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In an attempt to stem the tide of #gplusrefugees flocking over to MeWe or some other siloed site because "OMG there are communities!!" I figured let's start building up the forum presence here in an attempt to drive some traffic this way.

Thus: I have created a Board Games Forum for discussion of all things Board and Card Games. Join now!

@Board Games Forum
Connected from hubzilla, and it seems to work! (What do I know, I'm a total #noob on this
Also as a note, I think you have to tag it correctly to get it to federate at least on friendica, i.e. @Board Games Forum must be included (not sure if !Board Games Forum must be included also). The other posts to the forum I can see if I visit the forum's profile, but they didn't federate to me on Friendica on my stream.

Gaming In the New Year

Since I was taking NYEDay off as a personal holiday, and the Bean was in day care for the day, I decided to wrangle up a few friends and get some gaming in to close out the year.

First, a quick game of Onitama to pass the time as one person showed up and we waited for the other. That's my "Chess-like" (2p, abstract, board movement, capture) game of choice at the moment; it's enough like Chess that it's easy for most people to understand, enough things about the game state change that you don't need to be able to think 10-20 moves ahead (which I just can't), and there's enough variability between games that it hasn't been solved.

I finally obtained a copy of Castles of Burgundy for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and for our first play, we missed a major rule. (Turns out you have to place tiles adjacent to other tiles on your board! Whoops!) So we broke it out again and tried it, this time correctly. Surprisingly, our scores were almost as high as they were that first game, but the grouping was incredibly tight: 207-... show more

Yes please!

I have tile placement games. I have role selection games. I have medieval themed games. I have resource management games.

I would still make room on my shelf for this.
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I kinda want this.
Ticks some boxes right there. :)

Giant Board Game Sale Today (12/3) at Amazon

h/t Ben Gerber on G+. If you're looking for a last-minute gift for that gamer on your list, or if you're looking to treat yourself because nobody understands you and your need for more games... #boardgames #boardgaming #amazon #sale

You know it's that kind of day when you read this headline and your first thought is "I don't know what he's talking about, it's a really good game!"

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When it comes to colonizing Mars, he's seriously skeptical. #BillNyeMars
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