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Yay self aware humor

Ok, so I don't watch GoT. But I am a big HtTYD fan. So all in all, this is pretty awesome.

31 Flavors of Geek

If he's using the floo network, what's the sleigh for?

That's two. Who's three?

#31-flavors-of-geek #authors #princess-bride #rip #bad-things-come-in-threes

Today's flavor: Authors. h/t David Brin
One of the finest storytellers of any kind, ever. Go read the first page of The Princess Bride. Tonight. To someone you love. I defy you to stop there.

I have hopes that he willed us - at long last - the "Reunion Scene"!
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I... did not need to see that right now.

\<mourn> :'(