real quick. lol

Bought my first big screen 4K TV. I feel so all growed up now.

Excellent! Whadidyaget?

I got a big and pretty TV and it better fucking last another 10 years, for what it cost. Argh.

Hang on, I have to go find the box.

"Abuse of power... is not an impeachable offense." - Alan Dershowitz
Da fuck?? I think the signers of the Constitution are preparing to rise from the grave to beat the shit out of Dershowitz and 60million fucking American idiots.

Yeah, that's a steaming pile of shit he released.

"Abuse of power... is not an impeachable offense." - Alan Dershowitz
Da fuck?? I think the signers of the Constitution are preparing to rise from the grave to beat the shit out of Dershowitz and 60million fucking American idiots.

Well, if that abuse of power results in subversion of the Constitution (as McConnell is trying to do) it meets the definition of sedition, which is most definitely an impeachable offense and a felony that can carry the death penalty.

Dershowitz is trying to lay some groundwork here. It's much like negotiation. You begin by asking for something outrageous and then negotiate back from that. I've used the tactic, it works. You always end up much farther ahead. Negotiating upward is hard.

Yeah, you can expect Dershowitz and the rest of the dream team to blow smoke up everyone's ass for the next few weeks. #

Funny how looking at civilizations throughout history, including today, none of them ever seemed to have really achieved "civilized."

Matriarchal insect colonies are very civilized.

Yes, HRC won the # pop vote, but 60 million people threw ethics and common sense down the toilet and voted FOR Trump. The Electoral College is a mess, but changing the EC won't fix the root problem of half the voters being morally bankrupt, intelectually lazy, and confusing feelgood emo-wanking with using their fucking brains.

I get your point. However, I still see getting rid of the electoral college as a good thing.

My fav prescription drug disclaimer is "Don't use this drug if you're allergic to this drug."
I don't know if they're just stretching to fill some bizarre legal requirment, or if people really are that stupid. Either way, it's depressing in a really funny way.

Had some friends who spent $5000 of dead dad's money on a metal "vault," to put the casket into, to protect the body pretty much forever. I'm pretty sure their dad would have been pissed, since he worked hard to leave them that money. But, they were young, and his death was a total surprise, so they needed that emotional reassurance as part of saying goodbye.

Enough For Today, Bye Now

I'll leave you with some helpful funeral facts. The deceased don't care, so why spend thousands you don't need to?

When people tell me to support Trump because "the markets are doing great!", I like to ask them "And how has that helped you?"
Sometimes they get clever and say "My 401(k) returned 25% last year!"
And i ask "Is that enough to buy a car?"
Usually it isnt.

I feel like the best thing I can do for Meghan and Harry right now is just not give a shit about their lives.

I think you've joined a large group.

Ooooh, yes, definitely part of the large group that doesn't give a shit, but part of a very small group who actually put any thought into it. Most people don't know how to think, let alone can be bothered to make the effort.

@Icarus Anne Riley
Most people don’t know how to think, let alone can be bothered to make the effort.
Unfortunately all too true a statement. Although there seems to be no consensus on exactly how it is the USA seems to be so full of people who haven't bothered learning much of anything, I'm personally of the opinion that it's mostly a result of being complacent and lazy. With so many needs so easily met for a majority of the population, they simply can't be arsed to either learn or pay attention.

Of course, when shit gets rough, they're also the ones complaining mightily about how "the government needs to do something". That very same government about which they've bothered to learn little, done nothing much personally to assist, and along the way attempted to starve of funding because some greedy elites told them that was a "good idea."

M'kay. My investment funds have a 41% return for the last "1 year". I'm a careful, but casual, investor. Imagine how people with real money are doing? Imagine all that "money for nothing" they're getting. Remember it is taxed at a max of 15%.

The people with 'real money' are getting sick richer. We're just getting taxed.

Remember: People Are Insane.
If you keep this in mind, everything about your day will make more sense and suck less.

Yes....especially Republicans, CEOs and The 1%!!

"Neurodiverse." On the one hand, it sound "so PC," but on the other (and frankly, more relevant) hand, it also recognizes the reality that as humans, we are constrained far more by the biology of our brains, than by anything our "spirit" or "soul" might want to give a shit about. That is, perfectly wonderful souls can be corrupted by "broken" brains, and accepting that reality can potentially lead to wonderful improvements in medicine that may someday free these good souls from their constraints of biology, so we can all become the people we really want to be.

Neurodiverse -- weird, different, outside normal bounds...

I like how it's actually not taking a particular position. I've my views on which "side" goes stupid first, or more frequently, but Reality is that Stupidity is most powerful force in the universe, and doesn't give a shit about ideology, so it can infect anyone.

First you have to get their attention!


Incels -- a slang portmanteau of "involuntary celibates", are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. (Wikipedia)

Example Usage:

I'm pretty sure Ryan is an incel. Yesterday he made a facebook post about how all women are shallow and exist
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I'd like to thank @Erik Retallick for going a bit apeshit with the beautiful wildlife pix today. I'm still in a foul mood (for reasons), but his posts were the thing I had been missing to shift my perspective and be able to start letting go of the shit fouling my mind.

I've been sad for a number of reasons including the passing of Neil Peart (Rush's Drummer).

He was fun as Hell to watch in vids. Dude had like 80 drums or something during a concert, right?

@Icarus Anne Riley - Definitely fun to watch. Not sure how many drums. Tons! I think one of the few people who occasionally had a larger kit was Terry Bozzio.


So, apparently I exploited Lyft drivers 18 times in 2019 for a total of 134 miles. Bloody damn convenient, but I can't imagine Lyft is really much less shitty than Uber.

I didn't have any *too creepy* experiences, but I rarely rode alone. Most of the drivers were men, which frankly made sense. Decent people just trying to pick up extra money.

One woman driver sort of admitted she carried mace, brass knuckles, and probably a gun. She was a little vague about the gun, and I could tell she was feeling me out about my sanity level. That was oddly more creepy realizing how fucking risky letting random strangers into your car is.

One driver proudly displayed his cabbie license on the dashboard of his provate vehicle. I asked him about it, and he was licensed, but was getting more business now thru Lyft. But, you know, I actually did feel more safe knowing he'd out the effort into the vetting process to get that license. It is a professional license, so he wasn't just some random idiot, but took the work seriously.

I wish the licensed cab companies hadn't bee... show more

Sen Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have openly stated they don't want to call witnesses, and they will move immediately to dismiss the impeachment of Donald Trump.

In contrast, in 1999, the GOP-controlled Senate spent 36 days holding a trial, with witnesses, for President Bill Clinton.

The GOP don't give a fuck about due process, American law, or the American people. The GOP only care about power, fuck everyone else.

If you're cheering for the war in Iran, then put your money where your mouth is:
1) enlist in the Army,
or, if you literally physically cannot enlist, then:
2) call your Congress critter and demand tax rates be rolled back to Reagan-era rates to pay for the war.
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