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An honest question for Diaspora users

I haven't created a Diaspora account, so I don't know what's available on that platform versus this one. But in my search as a #gplusrefugee I'd like to have all the information feasible. So.

It seems that the choice of which "facet" of the Federation (Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Mastodon, etc.) one inhabits depends mostly on the features available in that particular instantiation. Some of that might depend on the culture of the individual node -- I admit that I've almost completely ignored the "Local Community" functionality -- but with the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the overall Fed, that seems like a secondary concern at best.

Friendica seems to have some solid advantages over Diaspora, namely:
- Forums (equivalent to G+ Communities)
- The ability to edit posts and comments
- Threaded comments
- The ability to talk to more other platforms
So, for Diaspora users: why are you using Diaspora? What's "better" about that platform than Friendica that I'm missing? Thanks!

#question #Federation
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if ya don't get it, quit trolling me.

I see no reason to become rude.
It's true I am no native speaker but your English also isn't very proper!
So let's try to find out what you mean because to me it seems you just wrote the same (or in other words: I understood the same as before).

So… what I think you mean is:

* You write a post on pluspora
* You want to read that post on friendica servers
* You want to read that post on libertree servers
* You gave some kind of permission

So I'd like to know if I understood it right and where you have given what kind of permission… so in what way. Did you check any checkbox, did you write it into your post or is there a setting for this, did you configure something…?

and by "plus" do you mean GooglePlus or pluspora?
if i post in place - a dozen other places should see it WITHOUT FURTHER ADO OR HASSLE. fucking simple. what is so difficult?
Yea, that is simple. To do so you need to make at least 12 contacts on different compatible pods. Or you use a pod sending your posts to a relay-s... show more

Stretching out

So, this is my first stop with the pending implosion of G+. Right now, I'm just looking around, seeing if I like it. Let's see where it goes.

#newhere #gplusrefugee

Interested in: #sca, #board-games and #card-games (especially #terraforming-mars and #root at the moment, though most #strategy #games are good), #filk, #progressivemetal and #a-cappella #music.

Welcome @Trevor Schadt from Diaspora*! Here is some info about this social network:

Welcome to the Federation!

The Federation is a global social network that works by having different computers talk to each other, instead of having one computer having full control over the network and people's data.

The Federation includes five different projects:... show more