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'Snot Easter yet! Which reminds me of the Trid Kick'em over the Hill Monster.. does anyone remember that joke?


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This explains so much!
If he's using the floo network, what's the sleigh for?
@Jacqueline Arsenault Conservation of floo powder, of course...

Can't stop the signal

If anyone knows of any admin positions that are either located in the Kansas City (USA) area, or are 100% remote, please let me know. A good friend of mine has just been "restructured" out of her job. TIA.

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Just sayin'.

TeeFury has a $10 off hoodies coupon code today (COLDOUTSIDE) for anyone who likes such things...

In completely unrelated news, a hoodie that I desperately need but could not wear until my daughter is old enough to be discerning.
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Sometimes you're the elephant.
Sometimes you're the soccer ball.
And sometimes...

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Ha ha ha. Dems da skids!
Love it!

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I think I can see the needle against the breast. Just the alignment of things.
Man this is too funny.

Giant Board Game Sale Today (12/3) at Amazon

h/t Ben Gerber on G+. If you're looking for a last-minute gift for that gamer on your list, or if you're looking to treat yourself because nobody understands you and your need for more games... #boardgames #boardgaming #amazon #sale

"Quiet weekend" is a contradiction in terms

We don't have "quiet weekends at home" anymore. Most of our weekends are so busy with stuff for Bean that, when we do have a weekend without plans, we have several weeks' worth of "stuff we need to get done" that the weekend gets filled up with getting all those things done.

On the upside, it was a productive weekend. We got all the holiday decorations up, got several loads of laundry done, and made some good progress on some Yule presents that we're making for people.

Also, I can now officially take "string Christmas lights outside" off my list of "completely mundane things that I've never done." Holiday decorations just... weren't something we did when I was growing up.

As expected, we got the outside decorations up today. Still nothing that's going to win any neighborhood awards or anything, but our child gets pretty lights in her yard for the holidays.

looks good, like it

It's that time of year again.

The outside decorations are planned for tomorrow (when it's supposed to be 60 and not raining)... Image/Photo
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Here too, waiting for the rain to pass.

My wife is a hawk enthusiast. If that becomes a regular occurrence, we might be taking a trip...

Unusual Visitor In Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A hawk that is native to Central and South America drew a lot of attention from Maine’s birding community Friday after appearing in a park, where it brawled with a fellow raptor and dined on a squirrel.

Great black hawks typically live from Mexico to Argentina, and exactly how this individual made it to Maine is a bit of a mystery.... Audubon has called it potentially the first record of the species in the U.S.

Great Black Hawk

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What a fine bird! Wonderful .

Geek and Proud

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If true, annoying. Yet not unexpected. I suppose it's "fortunate" that +Jackie Lockhart convinced me to step far enough into the Facebook doomspace to get a Messenger account, huh?

The snark in the second half of the headline is definitely appreciated, though.
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Don't worry, it won't be 8 new messaging services at the same time. They'll burn through them one at a time.
Every time something like this happens, I imagine Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit: "I bought the Redcar so I could dismantle it!" And then I imagine Pichai and Zuckerberg sitting in a back room, rubbing their respective hands together and laughing maniacally...


After the craziness this week at work, and how busy the last few weekends have been , I'm looking forward to a weekend where the most intensive thing we have to do is laundry, and maybe some grocery shopping. <cue the inevitable craziness...>

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#tgif #weekend #adulting #best-laid-plans This Mundane Life (x)
That sounds like an ideal weekend. Hope you have some nice weather too. A maybe a delicious, afternoon nap.
@alysonsee (Hz) Sunday's supposed to be nice, but now that I think about it, I think that may be when we're planning on putting up our Winter Holiday Of Your Choosing decorations.

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Thing is... we wanted all the choices in one place where we could select one title at a time. This isn't ala carte.... this is having to hit 5 different drive-thrus because your family can't decide on what they want to eat.
@Syreene That's a really good analogy. (Thankfully, because most of the services are launched from the same point -- usually either a smart TV, a Roku, or your phone through a Chromecast -- I'd say it's actually a bit closer to having to order delivery from 5 different places. Which, while still annoying, is at least less maintenance on the car... er, I mean less gas money... er, oh hell, this analogy's gotten out of control. :-) )
@Syreene Also, I see we have a new symphonic metal fan to cultivate over in G+land. Bwahaha.
Syreene diaspora
@Trevor Schadt I'd heard of Nightwish but not that song that you'd posted... thanks for the share!

10 RPGs That Influenced Me

What the heck.

1. D&D - Yes, yes, it's on everyone's list. There's a reason. I got the books from my father's business partner at the time, I ran my first game when I was 6, I brought the books to summer day camp. It's the system that planted the seed.

2. Toon - I used to run late-night (like, 2am) Toon one-shots at a gaming convention I attended in high school. That was a heck of a lot of fun, and where I really learned "when in doubt, roll and shout!"

3. Torg - Where I learned that "mechanics" and "setting" were not inextricably linked. The Torg setting remains one of my favorites. The mechanics, on the other hand, were pretty horrible.

4. Shadowrun - I played in a BBS-based Shadowrun game when I was in high school. It was brilliant. I played a vehicle rigger with a blood-red motorcycle named Bonaparte. I still miss him.

5. Paranoia - Where I learned to stop fearing death. (Fear is not happiness. Happiness is mandator... Show more...
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