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A lot of fun characters pop out of my brain. I'm particularly fond of this one. Got to play her a few times, and had a lot of fun, because we had a good group and told good stories.

COVID-19 - a microscopic virus with no intelligence - has killed 3 million humans. In 18 months. 1/5th of those deaths in the United States.

It is particularly galling when people dismiss things as "fake," simply because they don't understand them, don't want to understand them, and therefore want them to be untrue, so their fragile egos don't have to accept their own limitations (e.g. correctable ignorance, or incorrectable lack of ability) or poor choices (e.g. choosing to embrace ignorance, or embrace the lies of demagogue). Fucking snowflakes.

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Dear White People:
If a cop can legally kneel on a black man's neck for 9 minutes until the black man dies, then
A cop can legally kneel on a white man's neck, until the white man dies.
Keep that in mind - if you ain't a cop, you can be a cop victim, and your skin color don't mean shit.

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I want each of those Guardsman to lay on the ground and have a buddy kneel on his (or her) back for 9 minutes. And no matter how often said prone tough guy shouts "Get the fuck off me!" said buddy doesn't fucking let up for 9 fucking minutes. Show me how tough you are asshole.
Texts Show D.C. National Guard Celebrating as They Intimidated George Floyd Protesters With Helicopters #SmartNews

Whenever someone says
"Oh, yeah? Well, they're inflating the COVID death numbers! You can't trust them!"
I reply:
"COVID has killed people. Isn't that ONE too many?" *

Meanwhile, the US is quickly approaching SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths from COVID-fucking-19. WTF is wrong with people??

* And if I really need to beat them over the head, I continue with "Do you really even care about human life?"
"Make a libtard cry! Vote Trump!" was a real bumper sticker.
@Samuel Smith , I think you are on to something - but maybe more like USAmericans each think they are each individually the most specialist people, and everyone else should die.
Toxic individualism may play a part in this as well. Notice how most preppers stock up on guns and food. If disaster strikes, the guns will run out of ammo, the food will be consumed, and then they are left with nothing. But those that cultivate skills and friendships will never run out because that is what makes society possible.

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USA #1... being fucking self-absorbed barking ignorant.

India has overtaken Brazil as the second worst-infected country behind the United States...

That's just so fucking embarrassing.
I was initially drawn to you by your very cool username. 😀
Is that teen sprit.i smell

Ghostbusters Afterlife

Everything I read about Ghostbusters Afterlife tries to say it is funny like the first two, but every video I see from it reminds me of Gremlins and IT, not Ghostbusters. What have you seen?
Yeah, I could already rewatch them now.
I didn’t get much into the Gremlins sequels. But, that's a matter of taste 😀

@Doc Edward Morbius ⭕​ @Doc Edward Morbius
I love (and appreciate) you and your big brain 😀
Just wanted to make sure I said that to you.
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I liked Forbidden Planet. That one has actually held up over time.
@V. T. Eric Layton Both formats had problems. Jaz was notably worse, in frequency, expense, and data loss.

My secret agenda is to get people to use their damn brains. As you can imagine, it's a daily challenge.


For those wondering about the recent evidence of not-even-suspected-they-exist particles, here is a great primer. I loathe that the phrase "may change everything" is being bandied about, because that's overly dramatic, and gives armchair science-denying assholes an excuse to validate their ignorance.
@Kenny Chaffin love it!

followed by the most frightening word in science: "Oops." 😀
most frightening word in science: "Oops." 😀
Similar to the most frightening word while riding a motorcycle... OH, SHIT!

I've had similar conversations. Self-righteous indignation is zero excuse for not using one's brain and thinking at all before speaking.

"there is nothing the world hates more than an intelligent woman"

keep fighting. dont stop. fight harder. fight smarter

Okay, someone give me a thumbnail version of this Fediverse thing. I fucking want to Like someone's Pluspora posts, and can't, because I need another user account??
And if I got another user account (pluspora), would that integrate in anyway with this one (isurf?)??
Is there a better way to do this that I'm totally missing? There must be, right?
@smellsofbikes I'm tagging you, because this is your fault, anyway*. And you know a lot of shit. And I'm taking out my cranky on you, because I know you've got a sense of humor and will just laugh at it. But, you know shit, and maybe know this shit, so that's really I'm tagging you.

* for tagging Jennifer on my other post
@Jennifer Linsky doesn't show up here often at ALL, more's the pity. There are some settings in pluspora that restrict who can like or comment on your posts, and it's possible (likely) she has some of those set. (But presumably she will see this since I tagged her.)

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Figuring it Out

Remember, the best revenge against an uncaring universe is to wake up every day, and remind the fucker it failed again to stop you 😀

Ah, the GOP - party of "small gummint" and "states rights" except when they control the top office and want to bully everyone into "toeing the fucking line you pissant little shits!"
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You can't cure Stupid...but maybe a virus can kill it.

Among rural residents who said they definitely won't get vaccinated, almost three-quarters were Republicans or Republican-leaning, and 41% were white Evangelical Christians. Source

The problem, of course, is that their selfish, ignorant Stupidity puts their children and everyone else at risk from COVID-19, also.
@Icarus Anne Riley - My biggest side effect was pain and inflammation in the arm that the shot was administered. The only other side effect that I noted was muscles spasms in the opposite arm and hand as well as my neck for the first 2-3 hours after. I'm still having occasional spasms, but I'm not 100% certain they're related because 1) they're are not as intense and 2) I tend to get them once in a while anyway. Usually in my legs though.

