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6 years ago New Horizons flew by Pluto

what marriage / potential fediverse couple would cement the most of the fediverse together? bonus points for bridging divides which currently block eachother

if we could get a particularly connected spinster with a particularly connected poaster together, it could potentially bind a lot of those two communities together, but maybe there's a better one including m.s

name your two single fedi users who you think could do this and then RT this post #fediverse #meme is NOT my account. It appears to be a scammer trying to use my name to get donations.

pretty lame that we're not allowed to follow users

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#c10 just passed. NDP has officially lost my vote


Jeff Cliff reshared this. anti-cloudflare git repo censored off of yet another platform today #censorship
where is it now? i think this is the main one

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""The Great Cloudwall" is Cloudflare Inc., the U.S. company. It is providing CDN(content delivery network) services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed DNS(domain name server) services."

"Cloudflare is the world's largest MITM proxy(reverse proxy). Cloudflare owns more than 80% of CDN market share and the number of cloudflare users are growing each day. They have expanded their network to more than 100 countries. Cloudflare serves more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing & Wikipedia combined. Cloudflare is offering free plan and many people are using it instead of configuring their servers properly. They traded privacy over convenience."

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Wikileaks asked us to comment when we learn something that affects our life from them

is, indeed, one of those things that does definitely raise our priors about what, exactly, happened to cause @covid19 . Hillary Clinton herself, personally, was worried about Wuhan BSL4 lab in 2009. She should get credit for this kind of worry.

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aha what i was looking for
shy floof

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Who is your favourite millennial?

huh. apparently i still have access to this