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Shit lead by shit, shitting on everyone

And it STINKS!

I'm watching a documentary on US Prohibition. A Constitutional Amendment to outlaw alcohol failed and had to be repealed by another Constitutional Amendment.
A "good Christian nation" can't stop being drunk.
Yet, Muslims have stayed sober for 1200 years.

@WeirdWolf** - I don't really believe in sin anyway. Just good deeds and bad deeds. Benevolence and malevolence. Sure, there are shades of gray. Hardly anything is ever that cut and dry.

@Icarus Anne Riley - Now that's funny . . . and a bit sad.

Fools say: "You can't make pay for their health insurance!"

"Fine," I say, "make them pay for your's,"

"Really? That's great!" Says the fool. "How?"

And I smile: "Demand universal healthcare."

People are fucking idiots.

It's important to remind people that supporting Donald Trump makes Jesus cry

"In the real world, it is better to be consistently good, than inconsistently awesome."

Well, fuck.

@Icarus Anne Riley - I suppose that I haven't become that cynical yet despite being unemployed for nearly seven years now. I was generally good, but awesome was a rarity. Though I was known to go above and beyond my call of duty at certain jobs. Despite that, I was rarely appreciated by my supervisor.

Again, I think it was the inconsistency that was the problem. His pattern was "awesome, adequate, awesome, adequate, " where "good is better than adequate," and management didn't want adequate, and "not consistently good" confused them.

@Icarus Anne Riley - Yeah, I think I would prefer to be consistently good. Just good enough to get a consistent paycheck for the next, say, 15 years.

'I like Trump because he makes liberals cry!"
Not just a meme, but I've heard people actually say it, and mean it.

How pathetic are you that you support the bully, because he picks on the people that scare you?
You're like that pathetic fat kid, who follows the school bully around, laughing at everything the bully says, because that way he picks on you less than if you did anything else.

"I like Trump because he's mean to people."


It's more like Trump lied, cheated and stomped my last illusions, but i can't admit it without losing my face, so i pretend i'm amused by this

Pathetic fat kid pretending he's member of the bully's gang cause he carries their schoolbags

My only reply to the first statement is - Yes, and Jesus wept.

Beholders are such a cool fucking pain in the ass. This is a very cool blog. I once played in a low level (our average level was 2) game that had a beholder encounter. It had been neutered somehow by a wizard, so pretty mich only had sleep, telekinesis and biting. Still, it scared the crap out of us until we realized it was just a punk. Then we got cocky... so it still beat six kinds of Hell out of is. Awesome pain in the ass, beholders.

The function of social media is content creation. Content consumption - with attendant emotional sedation (and winding ourselves up because anger feels as good as laugher to the chem soup in our skulls) - is merely part of the life cycle.

In unregulated capitalism, humans are annoying. disposable and easily replaced with other annoying and disposable humans. In unregulated capitalism, cash and products are consistent, reliable, don't complain, do as they are told, and easily sold. Of course unregulated capitalism results in human death.

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But muh fri murkets, you are againt friiidumb if you dont let me enslave and kill for greed.

Humans are hardwired to what feels good in the moment. It's why we waste time on social media in the first place. Whatever nonsense we're commenting on feels good in the moment, even when we know we will regret the wasted time and emotional energy later.

In hindsight, I wish I had been a LOT more diligent about downloading images from remote sources before posting the to my blog. I didn't realize that "copy this image" from a web page actually copied a URL link to the image. So, now I look at my blog, and there are lots of borked images - because the original site moved them, and Blogger didn't ever actually replicate them to a local file source. Fucking lazy Google engineers.

as an aside, I read the piece. Hang on, let me see if I can recap this, because the shitstink is just too crazy for television:

1) running repeat-loser Navarro, who can't defeat Maxine Waters for Congress,
2) withdraws from speaking at a "free speech" rally of proud "pro-drug" chauvinists, because,
3) his ex-girlfriend "is sleeping" with the chauvinists (not to be confused with him dating her while he is still married), because
4) she threatened to have her new lovers beat him up, because
5) he said he would expose how the chauvinist's "pro-drug" stance really means their using cocaine (and it's probably not crack cocaine because "everyone knows" crack is only for brown people, which the Proud Boys most certainly ain't).

Oh, and two of the other speakers "not slimy enough" to speak for the Proud Boys are Pizzagate whackjobs?

I mean, seriously, "Proud Boys," how fucked up do you have to be that fucking Pizzagate assholes think hanging with you will make them look back? That's like cockroaches saying "Oh, no, you'll make me look bad."

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For those just drifting into my sphere of influence, here's a primer, just so we're all on the same page , and you can decide to stay or not :-)
About Icarus

Donald lies to veterans about what he's done for veterans. As a reminder, Donald has tried to steal $4bn from veterans to build his precious (and useless) wall. Donald got himself five military deferments for "bone spurs" while playing tennis in college. Donald exploits - and lies to - veterans, same as he exploits - and lies to - everyone else.

An oldie but a goodie, and still barking valid, as Donald embarrasses himself and the USA every day he poots in our Oval Office

Obsession? With Stupidity? We swim in Stupidity every day. We are buried in it. It tries to suffocate us. The worst part is Willful Stupidity, such as worshiping egomaniacs who openly mock - then nakedly laugh at - their worshipers.

We all have things that irritate us, and Stupidity is the one that I can't shut out, because it is a bit pervasive, like air.

Me? I like comic books, science, science fiction, and hanging out with friends. Friends are nice :-)

@Icarus Anne Riley +1000

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
- Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)

I cannot count the ways I loathe Donald Trump, and his entire morally bankrupt family. I loathed them way back when they were merely incompetent television celebrities, long before they were incompetent global embarrassments.

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Awesome perspective

And, ironically, yet-another way the "privitize America" movement is hurting America.

Don't you just hate it when something sounds better in your head?