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I've started being more liberal about blocking people. There's negativity that I can't avoid in other parts of my life, but online - asses getting blocked!
blick blocking online self care


You're calling the person gross looking!

I feel better and everything, right now.

glass job fair of the year?

the job fair sing pretty scarce in terms of people giving away free stuff, but I might be saying that as someone who's already collected a lot. of course it was a lot of candy, and it was catered with sandwiches and snacks like last time! I think this is the last one of the year, but if the next one is before I leave, I'll be there! Hopefully with more free food!

I was more constructive on my feedback survey this time, but on the next one hopefully I'll remember to add that they should give free bus tokens.
employment job fair local Minneapolis Minnesota

Text banking again for the first time and what feels like a week. It feels good to do something, but I do text Bank notably less than I used to. I still do it any day that it's available, but now I only do 1K per day. And I delay when I do replies.
mental health political text banking volunteering

Ruby Port forcing me to chill the fuck out about my stressful situation. I'm only stressed out because I care too much about trying to have a relationship with socially inadequate people.

A lot going on with thoughts and feelings, but keeping my friends near is important.

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Next global schoolstrike is on November 29th and in some countries December 6th. Please help spread the word! #fridaysforfuture


In Japanese "sex" and "gender" are the same word. Japanese doesn't have pronouns, and they refer to an new or unknown person as "that person".
gender lanuage pronouns sex

I'm not going to get away from penis dick culture in microsites. as much as they accommodate my personality and attention span, I'm all about that vagina culture. We just can't get along, can we?


I went to a place that was kind of like going into a private club. We have to know somebody to get in. THE FOOD WAS EXCELLENT, AND FEELING!
full course dinner local Meal

leaving mn soon

Well, we finally reach the wall. New magnum opus. The Apex. The whatever you want to call it. The end.

my housemaid did the thing that should not be done, and brought up something that I already apologized and explained myself for to use against me and a context that was completely outside of what we're discussing.

Thank you for giving me your valuable time. Goodbye.
drama housemate

I'm better about staying on top of doing monthly tarot readings in fall and winter.

I literally LOLed when she turned to the camera to define the word "exculpatory" for the toddler-in-chief.

[attachment type='link' url='' title='Kyle Griffin on Twitter' image='']“Speaker Pelosi: "If the president has something that is exculpatory — Mr. President, that means do you have anyth
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text banking stall

No text banking today or tomorrow, most likely because the impeachment hearings have started. We are to check in on Friday to see what's going on.

I would love to text Bank for Cory Booker and planned Parenthood...

Good morning iSurf Fediverse! I AM HERE TO #NORMALIZEQUITTING !

if it's overwhelming, step back. If it's emotionally draining, evaluate how important it is to you and the other aspects of your life that you are giving up to put your energy into it. if you feel like you're in the right place but not at the right time, investigate your options. if the cause is wearing you down and you need to take a break, take a fucking break! if you're not in the right cause, get out of that shit as soon as you can! if you know you would be better somewhere else in the cause, stop what you're doing and go do something else.

don't let someone else tell you where your place in the causes. That's for you to decide! if something has absolutely no value to you, and you're doing it for the sake of social graces, tradition, or you have some sort of self-imposed debt, or friends and family are pressuring you to do it QUIT! GIVE IT UP! WALK AWAY! YOU ARE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY! DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!
#NORMALIZEQUITTING give up quit walk away