Covers while still under the covers

I'm taking the day off for my birthday, so before ensconcing myself to binge S8 of Voltron, I found myself surfing YouTube and coming across some cover song videos that bore comment. Apologies to those who saw them there too.

First: DL has always been one of my favorite bands, and they did a good job on this, though it's a pretty straight replay. A little stylistic imprint, and they do a good job. And I understand they just don't have the energy they had 30 years ago.


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Thanks all!
G rev diaspora

Happy Birthday, Trevor!!! Wishing you a great day!

R&RHoF Class of '19 announced

Damn, that's a great class. I'm looking forward to seeing who's doing the inductions, and I might even try to watch this one.

Congrats to DL, their induction is waaaay overdue.
wha? you dont like her? ;) I think she is great!

Hey, @Metal/Rock On Diaspora \m/ are you familiar with these guys? If not, you should be! German heavy metal a capella, and yes, I meant all those words in that order. 😉

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