More thoughts after a week and a half

Friendica is really growing on me. After being #newhere and initially offput by a few jackholes who didn't want new players in their sandbox, I decided to stick around and keep learning. After a week and a half, I think this place just might become home.

I love the fact that Friendica comes preloaded with communities, which is one of the things that really makes G+ viable. The one feature that's really missing is that, while users on other Federated platforms can read forum posts, they can't make posts themselves. (Hey @Friendica Developers any chance that can be a Feature request?)

I'm still going to be on G+ until they shutter the doors. It's where my network is (the part of it that isn't just on FB, anyway). But it's looking more and more like this may be my landing spot.
Asahel friendica
I did, but never checked the forums there. Thanks for the tip, @Adam Clark !

Day 1

After a day, Friendica is... it's ok. It hasn't wowed me, but I don't hate it. Like any thinly populated social platform, I don't have a lot of people to read, though I've subscribed to the #newhere tag so I have no shortage of posts to read. And two people -- and @Jeremy Caleb Ronsen -- followed me here from G+, which is at least gratifying to the ego. 😀

Of course, if I wanted to find all my friends right away and jump into more input than I could possibly handle, I'd just bow to peer pressure and join FB. 😝 Being a SMJW is hard work!

Also: the Android app (Friendiqa) sucks.
@Trevor Schadt It can take a little while to find your new peeps. I have discovered that many of my new friends seem to have discovered some of the same folks and so it makes for a nice bit of familiarity over time. But it isn’t the deluge of updates I used to receive on Facebook. Think of it more as a country town that moves at a slower pace, where you develop a familiarity and fondness by bumping into the same folks over time.
@craggers : looks like the pluspora grows very quick.
With a huge amount of users comes great responsibilty.
It's in genral not our interrest to have some big pods in the networks.
For sure diaspora can handle a lot of of users. That's not the question.
Sometimes it's better to spread the user to different server - to have a decentral network.
Podmin should check out if system scales well. From technical and financial perspective.
Some pods closed already for such reasons.

Stretching out

So, this is my first stop with the pending implosion of G+. Right now, I'm just looking around, seeing if I like it. Let's see where it goes.

#newhere #gplusrefugee

Interested in: #sca, #board-games and #card-games (especially #terraforming-mars and #root at the moment, though most #strategy #games are good), #filk, #progressivemetal and #a-cappella #music.
Welcome @Trevor Schadt from Diaspora*! Here is some info about this social network:

Welcome to the Federation!

The Federation is a global social network that works by having different computers talk to each other, instead of having one computer having full control over the network and people's data.

The Federation includes five different projects:... show more
Welcome :)
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