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It's fine. I'm sure it's fine.

This has never ended poorly in any piece of narrative fiction ever.

Scientists Modify Viruses With CRISPR To Create New Weapon Against Superbugs

Superbugs are bacteria that can beat modern medicine's most powerful drugs. So doctors are racing to find new ways to fight back, such as developing "living antibiotics."

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Yeah, most people don't know that the vast majority of viruses attack other microbes. As I put it sometimes, Ambiguities are like microbes, the pathogenic ones steal the attention. People hear "microbe" or "virus" and they think "human pathogen". Like they hear "ambiguity" and think "conflicts of interpretations".

But that's just fiction stories. Nothing to worry about. ;-)

The same AG that's threatening punitive and retaliatory criminal charges against journalists who publish the (ostensibly) public records of CA police officers who have been conducted of criminal acts?


The deuce you say.

California AG Says Officers Who Shot Stephon Clark Will Not Face Criminal Charges


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Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the findings of the state's independent criminal investigation into the police shooting death of Clark nearly a year ago.

(Image credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

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What is it about California AGs?

If true, hilarious.

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DC Water board debates whether they can cut off White House service after Trump admin misses payment

WAMU noted that DC law allows the water authority to “shut off water to a customer for nonpayment after 30 days” and place a lien on the property until a full payment is completed after 60 days.

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DC Water board debates whether they can cut off White House service after Trump admin misses payment

My wife is a hawk enthusiast. If that becomes a regular occurrence, we might be taking a trip...

Unusual Visitor In Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A hawk that is native to Central and South America drew a lot of attention from Maine’s birding community Friday after appearing in a park, where it brawled with a fellow raptor and dined on a squirrel.

Great black hawks typically live from Mexico to Argentina, and exactly how this individual made it to Maine is a bit of a mystery.... Audubon has called it potentially the first record of the species in the U.S.

Great Black Hawk

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What a fine bird! Wonderful .

Tactless, yet rude, yet classy. And awesome. #HughJackman #MovieNews #News #RyanReynolds