Bad parent memes, episode 1

@Pixley recently mentioned Frinkiac, a searchable repository of Simpsons screencaps and meme generator. I also stumbled upon Morbotron and Master of All Science, similar sites for Futurama and Rick & Morty, respectively.

We have a two-year-old who is currently enamored of Daniel Tiger. And I am a bad person. So, here's how the game is played: whatever the lyrical moral of this episode of Daniel Tiger is, I will search for it in those three sites and use resulting screencaps -- not necessarily the first one -- to make what I think are amusing memes. And then post them here for your amusement, and for further proof that I am a horrible person, but I make you laugh, so I guess I can be allowed to live.


#bad-parent #daddy-diary #humor #simpsons #futurama #rickandmorty #memes

I should probably pick up a copy of the #boardgame; I've heard it's pretty good, if a relatively basic set collection game.

Also, these are pretty awesome.

h/t @Amanda Park
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