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In an attempt to stem the tide of #gplusrefugees flocking over to MeWe or some other siloed site because "OMG there are communities!!" I figured let's start building up the forum presence here in an attempt to drive some traffic this way.

Thus: I have created a Board Games Forum for discussion of all things Board and Card Games. Join now!

@Board Games Forum
Jacobo Blanco hubzilla (AP) (via diaspora*)
Connected from hubzilla, and it seems to work! (What do I know, I'm a total #noob on this
Chuck Dee friendica
Also as a note, I think you have to tag it correctly to get it to federate at least on friendica, i.e. @Board Games Forum must be included (not sure if !Board Games Forum must be included also). The other posts to the forum I can see if I visit the forum's profile, but they didn't federate to me on Friendica on my stream.

4 hours ago, I came up with an idea for a kids' card game, and now I have multiple. playtesters. WTF? #theygrowupsofast #card-games #cardgames #kidsgames

Huh. And just like that, I think I have an idea for a kids' card game...

#card-games #cardgames #kidsgames
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