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@Friendica Support Is there a reason why I can't seem to "delete" (i.e., mute) posts that appear on my network stream because of saved hashtags? I can delete posts made by individual people to whom I'm subscribed, but posts from hashtags -- which seem to me to be the ones I'd be more likely to want to individually mute -- don't seem to have that functionality. Is this a deliberate design decision, or just an unimplemented feature? Thanks!


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20 Movie Challenge: Day 2

A fun project to help us learn about each other.
20 films that had an impact on you, for the next 20 days.
Only post a pic. No film title or comment. Number them and use the hashtags below.
#20MovieChallenge #movies #film

#gplusrefugees #GooglePlus
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...and now they only let Negro (the dog's name) buy snacks twice a day, because...

20 Movie Challenge: Day 1

A fun project to help us learn about each other.
20 films that had an impact on you, for the next 20 days.
Only post a pic. No film title or comment. Number them and use the hashtags below.
#20MovieChallenge #movies #film

#gplusrefugees #GooglePlus
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or more specifically: a white sexist, racist, xenophobic, right-wing KKK/nazi loving male, a follower of conspiracy theories brainwashed by fox , info wars, breitbart & co with a history of domestic abuse

The shooting in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

For those of you who have heard about the mass shooting today in Pittsburgh:

I live in Pittsburgh. In fact, I used to live less than a mile from where the shooting took place. I'm not Jewish, but the neighborhood where the shooting happened is very prevalently so. So I know Tree of Life. It's run by kind, helpful, deeply spiritual people.

Our pResident stated in response today that maybe the situation would have been better if the synagogue had been armed. Think about that for a second. Not only is that unreasonable, that's not even human.

No, I'm not surprised that he said that. I wish I could be. Not surprised, but certainly disgusted. This -- I have trouble even calling him a "man," as I consider that an insult both to my gender and my species -- this is what we're dealing with, folks. This is the so-called "leader" of our country.

I weep.

#liberal #Pittsburgh #mass-shooting #political

I lived in Squirrel Hill too, for ten years. There is nothing to be said, at least by me, any longer. I feel like 25% of the country has gone insane. I can't imagine a path out of this that doesn't involve more and more killing. The whole thing is despicable. Trump is simply... deplorable. This is basically blaming the whole event on the victims, to say "They should have had armed guards." This is the President of the United States saying to Jewish victims of a literal Nazi murderer that it is their fault. It's so dark, I can't even imagine light, much less a way out.

Every fluffy cloud has a dark lining, I suppose

"The problem with being on at least somewhat effective medication is, when you aren't in pain all the time, your body gets used to, well, not being in pain all the time. And on mornings like this? That's a problem!" -my wife

#conversationsfrommymarriage #welcometomylife #arthritis #painmanagement

Babylon 5 Stuff I Want

Discussing the idea of "TV shows with story arcs" with one of my co-workers this morning reminded me of how much I like, and miss, Babylon 5. Yeah, the first and last seasons were a bit rough, but it still ranks as my favorite sci-fi series ever.

Army of Light Hoodie

For this one, my wife and I recently got identical laptops and could really "use" a quick and easy way to tell them apart. Plus, y'know, wolves, and a quote I love. ;)

"We are Starstuff" Laptop Skin

(Side note: you can't have more than one attachment in a post? Boo... OK, images and links it is)

#babylon5 #swag #hoodies #laptops #consumerism #star-stuff #wolves #army-of-light

My online name was derived from Sheridan + Delenn ;)

yeah i wondered where the sh came from

I can't halloweeven.

Filtered word: nsfw

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An honest question for Diaspora users

I haven't created a Diaspora account, so I don't know what's available on that platform versus this one. But in my search as a #gplusrefugee I'd like to have all the information feasible. So.

It seems that the choice of which "facet" of the Federation (Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Mastodon, etc.) one inhabits depends mostly on the features available in that particular instantiation. Some of that might depend on the culture of the individual node -- I admit that I've almost completely ignored the "Local Community" functionality -- but with the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the overall Fed, that seems like a secondary concern at best.

Friendica seems to have some solid advantages over Diaspora, namely:
- Forums (equivalent to G+ Communities)
- The ability to edit posts and comments
- Threaded comments
- The ability to talk to more other platforms
So, for Diaspora users: why are you using Diaspora? What's "better" about that platform than Friendica that I'm missing? Thanks!

#question #Federation
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if ya don't get it, quit trolling me.

I see no reason to become rude.
It's true I am no native speaker but your English also isn't very proper!
So let's try to find out what you mean because to me it seems you just wrote the same (or in other words: I understood the same as before).

So… what I think you mean is:

* You write a post on pluspora
* You want to read that post on friendica servers
* You want to read that post on libertree servers
* You gave some kind of permission

So I'd like to know if I understood it right and where you have given what kind of permission… so in what way. Did you check any checkbox, did you write it into your post or is there a setting for this, did you configure something…?

and by "plus" do you mean GooglePlus or pluspora?
if i post in place - a dozen other places should see it WITHOUT FURTHER ADO OR HASSLE. fucking simple. what is so difficult?
Yea, that is simple. To do so you need to make at least 12 contacts on different compatible pods. Or you use a pod sending your posts to a relay-s... show more

TIL Friendica feature

Are you #newhere like me? I just learned this, it might help you too.

Did you know you can subscribe to #RSS feeds on Friendica? Just go to your Contacts screen and enter the RSS feed's URL into the "Add New Contact" box.

h/t to for this nugget of wisdom.
#newhere #RSS Metaposting
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oooh, I didn't know that! I remember reading about friendica's RSS feature, but never knew how to use it. Thanks for sharing!

More thoughts after a week and a half

Friendica is really growing on me. After being #newhere and initially offput by a few jackholes who didn't want new players in their sandbox, I decided to stick around and keep learning. After a week and a half, I think this place just might become home.

I love the fact that Friendica comes preloaded with communities, which is one of the things that really makes G+ viable. The one feature that's really missing is that, while users on other Federated platforms can read forum posts, they can't make posts themselves. (Hey @Friendica Developers any chance that can be a Feature request?)

I'm still going to be on G+ until they shutter the doors. It's where my network is (the part of it that isn't just on FB, anyway). But it's looking more and more like this may be my landing spot.
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I did, but never checked the forums there. Thanks for the tip, @Adam Clark !