Gaming Humor

DM: Everybody roll initiative!

Fighter: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Rogue: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Wizard: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Cleric: *rolls d20 + Wis mod*

Fighter, Rogue, Wizard: ???

Cleric: You've never heard of a faith-based initiative?

(h/t one of my SCA heraldic sistren and gaming buddies)

via @Quintin nitniuQ over on G+:

You: Would you like a keto burger?
My Anaconda: No.

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Only one reason

There was only one reason to make a dice game version of Sushi Go, and it was so that this pun could be made... #gaming #puns #humor #sushi #dicegames #dice

I miss gaming. We've fallen into the trap of "we have a toddler, therefore we are no longer independent entities with our own interests." :-(
How To Spot a Dragon Using an Illusion Spell
There are a lot of traps like that. I fell into the trap of we moved and I don't know anyone and stayed there for years. Found a group at work, and then when they fell apart, fell back into that same mindset. #PbF and #Pbem broke me out of that mold. I still haven't tried any live remote gaming platforms, but that seems an option too. I've come to the conclusion that it's just a matter of re-framing what gaming means for your situation, at least for me.
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Email auto-reply message: "Thank you for your email. Technically I'm still in the office but I have Vacation Brain so good luck with my reply. If this is urgent please contact the January version of me."

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Today's Amusing Spam message

"Re: ||{username}||, IMPORTANT ALERT: Stop Unwanted mails now"

Like... this one?

The grapes of wrath?
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