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It's just really sad and pathetic the shit these idiots congratulate themselves over. I mean, this entire page is just weak, lame, pathetic, childish, sad, and at the end of the day - it's a fucking marketing scam. Bleah. I need to scrub my eyeballs.

The worst part is the whiny bitches that confuse being called on their hullshit for being "censored" for spewing bullshit in the first place.

Let's not lollyfoot this: the people at The Federalist website are lying about changes to the ICIG whisleblower form. They're not "misreading it." They're LYING.

The House simply cannot impeach while the GOP-controlled Senate will lock-step refuse to convict. This isn't about ethics, for the simple reason that the GOP Senators have no ethics.

Pelosi know how to play the long game. She's going to keep the investigation focused on Ukraine, but jeez louise the number of cans of worms that whistleblower document opens up, and lines of inquiry now justified for Congress, the FBI, state AGs, and real journalists to start digging into. The more AG Barr and the DOJ tey to shutdown, the more questions get asked, the bigger rhe window into the cesspit grows.

True. They should do a full and thorough investigation. The committee will submit a full report to Congress then let the voters decide November 2020. No way will the senate convict him it’s just what he wants

If you get off on making other people cry - or worse, get off on someone else making other people cry - then you are seriously pathetic. Stop being a grade school bully and get a life.


Was trying to watch a video on a 1250-lb windlass crossbow, and this whiny baby got up in my face to tell me how special he is, and how he's soooo picked on, because, you know, he Stands for His Flag, and how some people (like those rude black football players who kneel during The Anthem) are mean to him.

Well, act like a dick, get called a dick. Confuse the meaning of "free speech" with your specialness to not be called a dick for acting like a dick, and get called a Stupid Dick.



A dick hiding behind the flag. How original!!

Yeah, somebody is funding a lot of that crap on YouTube these days. I get bombarded with right wing liars posing as wise political pundits. I'm sure most people fall for it.

So, who is paying for all this shit?

my word today is "whiffy." Everything is a bit whiffy today. Annoying? Whiffy. Frustrating? Whiffy? Uncertain, confusing, ambiguous? Whiffy.

Craptard Alex Jones getting his ass handed to him by the courts for being a lying sack of crap encouraging violence against those who lost their children.

And the rest of what I think of these "too chickenshit to deal with reality" "denier" asswipes

If we legalize prostitution, then the "incels" have no excuses anymore. They can "pay-to-lay" or admit they're just assholes.

Plus, the sex worker community can keep a database of clients, and any "incel" too skeezy even to get serviced by the "pay-to-lay" community is clearly a public health risk, and can be reported to public health services, and taken off the streets before he murders anyone.

This ain't rocket surgery.

Yeah .... sure .... legalize prostitution for better surveillance of people. Really makes sense to me......

wtf? ;)

(Here in germany is prostitution already legalized ...... does not help either, sadly.... except for the rights of prostitutes at least to some small amount..)

Sex bots are going to disrupt prostitution once they become more affordable.

Ah, the GOP "I'm the victim" strategy.
It's not that Pence's guy said the President requested Pence stay at a Trump property (Pence's guy did say that). Noooo, it's that the media reporting is "false."
It's not that Pence's team is making lame excuses (they are), it's that Democrats are "picking on Pence."
Vice President Pence, you and your entire GOP are a bunch of whiny babies, and the world is starting to smell your bullshit-filled diapers for what they really are.
Grow up and take some personal responsibility for once, Mr Pence.
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I simply don't like Jeff Bezos. I never have. He has good charisma and social skills, and blended intelligence and pure luck with a bit of ruthlessness, but I've never actually found him likable.

The world has gone batshit and can bite me.

Trump is still crap, and decent men don't talk like him

Unless you are in a role play or something like that talking like trump is being a complete jerk.

That's a wonderful view!
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If the best reason you have to own and carry a gun is "The 2nd Amendment!" then you're a fucking idiot, who hasn't bothered to think about why you want to own and carry a gun. "The law says I can!" isn't a reason; it's an excuse to avoid a tiny bit of introspection about why you feel like you need to do something.

And, it also really means that said "2A! Fuck you!" person isn't bothering to think about "You know, the fact I feel so afraid I need to carry a gun is totally fucked up. WTF am I going to do about the broken shit that makes me afraid, instead of just react to the fear by being afraid?"

Fucking look for the root cause, people. Then quit being so lazy you won't even bother to come up with a sane reason you want to do something, and then put some effort into fixing the root cause, instead of just accepting it and being afraid.

This isn't rocket science. "2A baby!" isn't a reason. It's a lazy excuse to not have to think.

What about free speech? ¬_¬

Seriously? "Free speech" is only for the picked upon white people, especially if they're rich. Rich white people are except from being called assholes when they act like assholes. Cha.

Then the problem is nor the free speech, is the racism, i think the same about guns, if you ban the private guns then the state (and other criminals) has an absolute monopolly over violence, and that is a problem.

Fucking "mass shooting" deniers can all fucking die. This blog post (mine) is two years old. Before G+ was nuked, I had a long string of comments. It's fucking insane more people are dying every year. There is no excuse people in the United States have accepted the concepts of getting shot, kidnapped or raped as "normal," and just things we need to deal with. Absolute bollocks.

Stop the world; I fucking want off.

Oooh, I see. When "conservatives" scream "Lock her up!" at Hillary, that's perfectly responsible behavior.
But when "liberals" shout "Lock her up!" at Ivanka, they're being mean and cruel.
When "conservatives" should "Send her back!" at Congresswomen born in the United States, that's reasonable.
But when "liberals" shout it at the First Lady born in Slovenia, they're being bullies.
Uh-huh. When hypocrisy is part of the core belief system, it means someone has shit for an ethical code.

Hypocrisy is the Republican Way (tm).

when Republicans castigate Democrats for using Republican tactics, consider the source
Dems, really, stop worrying about what Repubs say about you -- "eyes on the prize" be the rubber, not the glue

Yah. The reply needs to be simply "Yes, I've lowered myself to the bar you set during the Clinton years. Grow up."

783 live posts. It was a fucking good run

That's exactly how i see this for ages. So many people feel inconsiderable when confronted with the mind-blowing giganticness of the universe. Some can't even stand it.
When i see the greatness of the universe i'm very happy to be a useful part of something so wonderful and feel elevated :-)

Turns out I'm Neutral Good, with Chaotic tendencies. I would have thought I had Lawful Tendencies, but there you go.

I"m Neutral Good as well. These were the top three other traits:
Lawful Good

Chaotic Good

True Neutral

I had NG, CG then LG. I didn't make note after that, other than my CE score was nearly zero