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Holiday tradition

For those of you who aren't familiar with me from past years on other social media, this is my tradition. I post this video every year, because every year it still works.

If you haven't seen it before, strap in for an irreverent ride with a surprisingly poignant linchpin speech.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you are doing it with beings that you love and appreciate, and that love and appreciate you. Be well, be happy, be healthy. Thank you for being a part of my life these past few months, as we grow this new community around us.

Watched 1st chapter. Will watch 2nd chapter next year. Something to look forward to in 2019... :-)

Happy holidays, @Trevor Schadt, and please keep up to that tradition.

I miss gaming. We've fallen into the trap of "we have a toddler, therefore we are no longer independent entities with our own interests." :-(
How To Spot a Dragon Using an Illusion Spell
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There are a lot of traps like that. I fell into the trap of we moved and I don't know anyone and stayed there for years. Found a group at work, and then when they fell apart, fell back into that same mindset. #PbF and #Pbem broke me out of that mold. I still haven't tried any live remote gaming platforms, but that seems an option too. I've come to the conclusion that it's just a matter of re-framing what gaming means for your situation, at least for me.
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I will not feel like an inadequate parent... I will not feel like an inadequate parent... :-D

Daddy Diary

Email auto-reply message: "Thank you for your email. Technically I'm still in the office but I have Vacation Brain so good luck with my reply. If this is urgent please contact the January version of me."

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If you don't listen to Mike Rowe's "The Way I Heard It" podcast, you really should. (1) If you listen, but haven't heard this week's episode (Episode 120), go and listen now.

If you don't listen, and would like to, this is a charming and seasonally-appropriate episode with which to start. :-) Each episode is about 10 minutes in total, about 5 of which are a small story, usually with some sort of "twist" or "'a-ha' moment" ending. This one I guessed pretty early in, but I'm that kind of geek:
The combination of "Lee Mendelson" and casting children.

(1) If you deliberately don't listen to podcasts, you get a pass. :-)
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Quote of the Day

"Facebook’s business model is to exploit and monetize the love you have for your family and friends." #QuitFacebook
#QuitFacebook GExodus

Covers while still under the covers

I'm taking the day off for my birthday, so before ensconcing myself to binge S8 of Voltron, I found myself surfing YouTube and coming across some cover song videos that bore comment. Apologies to those who saw them there too.

First: DL has always been one of my favorite bands, and they did a good job on this, though it's a pretty straight replay. A little stylistic imprint, and they do a good job. And I understand they just don't have the energy they had 30 years ago.


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Happy Birthday, Trevor!!! Wishing you a great day!

R&RHoF Class of '19 announced

Damn, that's a great class. I'm looking forward to seeing who's doing the inductions, and I might even try to watch this one.

Congrats to DL, their induction is waaaay overdue.

wha? you dont like her? ;) I think she is great!

Yay self aware humor

Ok, so I don't watch GoT. But I am a big HtTYD fan. So all in all, this is pretty awesome.

31 Flavors of Geek

Yes please!

I have tile placement games. I have role selection games. I have medieval themed games. I have resource management games.

I would still make room on my shelf for this.
#boardgames #calligraphy #sca
#boardgames #calligraphy #sca Gaming SCA

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'Snot Easter yet! Which reminds me of the Trid Kick'em over the Hill Monster.. does anyone remember that joke?


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#googleplus #gplus #gexodus #wtf GExodus
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