A Black and Gold Christmas

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This is a special # # at one of the # round #. The restaurant is very tasty. At $85 a place (plus tax and service!) this is way out of our price range, but it certainly sounds worth it for what you get!

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The shooting in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

For those of you who have heard about the mass shooting today in Pittsburgh:

I live in Pittsburgh. In fact, I used to live less than a mile from where the shooting took place. I'm not Jewish, but the neighborhood where the shooting happened is very prevalently so. So I know Tree of Life. It's run by kind, helpful, deeply spiritual people.

Our pResident stated in response today that maybe the situation would have been better if the synagogue had been armed. Think about that for a second. Not only is that unreasonable, that's not even human.

No, I'm not surprised that he said that. I wish I could be. Not surprised, but certainly disgusted. This -- I have trouble even calling him a "man," as I consider that an insult both to my gender and my species -- this is what we're dealing with, folks. This is the so-called "leader" of our country.

I weep.

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I lived in Squirrel Hill too, for ten years. There is nothing to be said, at least by me, any longer. I feel like 25% of the country has gone insane. I can't imagine a path out of this that doesn't involve more and more killing. The whole thing is despicable. Trump is simply... deplorable. This is basically blaming the whole event on the victims, to say "They should have had armed guards." This is the President of the United States saying to Jewish victims of a literal Nazi murderer that it is their fault. It's so dark, I can't even imagine light, much less a way out.
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