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Perfect (hair)

Get 'em started early

Bean has taken to naming her stuffed animals after colors. (I don't know why, but it's at least slightly better than just naming them what they are.) The thing is, they're random: her olive-green triceratops is Pink, her pink and white cat is Green, her penguin is Blue, and her panda bear is Yellow. (At least the penguin has blue feet, but that's all we got, and I highly doubt that factored into the decision in the slightest.)

This morning my wife was giving her the choice of whether to bring the penguin or the cat with her to day care. #cloudcomputing #softwaredeveloper types might know where I'm going with this...

... because I looked at the situation and thought "Aww, it's her first 'blue-green deployment!'"

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^^^^^ Likewise this

via @Quintin nitniuQ over on G+:

You: Would you like a keto burger?
My Anaconda: No.

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Only one reason

There was only one reason to make a dice game version of Sushi Go, and it was so that this pun could be made... #gaming #puns #humor #sushi #dicegames #dice

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'Snot Easter yet! Which reminds me of the Trid Kick'em over the Hill Monster.. does anyone remember that joke?

If he's using the floo network, what's the sleigh for?
@Jacqueline Arsenault Conservation of floo powder, of course...

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Ha ha ha. Dems da skids!

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I think I can see the needle against the breast. Just the alignment of things.
Man this is too funny.

Geek and Proud

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Give a man a phish and you can steal a password from him.

Teach a man how to phish and you can steal thousands of passwords from him.

#geek #humor #phishing

It normally works the same way on Friendica; I bounced this back to G+, which echoed back here, which is how I lost the original attribution. Thanks for keeping me honest!

Bad parent memes, episode 1

@Pixley recently mentioned Frinkiac, a searchable repository of Simpsons screencaps and meme generator. I also stumbled upon Morbotron and Master of All Science, similar sites for Futurama and Rick & Morty, respectively.

We have a two-year-old who is currently enamored of Daniel Tiger. And I am a bad person. So, here's how the game is played: whatever the lyrical moral of this episode of Daniel Tiger is, I will search for it in those three sites and use resulting screencaps -- not necessarily the first one -- to make what I think are amusing memes. And then post them here for your amusement, and for further proof that I am a horrible person, but I make you laugh, so I guess I can be allowed to live.


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