On my last day at my previous job, I did in fact wear this shirt. But now that I went back and spent Saturday continuing to train them on what I already taught them before I left (at a significant rate hike, of course!) I think this may have to be playing in the background. Because I honestly think that, at the rate of money that they were paying me, they expected me to manufacture at least one more for them. I did not.

h/t @Passagier 451

Just leaving this here!

No more left

YouTube: I've No More F***s To Give! (Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq)

This one is great too ;-)


If you aren't smiling after reading this, well then God, Jed, I don't even wanna know you...

I just realized my Ant tiny crazy cat looks like a squirrel. OMG SO CUTE SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee #dedfromcute #squeeworthy #animalsarebetterthanpeople #doseofcuteness

Office Doublespeak

I cannot confirm nor deny how many of these I may have used in #business related #emails.

Neither can I confirm nor deny how many of these I may have used in #SCA related emails.

I can, however, confirm that the second number is higher than the first number.

As I said on the G+ post, we need to say more of these things, to more people, more of the time. And sometimes, we all need some of these things said to us.

(via @Kate Turnbole on G+)

Hey you. Yes you. I see you.

I see you struggling with invisible illness.
I see you fighting with brain weasels.
I see you worrying about being a good parent, teaching your kids respect, inclusion, acceptance and love.
I see you hurting for your sick furbabies, doing everything you can for them.
I see you hurtling yourself against the walls of injustice.
I see you pushing back at the weight of your own fears.
I see you staring into the ruins of an unchangeable past.
I see you standing on the edge of a brand new journey.

I see you. I love you.
You're awesome. You're strong. You're brave.
Always keep fighting.

#emotional #support #community #iSeeYou

via @Quintin nitniuQ over on G+:

You: Would you like a keto burger?
My Anaconda: No.

#dadjokes #humor #wait-for-it #90s

New Forum

#forums #gaming #boardgames #cardgames

In an attempt to stem the tide of #gplusrefugees flocking over to MeWe or some other siloed site because "OMG there are communities!!" I figured let's start building up the forum presence here in an attempt to drive some traffic this way.

Thus: I have created a Board Games Forum for discussion of all things Board and Card Games. Join now!

@Board Games Forum
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I see, thanks for the explanation! But the core functionality remains the same right? That if I post in #boardgames things in Diaspora's #boardgames show up in Friendica and Hubzilla's #boardgames section?
Shelenn Ayres Friendica (AP)
it shows up hashtagged yes ;)
Shelenn Ayres Friendica (AP)
but it would not show up inside a boardgames community unless a member reshared it to that community forum

Only one reason

There was only one reason to make a dice game version of Sushi Go, and it was so that this pun could be made... #gaming #puns #humor #sushi #dicegames #dice
#gaming #puns #humor #sushi #dicegames #dice Gaming Humor

My facehole. It wants it.

Creamy mushroom pasta | @saltandlavender
I really love the nicely balanced flavors in this vegetarian mushroom pasta sauce. Yes, it’s creamy, but the lemon juice and touch of Dijon mustard really brighten the sauce.
#hungry #food #cooking #foodporn

Because it's been a long damn week and I'm tired and frustrated and screw you Cookie Monster did an AMA on Reddit and it's one of the most awesome things ever. 😁😁😅😅😂😂 #sesamestreet #cookiemonster #reddit #ama #thelightattheendofthetunnelmightnotbeatrainafterall

C Howard Friendica (AP)
I have a stuffed Emotional Support Badger in my office. It's the best. Coworkers come and borrow it.

Gods damned #LARams you had one job. #Steelers #NFL #cheatriots #football
Poor Trevor! No #SuperbOwl for you!

So... Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic for everyone who's in the US Northeast and Midwest and experiencing record low temperatures from the polar vortex.

Which is why I haven't been posting about the fact that we're in Florida at the moment, where the residents bundle up in three layers of wool sweaters because the high temperature is a "freezing cold" 60 deg F...
A very good time to be in Florida. :)

Let us not forget how much of Jim and Frank's humor was not necessarily intended -- or necessarily appropriate -- for children...

"I didn't know there was a 3:30am Mass ... I didn't know there was a 3:30am ... What else aren't you telling me?!?!" - Chris Griffin, Family Guy

I'm just going to leave this here.

Playing. On infinite repeat.

Forever. #art #music #toto #africa
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Sigh. The former. To me it sounds like the equivalent of velvet paintings of Elvis. But as you say...taste...
"Ventura Highway" playing on the street where my dentist's office is.

If true, hilarious.

h/t @snowtiger


DC Water board debates whether they can cut off White House service after Trump admin misses payment

WAMU noted that DC law allows the water authority to “shut off water to a customer for nonpayment after 30 days” and place a lien on the property until a full payment is completed after 60 days.

#news #politics
Via @Jodi Kaplan
DC Water board debates whether they can cut off White House service after Trump admin misses payment

Out of the mouths of middle aged white guys...

I've apparently entered that phase of life where the phrase "a perfectly acceptable, middle-of-the-road 12-year [single malt scotch]" is only only present in my vocabulary, but is in fact itself unremarkable...
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herveus diaspora
Oh, and a couple bottles of Old ~~Overcoat~~ Overholt straight rye. It was a BOGO at Costco.
I've also gotten into Rye quite a bit lately. I have three different varieties at the moment. That's my "casually having a drink, and want to enjoy it without too much thought" drink. Scotch is a more pensive experience for me.

I really want to try Glen Fargo - it's made in Fargo, ND - it's basically an American Scotch. The only reason I want to try it is because it's an American Scotch.

I have always said that the person with the greatest trust in G-d is he who goes into the 30-year-old Scotch business. "Honey, one day we're going to be rich."

Gaming In the New Year

Since I was taking NYEDay off as a personal holiday, and the Bean was in day care for the day, I decided to wrangle up a few friends and get some gaming in to close out the year.

First, a quick game of Onitama to pass the time as one person showed up and we waited for the other. That's my "Chess-like" (2p, abstract, board movement, capture) game of choice at the moment; it's enough like Chess that it's easy for most people to understand, enough things about the game state change that you don't need to be able to think 10-20 moves ahead (which I just can't), and there's enough variability between games that it hasn't been solved.

I finally obtained a copy of Castles of Burgundy for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and for our first play, we missed a major rule. (Turns out you have to place tiles adjacent to other tiles on your board! Whoops!) So we broke it out again and tried it, this time correctly. Surprisingly, our scores were almost as high as they were that first game, but the grouping was incredibly tight: 207-... Show more...
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