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Happy Birthday, Bean. You may never read this, but I love you with all my heart, and I am so very proud of you.

For those of you who have seen Endgame:
I love you 3000. <sniff>

#daddy-diary #birthday
#daddy-diary #birthday Daddy Diary

Gaming Humor

DM: Everybody roll initiative!

Fighter: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Rogue: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Wizard: *rolls d20 + Dex mod*
Cleric: *rolls d20 + Wis mod*

Fighter, Rogue, Wizard: ???

Cleric: You've never heard of a faith-based initiative?

(h/t one of my SCA heraldic sistren and gaming buddies)

OK. That's just MEAN.

I got this today when asked to review a company with which we recently did business.


Really? Really?!

#googleplusexpats #RIPGooglePlus

Gack! SERIOUSLY, people, don't DO that!

If I break the glass then I have to fly
There's no one to catch me if I take a dive

- "Shatter Me," Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale

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#daddy-diary #sotired #sleepdeprivation #therapy

I swear, two days ago we were taking Bean on Easter Egg hunts and it was mostly sunny and in the mid 70s.

When I got out of my car in the parking lot of work this morning, it was sleeting.

Spring in Pittsburgh, y'all...

...yeah, Pgh was always dodgy about weather....

Rain and sleet, here in "sunny" Buffalo. I guess we're on second winter.

I would rather it had been a code-code comparison, with Katie Bouman holding a usb stick.

Damn real.
'Depression and Anxiety are very real, I would like five of my friends to post this. I think I know who will'

Note, this is only a suggestion and not a bloody command/demand!

Because sharing is caring ('cept if it's Measles)

Can someone please tell me why this comes in any color other than brown?!?! #browncoats #firefly #teefury #geekhumor

Technically, they aren't coats. They can be any color.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

I have been officially re-elected as the Webminister for the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands for the next two years. Whee!

Next time, sit on your hands, and keep your mouth shut.

"It was the dawn of a new age for all of us. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The next 20 years would see great changes, great joy and great sorrow... The New Alliance would waver and crack, but in the end it will hold, because what is built endures, and what is loved endures. And Babylon 5, ... Babylon 5 endures."

Google just didn't and still doesn't care.

I hate that G+ went away. I'm hopeful for Pluspora.

Three decades later and I STILL remember all of this like it was bloody yesterday.


For the second weekend in a row, we made a spur of the moment decision to go out of town. Sometimes I seriously don't know what we're thinking. :-)

We drove down to DC for the cherry blossom festival, partially because Sunday was Taiko day, and, well, me. And partially because Jackie and Bean had never seen it, and it had been far too long for me (who, for those who don't know, grew up in the area). Things we learned:
  • Bean is a tree-hugger. Like, literally. She was going up to the cherry blossom trees and hugging each one, saying "I love this tree... I love it so much..." Cuteness was had on a near-apocalyptic scale, y'all.
  • I want to join Pittsburgh Taiko, like, so bad it hurts. That is the sh!t and I. want. in.
  • We went from temps in the 70s in Bethesday Saturday night, to driving back to Pittsburgh through a snowstorm. I can't even.
  • We're really spoiled, bein
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Alys and I were also down in the FedroSplat for the second weekend in a row, oddly enough. Last weekend was the Katsucon dead dog meeting, and this weekend I had a retina doc appointment on Friday. (We came back to Allentown on Saturday night this time; good thing, as my mom ended up in the hospital on Sunday. Chemo-induced immunocompromisation sucks.)

Get 'em started early

Bean has taken to naming her stuffed animals after colors. (I don't know why, but it's at least slightly better than just naming them what they are.) The thing is, they're random: her olive-green triceratops is Pink, her pink and white cat is Green, her penguin is Blue, and her panda bear is Yellow. (At least the penguin has blue feet, but that's all we got, and I highly doubt that factored into the decision in the slightest.)

This morning my wife was giving her the choice of whether to bring the penguin or the cat with her to day care. #cloudcomputing #softwaredeveloper types might know where I'm going with this...

... because I looked at the situation and thought "Aww, it's her first 'blue-green deployment!'"

#dadjokes #humor #daddy-diary

This is what a "quiet weekend" looks like

Saturday: Took the dog to get a bath, he threw up in the child's car seat on the way home. Got so frustrated trying to take the thing out in order to remove the cover to clean it that the decision was made to replace it. New car seat got.

Saturday night: Bean has reached the "irrational fear" portion of our show, so she was in our room at 4am because she woke up scared. I was in her room for about an hour singing her back to sleep, but it meant that everyone was sleep deprived the next morning.

Sunday: What do you do with a "lazy Sunday" where you have "nothing to do" and everyone's sleep deprived? Right! Decide on the spur of the moment to drive 3 hours to a maple syrup festival. Because of course you do. :-) Fun was had, but it was a long day. And I think Bean enjoyed looking at the raptors, amphibians and reptiles on display at the Environmental Center far more than the actual things about making maple syrup. She sure enjoyed the pancakes, though.

(And on th... show more

Sounds like comfort (if not sleep) was provided all around. Nice work! Don't let the dog eat all of the ice cream. :)

The ice cream went straight into the freezer. :-) However, the biscuits that came home from dinner, and were supposed to be for breakfast this morning, ended up being sacrificed to the cat who -- no joke -- will chew through plastic bags to get to food.