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Thing is... we wanted all the choices in one place where we could select one title at a time. This isn't ala carte.... this is having to hit 5 different drive-thrus because your family can't decide on what they want to eat.

@Syreene That's a really good analogy. (Thankfully, because most of the services are launched from the same point -- usually either a smart TV, a Roku, or your phone through a Chromecast -- I'd say it's actually a bit closer to having to order delivery from 5 different places. Which, while still annoying, is at least less maintenance on the car... er, I mean less gas money... er, oh hell, this analogy's gotten out of control. :-) )

@Syreene Also, I see we have a new symphonic metal fan to cultivate over in G+land. Bwahaha.

@Trevor Schadt I'd heard of Nightwish but not that song that you'd posted... thanks for the share!

10 RPGs That Influenced Me

What the heck.

1. D&D - Yes, yes, it's on everyone's list. There's a reason. I got the books from my father's business partner at the time, I ran my first game when I was 6, I brought the books to summer day camp. It's the system that planted the seed.

2. Toon - I used to run late-night (like, 2am) Toon one-shots at a gaming convention I attended in high school. That was a heck of a lot of fun, and where I really learned "when in doubt, roll and shout!"

3. Torg - Where I learned that "mechanics" and "setting" were not inextricably linked. The Torg setting remains one of my favorites. The mechanics, on the other hand, were pretty horrible.

4. Shadowrun - I played in a BBS-based Shadowrun game when I was in high school. It was brilliant. I played a vehicle rigger with a blood-red motorcycle named Bonaparte. I still miss him.

5. Paranoia - Where I learned to stop fearing death. (Fear is not happiness. Happiness is mandator... show more

Give a man a phish and you can steal a password from him.

Teach a man how to phish and you can steal thousands of passwords from him.

#geek #humor #phishing

This is a special #holiday #menu at one of the #restaurants round #Pittsburgh. The restaurant is very tasty. At $85 a place (plus tax and service!) this is way out of our price range, but it certainly sounds worth it for what you get!

#food #decadence

I hear the screams of the vegetables
Watching their skins being peeled
Grated and steamed with no mercy
How do you think that feels

Scans pretty well to

It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday
Regular crowd shuffles in
There's an old man sitting next to me
Making love to his tonic and gin


#filk #mental-jukebox #scansion #arrogant-worms #billy-joel #shoot-me-now

Nope, nope, nobody I know would possibly be interested in this. I can't hear my wife's squeals of "Corgi!!" from here. Nope. Not at all...
It's known as one of the greatest animes of all time. #netflix #netflixcominc #parrotbebop #bebop #tv #anime #corgi
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It normally works the same way on Friendica; I bounced this back to G+, which echoed back here, which is how I lost the original attribution. Thanks for keeping me honest!

Oh look, there it is.

People are welcome to their opinions, but when you classify what I do for a living as "nerd shit," I no longer feel the need to follow your posts, however amusing they might otherwise be.

"You know that 'line' you're not supposed to cross with the President?"
"I'm coming up on it, sir?"
"No, no. Look behind you."

This exact same thought came to me earlier this evening and I'm a little disappointed to discover that someone already had it. Then again, I think I might have been disappointed if someone hadn't by this point.
First Lady Melania Trump Resigns From Trump Administration

I really am starting to think I'm not "edgy" enough to read anyone who posts on Mastodon.

#social-media #navel-gazing

LOL!!! I gave Mastodon almost 2 weeks and I still felt like I was an alien abductee on a foreign planet!! Or, a Cryogenic recipient who just thawed out in the 'future' and couldn't understand the culture of my peers at ALL!!! LOL

Today's Amusing Spam message

"Re: ||{username}||, IMPORTANT ALERT: Stop Unwanted mails now"

Like... this one?

Can't imagine where she gets it...

Scene: Bean is eating a banana and has eaten down to the unpeeled portion.

Bean: I want the rest out!
Me: Do you want help?
Bean: Nooooo...
Me: Do you need help?
Bean: Yeahhhhh...

#toddlerwisdom #wants #needs
#toddlerwisdom #wants #needs Daddy Diary

Filtered word: nsfw


Same over here where there's a law compelling drivers to use tyres designed for the current season, that is, they must be able to cope with the temperatures and estimated amounts of water on the road.

But then it seems most drivers simply don't trust themselves anymore if the weather is not clear sky and the road is a bit wet. As to why that is the case - beats me.

Now 5 and a half hours into a 4 hour car trip with a two year old.

At 8:30 tonight, after putting Bean to bed, I had a glass and a half of Coke, the caffeine from which allowed me to spend the next three hours putzing away mindlessly on my phone.

And I thought they canceled "My So-Called Life..."

Work-life balance?

h/t the person who shared it privately. IMO, the only thing missing is the name of the company in question, so that the news of their WTFery could be spread further and wider.

#stupid #jobsearch #employers #wtf
employer said I didn’t have enough “passion” when I couldn’t interview on a Saturday
#stupid #jobsearch #employers #wtf Rampant Stupidity
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That is an excellent lesson in knowing your boundaries and not letting people walk all over you.

In Memory of Freddie Mercury..

Good Sunday Plusporians!! Got 7 or 8 minutes to kill? Check out this Beautiful arrangement by the Brooklyn Duo joined by the Dover Quartet of Queens' Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you and have a lovely evening. <3

#queen #rip #FreddieMercury #piano #stringquartet #brooklynduo #doverquartet

Really stunning! I was especially impressed with the violin cum guitar solos.

I will say that it's remarkable the degree to which a strong base line contributes to the overall feel of the music. This felt... "floaty" is the only word I can think of. It was suspended above where the bass line would be, if that means anything. If I didn't know the piece (being of a certain age) I would probably not have noticed.

But overall and certainly on its own it's excellent.

Thank you, @Robert Rowe! I will say, I share in the shivers part. Some real thrills in there.