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Oh I am more than willing to trash talk, lol.

And here I was getting ready to celebrate when Ben went down on his shoulder so hard... ah well. I guess when you get that many concussions in your life you lose the ability to take a hint and retire.

Then again... getting stuck in a tie game with the freaking Cleveland Browns the first game of the season should've been enough of a hint for the whole team, lol.

@Syreene I'll admit that Browns game was not our finest hour. :D But it was certainly a hint, and we took it, and now we're sitting on top of the division. Granted, only by that half a game over your Bengals, but the season's only half over.

Nope; we played them the weekend before last and won, 33-18. And we played the Ratbirds again on Sunday and won, 23-16. We're 3-1-1 in the division, with only one more against you guys ahead of us. (The last game of the regular season, no less!)