Out of the mouths of babes...

Bean: (makes muscles) I big and strong!
Me: (imitating) I'm big and strong!
Bean: No, you not big and strong! You're big!
Me: (plaintively, to my wife who is out of the room) Honey! Our child just called me fat and weak!
Her: Yeah, I heard!

#conversationsfrommymarriage #outofthemouthsofbabes #toosmartforherowngood #toddlerwisdom

Every fluffy cloud has a dark lining, I suppose

"The problem with being on at least somewhat effective medication is, when you aren't in pain all the time, your body gets used to, well, not being in pain all the time. And on mornings like this? That's a problem!" -my wife

#conversationsfrommymarriage #welcometomylife #arthritis #painmanagement
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