I'm glad you got yours. It seems that southeastern VA got a plentiful supply starting this month. I was taken back as soon as I walked in the door and my temperature was taken. I was out 20 minutes later. Maybe slightly less.

I don’t normally advocate violence, but given that a fundamental principle of Nazi belief is that Nazis are allowed to slaughter anyone not-a-Nazi, whenever they feel like it, because Nazis are just that special, I consider punching a Nazi to be be de facto self-defense.

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Blah, blah, gun ownership, blah, blah.

Community-based groups cheered Biden’s decision to include $5 billion over eight years for community violence prevention programs in the ... infrastructure package he unveiled last week.

FINALLY someone is doing something about the fucking root cause issues.

Religiosity is toxic, and gets on my nerves. "Toxic Religiosity" could br a new phrase maybe? Like #ToxicReligiosity (i see #toxicreligion is already a thing)

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“The No. 1 correlating factor for whether you’ll get the vaccine is whether you voted for Trump.”

You can't cure stupidity - Axiom
...but maybe a virus can kill it. - Corrallary
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Disagree. Stupidity is too simplistic. These folks are an amalgamation of low-information, fear, evil and savagery.
@Richard Healy yes, you are correct, of course. There is "stupid" as in lack of physical ability to learn or comprehend, and "Stupid" as in unwilling to learn, worshipful of ignorance, putting emotional gratification ahead of maturity and righteously making poor choices.

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He's Investing in opposite of the former POS President!
@Kenny Chaffin yep. Trump saw the Presidency as free reign on the world's biggest cookie jar, and he took anything people let him.

A new post intended to spread the word about Martina at Nerdforge. She does some really cool shit, and is a real character - fun to watch!
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It's a Gun, Not a Condom: The Series Index

Own a gun; I don't care. Just don't be stupid about it. - Icarus Anne Riley

I found a "Louder" article on System of a Down and their song "Chop Suey!"
I had written a (very popular, it turns out) blog post about this ages ago, so added the link to the Louder article in the comments section of my blog post. (I'll also post the link in the comments here, for convenience.)
The Louder article:
The Story Behind The Song: System Of A Down’s Chop Suey!
By Dave Everley (Metal Hammer) a day ago

Bans, conspiracy theories and the shadow of 9/11 – System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian looks back on the most popular metal song of the 21st century

Yeah, see Adam had poor self-control issues, and made poor choices, then tried to duck personal responsibility for his personal actions by blaming someone else.

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So professional math nerds found a new set of prime numbers. Some other professional math nerds asked "what if?" And then asked "What if in base 31?"

And I'm all like "Why the fuck is 'Base 31'?"

And then I was all like amateur math nerd for an hour and loved it.
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I love, love, love that this post about math a one of my most Liked posts this month 😀

I love my circle of peeps here in the Fed.

My thought: "I don't recall seeing you in the history books. Fire me now or I'll be in tomorrow."

Here's my view on life
Is it wrong to have a hard look at the blue link text yet not click through? My opinion is that the attitude is in harmony with the link text itself -- and I wouldn't deprive you of the glory of having meant it to be so.

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216 is code word for 666 because 6 times 6 times 6 is 216.

Capital acts like mass in gravity. We know this seems to end in black holes. Tax is what can prevent it. Wartime solidarity enabled extremely high income taxes. Yet wartime is the wall of fire hiding just beneath the moral event horizon, is it not?
its not even tax that's the problem, its stopping the TAX BREAKS and the CORPORATE SUBSIDIES OMG

Because getting vaccinated is sexy, while wasting vaccines is not!
To turn the plot into porn... doesn't the many-doses vaccine enable better convergence of the respective frequencies of inoculations and, er, productive penetrations? In such a way that both would more naturally figure together in a long enough movie? Wins the name of the genre, vaccination porn, imco;)

OTOH, a porn-erotic movie could go fantastic and feature vaccinal versions of Typhoid Mary. That could be quite the twist.

Recent polls show that one-quarter of people in the US say they personally know someone who is transgender,

I've literally lost track of the number of transgender and gender-nonbinary people I know. Probably, because I don't actually give a crap what their gender is, beyond that being different makes their lives a lot more challenging than it needs to be. Humanity just needs to grow the fuck up about some things.
So they asked "if you know someone" rather than asking "if you are?". Suppose you will asked: " do you know someone of being at Ophra show?" 99% know someone who was.

Personally, I don’t think Gaetz was ever seriously under investigation. This whole thing smells like a fabricated controversy - a PR stunt by Gaetz, so he can claim victimhood, in preparation for his jump to Newsmax.
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More and more it's clear Gaetz is inventing (or exaggerating) a controversy to get attention.

It's really starting to smell like the FBI was "investigating" him as a routine aspect of some asshole he knew. Routine case open, nothing there, routine case close.

This shit stinks like Gaetz knows he didn't break the law, and the FBI won't pin anything on him, but gee, the mere investigation makes such a juicy opportunity to look picked on, then claim holy high ground when the FBI drops a case they would have dropped anyway.

Well, that's how it *would* have gone, but the asshole is now drawing so much attention to himself, everybody is digging thru his garbage, and he's such an asshole, it's pretty much guaranteed some skeleton will fall out of his closet.

Plus, he poked the FBI hornet nest, and made a routine investigation into a personal attack on the FBI. That never sits well.

Fucking moron brought this shit onto himself, and I think that's lovely.
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and Human Nature
so f yeah - Punch A Nazi!!!

Another one of those stories keeps my faith in humanity alive a btit longer #Parents