Questions for Hubzilla users

I do have a HubZilla account ( @Trevor Schadt ) that I'm trying out, because Hubzilla and Friendica seem to have the most in common, and again, let's learn as much as we can about the different aspects of this space before making any final decisions.

However, once again, there are things I can see here that I can't see there, and I'm wondering if I'm just missing them. So, Hubzilla users, please help!

1) In F'ca, my saved hashtag searches automatically get added to my "network" stream. In HZ, that doesn't seem to be the case. Am I missing the way that you do that?
2) I know that you can migrate an account from one HZ hub to another, but if I were to decide to change my "active" account from F'ca to HZ, does anyone know if it's possible to import my postings (even just the public ones) from F'ca to HZ? Or would I have to start over?


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OK, sorry to take so long to get back to you, @Trevor Schadt .

For #1, Hubzilla went in a different direction when it comes to categorizing/labeling content. It favors forums over hashtags, and makes it very easy to crosspost to multiple forums (kinda like you would having multiple hashtags). But that means someone has to create the forums. Hz recognizes that D* is heavy on hashtags. And so in the Diaspora add-on, there is a place to list the hashtags that you want pulled into your stream. Do you have your D* add-on configured with your preferred hashtags?

For #2, for importing from Friendica to Hubzilla, it is theoretically possible but not guaranteed to work. The same guy originally authored both systems and so they share common code and structures. On Friendica, try exporting to a file and then, on Hubzilla, when you create a channel, import that file. I've not tried it myself but I heard that it works. (I've heard this is also possible a way to bulk add connections that existed on a Diaspora account.)

An honest question for Diaspora users

I haven't created a Diaspora account, so I don't know what's available on that platform versus this one. But in my search as a #gplusrefugee I'd like to have all the information feasible. So.

It seems that the choice of which "facet" of the Federation (Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Mastodon, etc.) one inhabits depends mostly on the features available in that particular instantiation. Some of that might depend on the culture of the individual node -- I admit that I've almost completely ignored the "Local Community" functionality -- but with the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the overall Fed, that seems like a secondary concern at best.

Friendica seems to have some solid advantages over Diaspora, namely:
- Forums (equivalent to G+ Communities)
- The ability to edit posts and comments
- Threaded comments
- The ability to talk to more other platforms
So, for Diaspora users: why are you using Diaspora? What's "better" about that platform than Friendica that I'm missing? Thanks!

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