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Get 'em started early

Bean has taken to naming her stuffed animals after colors. (I don't know why, but it's at least slightly better than just naming them what they are.) The thing is, they're random: her olive-green triceratops is Pink, her pink and white cat is Green, her penguin is Blue, and her panda bear is Yellow. (At least the penguin has blue feet, but that's all we got, and I highly doubt that factored into the decision in the slightest.)

This morning my wife was giving her the choice of whether to bring the penguin or the cat with her to day care. #cloudcomputing #softwaredeveloper types might know where I'm going with this...

... because I looked at the situation and thought "Aww, it's her first 'blue-green deployment!'"

#dadjokes #humor #daddy-diary

This is what a "quiet weekend" looks like

Saturday: Took the dog to get a bath, he threw up in the child's car seat on the way home. Got so frustrated trying to take the thing out in order to remove the cover to clean it that the decision was made to replace it. New car seat got.

Saturday night: Bean has reached the "irrational fear" portion of our show, so she was in our room at 4am because she woke up scared. I was in her room for about an hour singing her back to sleep, but it meant that everyone was sleep deprived the next morning.

Sunday: What do you do with a "lazy Sunday" where you have "nothing to do" and everyone's sleep deprived? Right! Decide on the spur of the moment to drive 3 hours to a maple syrup festival. Because of course you do. :-) Fun was had, but it was a long day. And I think Bean enjoyed looking at the raptors, amphibians and reptiles on display at the Environmental Center far more than the actual things about making maple syrup. She sure enjoyed the pancakes, though.

(And on th... show more

Sounds like comfort (if not sleep) was provided all around. Nice work! Don't let the dog eat all of the ice cream. :)

The ice cream went straight into the freezer. :-) However, the biscuits that came home from dinner, and were supposed to be for breakfast this morning, ended up being sacrificed to the cat who -- no joke -- will chew through plastic bags to get to food.


The Running of the Bulls, but with rabid squirrels.


With "Yakkety Sax" as the soundtrack.

I would watch the hell out of that...

Or Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

Ah crap. I think I just random-reference-d myself into writing a fanfic where Dr. Stephen Strange and Dr. Hugo Strange are actually long-lost brothers or something like that.

I blame @V. T. Eric Layton .

Be sure to include a swedish meatball quip in there

@Shelenn Ayres "Breen! You imported breen from Homeworld!"

Congratulations to Seanan!!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

I call that feel "the Elvish thing," after JRRT. But "diet ok" works too.

Post imported from Twitter feed, so cannot "Like." Alas.

It's one of those "not worth chewing through the restraints" mornings.

Welcome to my brain

It's the leeeast productive daaaay of the yeeeear!
With reduced sleep-gettting
From forward clock-setting
My brain is not heeeeeeeere!
It's the leeeast productive daaaay of the yeeeear!

#DST #sleepdeprivation #filk

We still managed to get a bunch of stuff done yesterday but we were WIPED by the end of the day. God damn this stupid time thing.

I am actually asleep. The only reason that my body is moving and interacting is that I have been possessed by the spirit of the ancient Latin singer Muchas Caffeinatus. Any opinions expressed today may or may not be the property of the usual inhabitant of this vessel.

Because I don't know anyone who has fibro. Or other related issues. Nope.

h/t @snowtiger

13 Things Fibromyalgia Is Not | The Mighty

To help bust some common misconceptions about #fibromyalgia and explain what the condition is really like, we asked our Mighty community to tell us what fibromyalgia is not. Check out how they finished the statement below, and let us know what you believe fibromyalgia is not in the comments.

#fibro #Spoonie #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

#fibromyalgia sucks. And the worst thing about it is that there is no outward symptom that others can relate to. It's like having a migraine and getting, "Awww, so you have a head ache? Boo-hoo!" from others. "I'm in pain and have no energy and no one can tell me why," incites zero sympathy from most healthy people. But, MS, a broken leg, or cancer are instantly recognizable as issues from people who have never suffered from them. I think people with FM should stop trying to explain FM to others and just say, "Chemotherapy takes a lot out a body." "Why do you laze about in bed all day?" "Chemotherapy takes a lot out a body." "How come you never come out to visit your friends?" "Chemotherapy takes a lot out a body." "Just walk it off, there's nothing really wrong with you." "Because chemotherapy sucks, you jerk."

The same AG that's threatening punitive and retaliatory criminal charges against journalists who publish the (ostensibly) public records of CA police officers who have been conducted of criminal acts?


The deuce you say.

California AG Says Officers Who Shot Stephon Clark Will Not Face Criminal Charges


#news #npr #publicradio #usa


Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the findings of the state's independent criminal investigation into the police shooting death of Clark nearly a year ago.

(Image credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

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#news #npr #publicradio #usa Criminal Injustice
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What is it about California AGs?


Daddy Diary

This one doesn't get better, best I can tell.

I had a dream last night. In the dream:
  • I was sleeping;
  • I woke up because the power flickered off and on;
  • I went back to sleep.

And then the dream ended.

I think I'm in the Matrix...
#inception #Matrix #moviereferences

(Oh, and before anyone asks: when I woke up this morning -- for realsies -- I went and checked, and no, we hadn't lost power at any point last night. :-P )

Sounds like our machine overlords pushed an update down to you; one that required a reboot.