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And now, for something completely different

#shabbat #folding #knife #challah #Jack
There's nothing for scale in the photo but it's big enough to be a challah knife, 10 inches when open. Actually, it's on a standard mouse pad. Barely fit in the frame.



Easy Open Jack by Tim Britton

I've taken a break from inflicting pix of my knives on you. Well, the party's over.

custom motherofpearl pocketknife


Thank Mate!

Can I just say thanks to @Ubuntu MATE for having a social presence on Mastodon? It is wonderful to see you on an open-source decentralized social platform. Thanks!
@Ubuntu MATE linux ubuntu ubuntu_mate


Stll no profile listing in global directory x 1 month.

Why do I never appear in the global directory? Everything is set as it should be on my end, I believe. It's been a month since I joined If there is anything I can do to help....

@Friendica Support
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View of a Svalbard Glacier

I took this while on a spring trip to the arctic archipelago of Svalbard some years ago. It is located about 650 miles from the north pole. A sign on a former telecommunications installation gives you the coordinates. Check the Wikipedia page for more info.




Kershaw's Natrix

Solid #copper handles. #linerlock #china
I love my traditional slipjoints, but this one is a favorite too.



Mental Health

@Olav ᚢᛚᚹ
I'm interested in your #MentalHealth group. Can you add someone from Friendica?


Northwoods Jacks

Northwoods jack knives. These are the toughest traditional slipjoint folders I've ever come across.
bone knives Northwoods
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two blade serpentine pen

Nice little old one I've had for a while. From a company called Graef & Schmidt / Welkut. Made in Germany approximately 1950's.Image/Photo
antique Germany knives mother_of_pearl pen
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Joan Jett immortalized by Gaetan Beauchamp

Damascus steel and hand done scrimshaw
Beauchamp Canada damascus Joan_Jett knives Quebec
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