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Another South African Beauty

Beautiful hunter from Marius Maritz in Port Elizabeth, SA. Handles are of Sneezewood (yep). Very light. N690 steel.

#knives #hunter #sneezewood #south africa

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Jamaica Bay

I've been enjoying my current (Facebook) cover photo so much lately, that I thought I'd edit it a bit and have it placed on a framed canvas. The last photo is the original unedited version so you can see what I had to work with. This was taken about 530 am on a Sunday recently on the Crossbay North Channel Bridge. The bridge connects Howard Beach, Queens County, NY to Rulers Bar Hassock aka Broad Channel Island which is the only inhabited island in Jamaica Bay. About 3000 people live there. (Wikipedia). If one continues driving south, you will eventually meet a second bridge leading to the Rockaways. The location is about a five minute or 1.5 mile drive from me and could easily be walked from my home.

One of the nicest things about this spot is the quiet. At this hour, there are often kayakers about, people fishing, walking, people doing Tai Chi and even some people of different religions come to baptize or pray by the water. And yet, with all this activity, it is quite peaceful at this time. The Cliff Islanders who read this will know that feeling. I'm so happy I have found a... show more
#sunrise #jamaica bay #gateway #broad channel #howard beach national_parks nature sunrise

Mongo's Coffee Roastery, Muttontown, NY

Kind of a craft brewery for coffee. Huge. 100 lb sacks of beans everywhere. I guess they distribute too. Coffee was excellent.

#craft #coffeehouses

#craft #coffeehouses coffee

From the Karoo in South Africa


A Wharncliffe set on a Lanny's clip frame with brass trim and burgundy burlap micarta slabs. Made for me by

#south africa, #wharncliffe, #slipjoint, #folder, #pocketknife, #karoo

Boker Camp Knife 1674

Six tools, Amboina burl scales

#amboina #boker #camp #knife #scout

User, Bruiser, Schmoozer

I like my original #copper #Natrix by #Kershaw so much that I got a backup and a slightly larger model with blue G10 and #carbon fiber, also a Natrix.

#copper #Natrix #Kershaw #carbon fiber Kershaw linerlock pocket_knives

Cobble Hill Rose

Saw this kind of wild untended rose bush growing in and around a fence in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn this morning.

A #Rose grows in #Brooklyn


Afraid of a dead man

What sort of person has such low self-esteem that he feels threatened by a ship named after a dead man? Well, I guess since: “I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan.”, he will want to find out who is responsible for this disgraceful smear to John McCain, not to mention the crew of his namesake ship and fire them. Right? Don't hold your breath. Personally, I'd take McCain in a hot minute over this boob.

#worst president ever #i like people who don't have heel spurs
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To be clearer, when I said I'd take McCain I was referring to french fries.

Agree. I can't believe it but I've been arguing the past few minutes with a Russian who is insisting, "show me one fact"! I cited the whole report and Mueller today.
Again, "where is the evidence?". I told him basically, in the report and in what we see every single day - not on RT or Fox! Meanwhile, someone wrote to chastise me for posting a picture of the church at Montmartre, saying it has evil history.
So... back to mantra, "context and perspective". I think people are stirred up, globally - here about Trump, EU about Brexit, elsewhere elections, weather & war.

!iSurf Support

Hi all! It's been a quiet little while around here but things appear to have been just ticking along nicely. Hopefully the current release candidate code doesn't disrupt that much, if at all.

If anyone sees any issues, please reach out!


Trudeau been brainwashed by the ignorant fool in the white house. shame. shame on Canada for not thinking independently. Unlike Chretian, where he prevented Canada to be dragged into an illegal unilateral usa initiated war against Iraq. Come on Trudeau, have some balls to stand your ground and oppose usa hatred for world peace.
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