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My wife is a hawk enthusiast. If that becomes a regular occurrence, we might be taking a trip...

Unusual Visitor In Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A hawk that is native to Central and South America drew a lot of attention from Maine’s birding community Friday after appearing in a park, where it brawled with a fellow raptor and dined on a squirrel.

Great black hawks typically live from Mexico to Argentina, and exactly how this individual made it to Maine is a bit of a mystery.... Audubon has called it potentially the first record of the species in the U.S.

Great Black Hawk

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What a fine bird! Wonderful .

I hope it's not the case. I did sign up, courtesy of my wife, but haven't sent out any invite links just in case this did turn out to be something like this.

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Newsflash: Initiative Q showing signs of being a scam while NEO caught censoring discussion on its “100k txps by 2020” claims
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The counterpoint to this article is that it sounds a lot like "WAH WAH THIS ISN'T A REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY".

Which is true, Initiative Q isn't a cryptocurrency. Nobody ever said it was. It says that right up front. So Initiative Q didn't enter an FCC filing? Fine. Neither did Satoshi Nakamoto. They don't have to. They're not a public company and they're not offering any stock, bonds or negotiable instruments for sale.

I suspect the author's real beef with Initiative Q is that the Q people call out Emperor Cryptocurrency's lack of actual clothes.